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  1. 10 percent max discounts on the expensive books, the over 100 bucks each ones.
  2. Detective 737 $12 Goon 1 Albatross $80 Lucifer 1 $10 Morning Glories 1 $10 Tank Girl 1/w cards (fine) $15 L'etonnant Spider-Man 24 $12 Marvel Spotlight 28, 29, Moon Knight 1 (readers) $20 at 20% off
  3. Geez donut that is one way but i would go the quick and dirty route. Inside of a large show weekend i could from start to finish make a 5x to 10x profit, between Thursday and Sunday. I would not be bringing any of these books home. By monday i would be looking for new deal and you would have to remind me about this one as i would have moved on.
  4. the original deal was the home run. the 900 for 4 boxes was not one i would jump at unless i had pressing need for those runs that minute but even that 10 times op cost one i dont see it as radically overpaying with the books found so far.
  5. "Batman Harley Quinn 9.6 Detective Comics 850 9.8 Detective Comics 880 9.8 Catwoman 51 9.6 Catwoman 74 9.8" These are a few that op listed as found so far. If 900 for the 4 boxes of Batman/Tec related is radically overpaying, and it is 10 times what the op had to pay, but with the above books found so far, what is fair to you? Pull keys and ah covers, i am sure you could do that in 15 minutes. if you wanted to put a little effort you could trade in to mcs and get some credit for precodes, or you could just freecycle boxes for to be picked up free inside an hour total. is there a deal in last few weeks you would like to talk about that had more potential? to me it was a 1 in 1000 deal, but again, we all have different experiences, expectations.
  6. Poster lives in florida and was talking about prepping for a show. Megacon is the big florida show in a few days so if this happens to be the show he is setting up for,or otherwise attending, I thought it would be easy to roll em boxes over to my booth is all. I just want to me helpful. Or healthful? All good, I thought we were having jovial banter. Congrats and best to all involved.
  7. The deal was 25 a long, less if you take all, with all keys intact and overall high grade with complete in order runs. That is what is called a gift horse. This thread is not just looking at the mouth, it is xrays and periodontal check. Yes, at 900 for 4 boxes of bat/detective books, I would do the full check up, are the keys razor sharp, but that is 10 times the cost of the deal. At average condition, that 900 is full retail, if the books are gemmy and saluting the flag then deal. Last 9.8 Tec 880 i sold was 700 cash. And what is cost of this entire deal (1st mentioned as 60 long, later described as 30 long) at 25 per? I am not excited by deal now as it has been picked but I still would happily take it at 25 per long for seller, 10 profit per for poster, if you can deliver to my booth in Megacon in a few days. If I were feeling stupid lazy I could have it all sold for profit on setup day. More importantly, DMT, thumbs up or down?
  8. You are on to me dear watson. But as it turns out, maybe i am the seller, plot twist! And as a a further story line, i thought we were on the coinee board all along. Double plot twist. Dmt decriminalized in Denver! After use, i find we are all a part of same breathing universe, i am you am i am you. and look at those colors. Weee.
  9. And I am not saying poster is lazy. And no one is maligning anyone. Just that it would be silly to invite the seller here as someone mentioned, it would make for awkward workplace chat. You dont go to a show, dig in someones dollar boxes, then spend the next few years telling war stories about how you found the Albedo 2 and Goon 1 Avatar press in there, and they came back highest graded. You hear that, Jeff, you dont do that! Err, sorry, go on. See you tomorrow Jeff, breakroom is supposed to have the better coffee now.
  10. plant, yeah, no. that dealer isnt with the clouded judgement. this was a 1 in 1000 easy peazy these deals dont come gift wrapped like this type deal. or as donutdude said, free money. if you were really lazy, you could just skim in an hour the keys that pop out to you, plus whatever no brainer AH covers and fill a keeper box. then place a freecycle ad to give away rest within a few minutes.
  11. Really building on what logan said, best be on safe side. Kill the coworker, bury the books, and burn the shared place of employment. Maybe even move to canada though i guess that last bit would be extreme.
  12. Thursday and Friday is great for shopping. Saturday is so crowded you will not want to do a lot of box diving unless you are really into peoples armpits in your face and getting bumped by cosplay paraders. Please bring your trading box!
  13. Not that anyone asked me, but a coworker, someone you want to be on friendly terms with for years, you treat aa more than just a cut throat deal. I would have taken it all and not leave the really less desirable bulk behind. Sort of like hide the body, you got away with a steal you dont want to rub their noses in the left behind as that will be not a great thing to live with a coworker for years. Again, who am i but one of the cheap seat guys throwing popcorn.