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  1. That would be Brittany, best boss you can have!!!
  2. Those books submitted will take a while, probably end of next week to show as received. Took in a ton of books this year, might beat out last year. In addition some of CGC's forces are at Baltimore for On-Site Grading, on the plus side it is the last major con of the year, so grading should pick up steam soon.
  3. I am still cutting now, may have to look into Uline, I like to use double corrugated cardboard, works wonder with graded books.
  4. Spencer helped him a little, but seemed like he didn’t want to get involved unless necessary .
  5. Same area where you fill out your regular online submission, just click On Site Baltimore.
  6. More books have come in and have been added to my sale, a few NYCC Exclusives. Come back after Baltimore Comic Con, I will have all my NYCC Exclusives graded!!!!! Unfortuantely no Gold or Silver Spawn 300's this time around, Marvel Exclusives , IDW, Boom and Vault Comics , plus many more!!!
  7. He mentioned that he acquired are thru many different sources, there was a poster shop back in the day in San Francisco that he picked up a lot of art from. DC threw away pages as well as Marvel, and he scooped them up. I watched him when he gave prices, it was comical, it's like looked he looked into your eyes and probably your wallet and came up with a price, no rhyme or reason.
  8. Here is a few pics of the page I purchased
  9. Purchased a few picture frames from NYCC from Best Comics, they had a new collection. Probably picked over before I got there, but they were not on my radar at the show, but happy for the purchase. Will post later.
  10. I had a pretty nice interaction with Dan Green, but waited till he had a few beers in him, lol. We talked about some of the stuff he had, to purchase ,especially a beautiful Jeff Jones portfolio , but he didn’t want to sell it as his wife was Jeff Jones model. There was one page I could not leave without and he was pretty fair with the price, Green Lantern # 60, with art by Gil Kane, a favorite of mine. On Sunday late he was really willing to negotiate , on a side note he huge Bernie Wrightson coloring book autographed to him by Bernie, beautiful art inside, but not well taken care of. Will post pic of page later.
  11. Sig series added Bronze and Copper, expecting a new shipment of books Friday that will be up early next week, and soon FRESHLY GRADED NYCC books.