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  1. These are finally back from CGC
  2. I believe Todd toke a break this weekend, as CGC does not usually work on the weekend. I heard he should finish up by End of Day today, so it may be more than likely full signatures.
  3. Welcome to My New Sale of the Year, signature series and bronze and copper up now, Golden Age and Silver Age to be added this week. My Ebay Sale
  4. Never going to happen, I even talked to him about doing it for charity, he said NO. Maybe in 50 years he might change his mind.
  5. Also the signature series, Mostly my buddy (secretly) Mr Hughes
  6. Small portion of the 100 books i just received back from Hacienda CGC
  7. I believe books should all stay fast track, as CGC would love to get all those books out fairly quickly. January is there usual time to catch up, so i can't see why anyone won't get there books back in a timely fashion. As far as clickable to see your books, that will happen when the books go to Schedule for Grading.
  8. Few back from the Fortress in Sarasota
  9. I worked the show as a witness for CGC, it was an unusual show , as a lot of comic dealers were around the rotunda at the Dunkin Donuts center, and lighting was horrible. I did like the celebrities there, they were fun and approachable, i mostly took pics at the table as i had no time for photo ops. The vendors in the main room were a mish mosh of all kinds of things, i wished they had all the comic dealers at least in one area. I only purchased 3 books, two from a buddy artist Bill McKay, and one from Jaime Tyndall. Siderbar, one guy wanted $2k for an ungraded WWBN # 32, raw, gave a funny look and walked away, i figured if it was a great book, why didn't he get it graded.
  10. That would be Brittany, best boss you can have!!!