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  1. Calling it a day with this thread I think. Last chance to look, PM or just go ahead and buy. Thanks to everyone for the Kind Words, Appreciation and Purchases. Live Long and Prosper.
  2. Here's an interesting one for the variant collectors. Planet Comics #3 (UK Pence Copy) Reprints Planet Comics #18 $100 (SOLD!!!) Square bound in Fine.
  3. Jungle Comics #81 FN+ $100 Slice through first part of book top right corner.
  4. Fantastic Fears #7 VG- $300 (SOLD!!!) Staple tears but cover attached. Book intact with solid centrefold.
  5. I'm going to round out this sale with seven raw books that are fresh in. See what you think. Chilling Tales #13(1) VG (Detached Centre Fold) $450