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  1. What type of classic covers ? Any type but classic?
  2. I got the original shadow comics golden age . Australian
  3. wow!!! so basically... its all good books in todays market! ....
  4. HAHAHA...... I guess thats true for all of these. if anyone wants to trade let me know.... haha
  5. nice.... i wonder what the mille 20 would go for. nice books guys!!! .....
  6. NICE. feed I am guessing this is you said! thanks folks
  7. I have a higher raw copy I just picked up
  8. Hello all. so I ran across a collection of comics. and found this millie the model comics and had it graded. came back a CGC 8.5 inside cover and 8.0 outside cover. So , from what I can see earlier millies are tougher to come by. but I was wondering if everyone is noticing as well if Millie or is it because of Decarlo or is it just swimsuit covers of millie or what your thoughts are on . such a rise of interest in these. I saw on GPA i think millie 25 9.0 sold for over $3,800 last year. not sure why. decarlo? the cover is not that interesting.... there was another millie 33 in only a 8.0 sold for about $2,400 a year ago.... in any case check out the one i have. I dont collect millie but figured since it was a double cover and decent grade to get it graded.! any thoughts be great also thoughts if millie is still on the rise? THanks