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  1. Yes, that's what should happen. You'll get an email with a PDF attachment when they do charge your account with the details.
  2. Yes, I have one in my collection and I have it listed at 9.0/9.2 so it's acceptable for me and I have no need to upgrade personally. I'm a completist and my DC horror runs are complete.
  3. That copy was the best copy I've ever seen of that issue. It'll be tough to top it.
  4. Think the printer's crease killed the chance for the 9.8.
  5. That copy sold for $560 I sold this on ComicLink for $500 in September 2019 Which one would you rather have?
  6. The Secrets of Haunted House 5 wasn't that nice
  7. I shipped a 22 pound box today to Larry. xoxo greggy