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  1. The last time i sent books to CGC i didn`t had the option for "quickpress" service. Is it good? I mean if a send a modern book 9.4 - 9.6 with the intention of getting a 9.8 does it works?
  2. I want to send some books to an auction house , and i am not from USA, how should i declare them for customs so they don`t get stuck or i don`t get tax charged for my own books?
  3. Hi i am looking to buy a Darth Vader 3 Larroca Variant CGC 9.6 copy or a raw NM NM+ with pressing potential . Please use GPA data for CGC graded books
  4. Action Comics 242 Brazilian Edition CGC 7.5 $2500 + shipping
  5. Hi everyone i have some slabs for sale I ship from Mexico to Canada and USA using UPS signature required for $30 Rules - I don`t deal with people from bad lists - If you are new user i need a good standing boardie to vouch for you - No returns - Paypal in USD funds
  6. Ok got you 42 is a good "investment" now in case market decides its the 1st full . But CGC label is not helping the cause because 9 is labeled as 1st full app
  7. #9 is the 1st app Revan and its very expensive now. #42 is the origin of Revan, and its less expensive.
  8. I know people are crazy now paying $1200 - $1500 (cgc 9.8) for Jedi vs sith 1 or Knights of the Old Republic 9 but even if they are scarcer books i think the caracters will not be as popular as other characters introduced in less expensive books .
  9. Also another fact , acording to the Nintendo Power editor. They printed millions of issue 1 so there are plenty of them . That fact keeps me for paying premium
  10. Yes Gemini are great , i always use bubble wrap and top loaders for expensive comic books