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  1. Another batch of books back from CGC.
  2. Eastman and Laird are talking again, and may be working on something together in the future, per Eastman.
  3. Giella doesn't travel to far from home, and Sinnott is in a nursing home, and retired from signings.
  4. Recently back from Sarasota
  5. Was very happy with our transaction, and he was very easy to deal with!! Green Lantern SS Mike Grell Longbow Hunters
  6. Just back from Sarasota , I believe the Marvel Collector's Item Classic is the first reprint of Tales to Astonish # 27 , first Ant-Man.
  7. Yes i have, the con was over and happy hour was going on, and he was making us late doing commissions.
  8. Some Copper goodies just arrived back from Sarasota