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  1. I have to agree here - it presents better than the large majority of the 9.0's I hold in my collection. At worst, it's a "high end 9.0" if there is a scale within the scale.
  2. I posted some more photos. Bindery chip on the front upper left corner, small area of visible spine wear, some color breaking spine ticks mid to lower left. There are a couple of creases on Mags. What's interesting is the photo shows the shoulder crease to be more prominent than the midsection crease (in hand viewing it's the opposite). It's just due to the lighting hitting directly on the shoulder. You see the "white" on his purple helmet - this particular section does not show as color breaking white in person, but crease is clearly visible. In person the midsection crease shows more color break white, though very slight. The shoulder crease shows barely color breaking crease in some areas.
  3. In the context I think it just means no chipping or damage along the entire right edge. The top corner even looks sharp. If they were referring to any other aspect, I don't think it would explicitly state "right edge". The wrap/centering is nice too - you see the full A in Amazing, full price circle, and full text bubble - which are often cut off if the wrap is just a little bit off.
  4. That's awesome news if true. Going too far back in Natasha's story isn't going to add anything to the MCU at this point (and you know that more so after seeing EG). However, with the events being more current, I can definitely see some tie in potential. I'd have to imagine there will either be some clues/reference/association to new members of the MCU whether it be heroes or villains. I don't see Feige just "wasting" a movie to fill a gap from long ago. Widow obviously wouldn't be equipped to take on the next big bad - but she might be going up against an associate of the next big bad (ala Loki and Ronin).
  5. I read Eyes of the Dragon some 30 years ago. Unfortunately I remember nothing of the story - only recall that I thoroughly enjoyed it and could not put it down; so very excited about this announcment. Still have that paperback on my bookshelf; the spine is so crease you can barely still make out the title.
  6. I have an X-Men 4 CGC 7.5 which appears to have some pressable defects. As more of a collector than reseller I've never personally gone through this process before. Would like to get opinions on: a) Do you think the 2 defects can be pressed out? b) What do you think is the potential point upgrade range (ie 0-.5 no change to half point; 0.5-1.0 for sure at least .5 maybe up to 1 point; etc) ? First defect is on the back cover, and is an indentation running a solid 1.5 inches. Doesn't seem to be any tearing though the indentation does look deep. One picture has the light shining right into the indentation - other one is angled off the light. Second defect is a small bend in the upper right corner of the front cover. Again I shined the light right on it in one picture to accentuate it. The other picture shows no color break - though you do see minor break to the right of the CCA stamp. Note I bought this book slabbed so never touched it raw and do not have the grader notes.
  7. I'm looking to upgrade (and would then part with this copy) put for now I'm also in the double quote + blue club.
  8. I don't have a problem with the heel turn, although it did seem in earlier seasons they were building Dany up to the savior. Some people are disappointed that now longer appears to be the case. What I do have a big problem with is the overall execution. The show runners built up the Night King to be the big bad. Then they gave a one or two sentence of his motive, he's killed, the end of that story. We're now back to human vs human or human +dragon vs human. That story could have played out A FEW SEASONS ago. Perhaps you could say what was added in those few seasons was Dany and Jon relationship and something will have to give there in the last episode. But seriously a few seasons just for that is quite disappointing and doesn't add much payoff to the ending.
  9. Just curious has anyone seen the Far From Home clip play as a post credits scene at your theater? Today was my first viewing after the FFH trailer release. People stayed... and were disappointed
  10. Well the latter weeks/month won't gain much in the way of box office. The screen counts and number of showings go way down. Just as an example, TFA entire domestic FEB made ~$30m, MAR ~$8m, and half of APR ~$1m. GoT has probably hurt SUN nights a little bit. And now the summer blockbusters are starting to roll out.
  11. Your idea of "well known" is clearly tied directly to TV/movie exposure. While I certainly agree with much of your list for the 80's - 90's period, there are other ways to know about these characters. Captain America was on lunch boxes, bicycles, t shirts, under roos, toys, etc. It seems everyone knew who he was even before the MCU. I would say he was a bigger / more well known name than Shazam, Aquaman, and Flash Gordon pre-MCU times.
  12. For me it's been a different show after it's diverged from the books (a few season ago). Back to the Lost reference I made earlier; I don't think GRRM really knows how he wants to send the story for all these characters, which is why the books are not completed and why you have all these loose ends to tie up the show. When the show was following the books, EVERYONE (no matter the name) was subject to risk - it kept you on your toes and added some excitement. After the books and the show didn't have that guidance, most every long time character was preserved and developed some arc. Only newly introduced characters were killed off; couldn't risk tampering with fan favorite at this point right? The Night King's motives were explained in one sentence; for a character built up several seasons ago that's just pathetic. Killing off so many key characters now in such a short span just proves there was no planning on how all the arcs end.
  13. Reminds me of Lost (in a bad way). Several interesting story arcs were created - but ultimately they didn't tie-in to the main story line and didn't have a well planned closure (if any at all).
  14. It's interesting they put the "next Iron Man" line in. This is the last film in the Sony Spider-man deal that's publicly announced; it can't be Peter Parker unless.... a new extension was signed but not announced yet. That's possible I suppose to protect the IW cliff hanger.