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  1. Is this place deader than ever?

    Seattle, dorkface
  2. Is this place deader than ever?

    I remember his posts about boxing with Joanna and his first thread which was about why everyone hated Toronto. Duh, isn't it obvious?
  3. Is a year to long for my book to be delivered?

    And Nick Saban to be present.
  4. Comic Related Paperbacks

    I'm sure that I still have all of them because I don't recall ever selling any or giving any away. I am pretty sure when I bought the Spider-woman issue, it was my first copy of that book. I may or not have more copies at this time but I didn't keep any list of what I have. I have tons of the Marvel Comic Series titles.
  5. Comic Related Paperbacks

    I have three banker's boxes full of sweet paperbacks and I'm not pulling them out at this time. What books are we talking about? I have plenty of sweet copies.