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  1. This would be for someone local to zip 33428, Boca Raton Fl to pick up. Clearance blowout, this is a massive monster sized lot of vintage magazines. Listing includes 12 large boxes of mags, maybe near 1000 mags and hundreds and hundreds of pounds. I need to clear space in the house, the sell price is absurdly low. If an enterprising individual has some energy coupled with vision they should be able to make thousands (and thousands) from this lot. I am tired and low energy so I leave this to better souls than myself for this project. I also listed this is Craigslist, 1st come 1st served. Lot has 2+ boxes of western, cowboy, old west mags with many from 1950s and 1960s. There are lots of sports mags like Sports Illustrated. Music mags like a good 20+ of Black Flag, Misfits, Henry Rollins and other punk. Mags on every movie celebrity you can think of, with focus on Superhero and Horror, as well as mags on collectibles, tattoo, model painting, gaming like Magic the Gathering. There are a number of mags and fanzines from the 1960s that can be described as underground or counter culture. To stress again, this is 12 large boxes of mags, more than 1/2 are bagged and boarded, that cost of supplies alone would cost well more than the ask price. This is like a nickel per mag, with many mags having $10 or $20 or more value each. Mostly high grade, non smoking household, most have been bagged, boarded, and boxed for years and years and years, untouched. If you are able to swing by, and make an easy transaction without a song and dance, I look forward to helping you load the hundreds and hundreds of pounds of collectible, hard to find, and many rare and zero comp to anything online mags. They are boxed and ready to load your car down. Send pm. I am looking to trade lot for a box of kids comics, Archie, Disney, or if you prefer I will take $60 cash, which is ridonkulously low for a rhino weight worth of collectible vintage mags.
  2. WW there may be over 1 mill a yr in deaths from auto accidents, thanks to evolved safety regulations over the decades, U.S. has between 35k and 36k deaths per yr. Remarkable, when considering the old senile drivers, the young who just managed to pass their driving tests, the drunk and drugged drivers, road rage, and just the extreme quantity of more than 100 million cars a day, driving over the course of a year, more than a billion hours road time, that results in an annual rate of 35k to 36k deaths. This contrasts deeply with the covid-19, which despite the precautions taken, have resulted in 63k+ deaths in little more than 6 weeks. Lifting restrictions and without precautions, as detailed by the scientists, would result in between 1 mill and 2 mill deaths in U.S. so thanfully we dont have sufficient number of dumbasses who cant simply abide by the "hardship" of another 2 to 4 weeks of stay at home precaution and wearing a mask, in order to stop community spread. That would be a sad state of affairs if we had such dumb mutherfkers that couldnt do such a thing to save so many lives with common sense measures.
  3. mcs closing is major news. I have for years subbed out ebay for mcs. they hold most of my cgc books, and i sell thru them, and I received regular checks from them, as if they are a business partner.
  4. Some NY hospitals completely out of PPE such as gowns, masks and forced to wear trash bags as emergency replacements https://www.businessinsider.com/kious-kelly-hospital-nurse-dies-trash-bags-2020-3 "NO MORE GOWNS IN THE WHOLE HOSPITAL," they wrote on Facebook. "NO MORE MASKS AND REUSING THE DISPOSABLE ONES … NURSES FIGURING IT OUT DURING COVID-19 CRISIS." One nurse is seen holding a box of Hefty "Strong" 33-gallon bags, more commonly used for lining household trash cans. Worse case can be found in italy, spain, triage doctors have been forced to let people over age 65 die in order to give ventilators to younger people with better survival rates, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXBkjOXiMvw and where in spain, entire senior care facilities abandoned of staff, and senior residents left, with many found dead in their beds https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/03/24/820711855/spanish-military-finds-dead-bodies-and-seniors-completely-abandoned-in-care-home The disturbing disconnect is we have half the population who thinks virus will fade away, like magic, with the warm weather.
  5. terry, that is not even close, not even a little bit accurate. That is a board theme minimizing of what is easily going to be the most impactful event in most of our lifetimes. covid-19 has a last reported mortality rate of 3.4% per WHO, posted march 3rd https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-death-rate/#who-03-03-20. You must think all the hubub is quite dramatic as you have assigned a danger level to this of eating ice cream to fast and getting brain freeze. If we look worldwide, 471k cases https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ , but out of closed cases, meaning either recovered (84%) or death (16%) with over 21k deaths. if we just talk about U.S. you must be aware of the daily briefings by Cuomo in NY. ICU beds are full, they need 30k respirators. Entire convention centers and sporting event fields are being taken over to have a place for the ill. This is a just starting in this country pandemic, with the cases in NY doubling every 4.7 days https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/coronavirus-new-york-hospital-cases-today-map-decrease-covid-19-a9425111.html and per some CDC models roughly 1/2 the population will get infected https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/13/us/coronavirus-deaths-estimate.html resulting in millions of deaths. 80% of cases are mild, meaning flu like symptoms, not requiring hospitalization. Even this may feel like getting hit by a super flu that constricts your breathing and feels like a belt around chest not allowing you to breath. 13.8% are severe, developing severe diseases including pneumonia and shortness of breath. 4.7% as critical and can include: respiratory failure, septic shock, and multi-organ failure. per latest WHO (link above) 3.4%result in death Risk of death increases the older you are.
  6. Anyway, link for latest statistics, updates every few hours as countries submit their updates: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ 337,881 worldwide cases, but for the 111,402 closed cases, 87% recovered/discharged, with 13% death rate. In U.S., drop down to open link, again it is updated every few hours so these numbers will be vastly outdated by morning https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ and this is not speculation, conjecture, projection, just data as provided by participating counties. 38,164 cases. This is just the start in the U.S. so there are a mere 574 closed cases, 31% recovered, 69% death, but again this is a virtually meaningless number as we are just at the start of the data collection. I pointed out 3 days ago, when U.S. had 11,000 cases, numbers would be outdated by morning. With U.S. cases doubling every 2 to 3 days, and some CDC models showing 160 mill to 214 mill could be infected in country throughout epidemic https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/13/us/coronavirus-deaths-estimate.html
  7. tab, you want me to provide a link to what? it is your original link https://www.zerohedge.com/health/covid-19-evidence-over-hysteria with 1st lines right at that link : Update (3/22/2020): After falling under much scrutiny, Medium has deleted Ginn's post. Of note, Ginn is a former 2012 Romney digital campaign staffer with no background in medicine or infectious disease. We are leaving it up for anyone who wants to read, while also including a thread from a biologist who has refuted it. Click on the tweet below to read. and you can point by point follow as Carl Bergstrom, someone with actual credentials, dismantles every bit of the Ginn material with which you started your thread, and made 15 bullet points over. You would open up the Bergstrom twitter thread, the guy who knows his from his elbow, to follow along, but the numbered Bergstrom tweets from YOUR OWN original post and counter point each of the numbered Ginn points: 1. I hate to invest precious time on taking apart the atrocious @aginnt article pictured below, but it is getting too much traction here and even in traditional media. This thread could be far longer than it is, but I'm doing my best to only discuss the most glaring flaws. 2. The introduction should be blaring red warning to any thinking person. The author begins by disputing that *context matters*. Without the background to put information in context, all the data in the world are not defense against misinterpretation. 3. You can give me all the stock market data in the world; I don't have the background to make the best use of it because I fundamentally do not understand how the market works or how to take advantage of that understanding. Infectious disease epidemiology is no different. 4. *Information gets lost in translation.* The author claims to be an expert in making products go viral. I suppose that field has borrowed some ideas from epidemiology. Now he's trying to back-infer how epi works from what he knows about that area. It doesn't work that way. 5. Imagine Shakespeare run through google translate into Japanese, then translated back to English by someone who'd never heard of Shakespeare. So much depth would be missing. Same here. We end up with loose neologisms like "virality" instead of a solid theoretical framework. 6. The author discusses the apparent decline in daily growth rate irrespective of control measures. He begins with some truism about small numbers being easy to move; this is irrelevant in the face of the exponential growth that he stresses in literally the previous sentence. 7. He fails to see that this drop in apparent growth rates is heavily driven by left censoring and shifts in testing strategy. Testing started at different times in different countries, was influenced by case density, and early-on, tests individuals in all stages of disease. 8. Next, inferences about "virality" and "viral capacity". I suppose he means "transmissibility". If so, we've spent 20 years developing sophisticated statistical methods to detect changes in transmissibility. With noisy, aggregate data this back-of-envelope stuff doesn't cut it. 9. Disaggregating data is essential to provide context, especially for transmission processes. That the virus can cross national boundaries does nothing to negate the importance of spatial structure and within-country analysis. Aggregating data obscures critical patterns. 10. I hate to ascribe to malice what can be adequately explained by incompetence, but using this lie to sweep away the disaggregated data is such utter nonsense that I wonder how a silicon valley guy could make this claim by mistake. 11. Then there's the bell curve business. If Hernstein and Murray gave the term a bad name, Ginn says "hold my beer". Most things in nature follow a bell curve, so viruses do too? Not science exactly. And do most things? What about log-normals? Exponentials? Etc etc etc. 12. But that's not the worst part. We have literally over a century's history of mathematical modeling epidemic progression. Some look somewhat bell-like. Others don't. It depends on the circumstances, details of the virus, behavior of the population, interventions, etc. I mean I am just copy/pasting from your own link, demonstrating why your read thru isnt what you understood it to be.