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  1. I'll buy all your mega keys that look as nice as the IH1 for 7.5 grade prices. It may have what you might consider prominent flaws for a 9.2 but the front cover looks like it was printed yesterday.
  2. Does anyone know if HeroesOnline/Heroes Aren't Hard to Find has a strong online presence with photos/scans and such? I couldn't find much on their website - are they on ebay or any other outlets? Interested in some stuff on their wall.
  3. Thanks for the D23 tip - I knew they had paid memberships but I never knew there was a free tier. I was on the fence on D+ because they are releasing episodes slowly (rather than the full season at once ala Netflix). Was going to wait for a block of shows to be fully released and binge and cancel, rinse and repeat. But at this price it's probably worth just holding the subscription.
  4. As a huge fan of the MCU, I ignore all spoilers until after I see the movie. Then I go back and read all the leaks to see how many were true. FF48 and IH181 all spiked due to rumors of their characters appearing in post credit scenes for the latest Avengers films. I had no idea at time what was spiking the prices, but I'm sure that was it. Now I'm sure a lot of people were aware the Sony/Marvel deal for Spidey was over after FFH and a renewal didn't appear to be moving in the right direction - and I'm sure this was leaked all over the internet. I'm speculating now that has led to the
  5. One of the biggest factors in success of the MCU is the crossovers. It's no coincidence all the Avengers films are the top global grossing films of the MCU. Spiderman on his own is just going to grow stale (it already has with 7 standalones in the past 2 decades). Same would be true if it were just Iron Man or just Cap. Another Spider-Man standalone or Spidey + Wolverine or Spidey + F4; tell me what's going to draw more interest? Also whether you like it or not, films are made for the masses. If there is no mass appeal there is no big budget movie. Truth is the masses aren't going
  6. I don't see this being much different than a bindery chip. A chip along any front edge will knock the grade down more than bindery chip of the same size.
  7. At a high level, my understanding is Marvel Studios provided all the financing to make the prior 2 Spiderman movies, while Sony collected most if not all the box office. For the current negotiations, I read something about a 50/50 split - does that mean Marvel now wants Sony to pay for half the budget? This is a large sum of money - easily north of $100m. MCU can easily explain Spidey missing for a while based on the ending of FFH. I guarantee Sony will ruin the franchise once again. I think the main issue here is Marvel Studios is only going to leverage the best assets (which is
  8. The big news would come on Saturday, 5:15PM in Hall H where Marvel Studios has a 2 hour block.
  9. Just one book - Sgt Fury 5 CGC 9.4 OW/W - $1095 shipped/insured Rules First "Take It" in the tread wins. No probation or HOS. PayPal only. No returns on graded books.
  10. Last bump - goes to ebay ~Sunday night EST.
  11. The extra footage was very underwhelming. The tribute was the best part. Well at least I got the poster and I'm fine with seeing it probably the last time in theaters.
  12. I was surprised to see the boxofficemojo forecast so low. You would think at least $2.5m/day. But looking at my area (Boston) there really aren't that many showtimes available. Not exactly sure which side has more control over that; the theater or the distributor.