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  1. So I bought the scooby doo collection. The good news. It's the whole run. Plus doubles of a few issues in the single digits like #1 and a few others .... The not so good news is the #1s I think are like vgs.... but anyways if ur interested let me know cheers
  2. Hi so I am looking at a collection this week someone had called me today. So I decided to do. A search had no idea that scooby doo was so collectible ... He supposedly has the 1970 gold key run #1 and up . He says they are nice. So this could be interesting now. I see him next weekend.. if anyone is looking including you sir any other issues on the run let me know. I may have it in my hands by next weekend. Cheers
  3. Mystery men 12 raw about a 5.0ish Simon kirby. Classic whip cover
  4. Got a action comics 20 complete but raw say 1.0ish
  5. Hi just picked up a original owner collection that has a all winners 4!... however this one is like a 7.0 raw.. if still interested PM me