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  1. Small format , Spanish language , price tag on cover , protective plastic , plastic is attached from inside with tape G/VG $250 NOW $200 + shipping
  2. Hello guys , i am selling a 1955 TEC 211 Argentinian edition I ship from Mexico to USA and Canada using UPS $25 Rules - No people from bad lists - No returns . Paypal in USD funds
  3. Selling a CGC 9.8 I ship from Mexico Via UPS $25 to USA and Canada Rules - No people from probation or HOS - If you are new i need a good standing member to vouch for you - No returns . Paypal is USD funds
  4. After you cancel the sale report him ... tell us the user so we can block him
  5. added this user to the list : amzus_mhfao he is a scammer Sent him a book two days ago via DHL , delivered signed for it and now he oppened a case claiming it didn`t didn`t arrived. I already reported him and sent the tracking to Ebay . Hope they will side with me
  6. Want to buy Marvel Spotlight 5 CGC 8.0 i am ready to pay GPA price
  7. I don`t have this option here on Mexico but since i see good comments here about UPS i could try that service
  8. In Mexico its different the paperwork is simple and "porch pirates" don't exist because private shipping companies are forbidden to leave packages without a signature but since my customers are Americans and Canadians i should be concerned , i see many times this note when i ship "delivered left in front door"
  9. As a buyer i am patient but as a seller i am really nervous because Ebay buyers are not patient .... I am avoiding Europe now i am only selling Canada and USA
  10. Blazing bob i understand your point but i can name a few companies that where never good with customer service that now are even worse ... What i like about Fedex is the low costs and that you can call them right now and they answer the phone. Any other suggestion?
  11. Probably less personel and more incomming packages , i shouldn`t be worried , you can expect more delays with Usps
  12. A "lost" package in Memphis has nothing to do with the Co VId situation. There`s a tendency now for bad companies (not saying Fedex is one of them) to shield behind the Co Vid situation for their bad service. I am just asking here if some sellers are having the same situation. Perhaps i should use another company ?
  13. Guys is it me or Fedex is loosing packages more often? One week ago after years of using the service they lost a package at Memphis for the first time . Now i have a package with no movement for more than one day at Memphis and i am getting nervous...