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    The Post-man always rings twice. Uhm... ring ring?

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    Outside the obvious of collecting comics is spending time with the family.

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  1. Thanks everybody. Really appreciate you taking the time to hang out. Thanks for keeping it positive and fun.
  2. Whirlwind Comics #3 CGC 8.0. Highest Graded. 1st App. and Orig. of the Cyclone. It is the last issue in the run and from the Collection of John Berk. $3400
  3. Showcase #14 CGC 6.5 OW-W 4th App. of SA flash. A beautiful deep color strike on this awesome purple cover. $1700
  4. Crown Comics #14 CGC 7.0 Highest Graded(tied). Only two graded copies of this book and no recorded Sales history on GPA. $700
  5. True Sport Picture Stories V3#10 CGC 6.0 White Pages. Highest Graded(Tied). Always loved this cover. $1800