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  1. There is a new generation of buyers who need approval by other collectors at social media , manly facebook groups. So this is how it works now: 1. They purchase an item from you at ebay 2. They post the purchase immediately at a collectors facebook group A. If they get likes or "cool" "congratulations" blah blah blah you dont have to worry B. If they get 😂 emoticons , "i hope you didn't paid to much" , "cool but the real is deal is the 2nd print" etc bad news they will probably ask to cancel the order .... Two days ago someone purchased from me a $1000 video game , a few hours later he sent me a message telling me that he showed the game to other collectors and they told him its probably a bootleg . I sent him more pics showing him its not a boltleg but stills he replied that he wasn't 100 % sure ... so had to cancel order...
  2. Price drop Katy Keene $700 now
  3. The "sell my comic books" site is good but we don`t need a hot list to know that the book is amazing , the cover is a beauty , the character is amazing , low print run for a copper age book and one of the best super heroes movies in my opinion. One of the best soundtracks from the 90`s i still listen it from time to time.
  4. The prior sale for a 9.2 was $650 , i think the 9.8 $3,000 sale and the fact that many people are holding their copies is helping this book to rise in value. Dont be surprised if the next 9.4 sells for $1500 or more
  5. Some covers are great , Castlevania Nes cover i think is similar to Frazetta , Bucky O`Hare i think was made by Adams (thats what they say in Reece site) I am in the NES games because they bring me good memories
  6. Betty and Me 16 CGC 8.5 $1300 Firm
  7. Katy Keene 62 CGC 6.5 $750 NOW $700
  8. Selling a couple of slaba tonight $25 shipping from Mexico to USA and Canada using UPS or Fedex - No people from bad lists - If you are new i need one good standing member to vouch for you - No returns - Paypal in USD
  9. I know he is a scammer for 3 reasons : - Someone signed for the package , it wasn`t "left at front door" - Before bidding he complained a lot a bout the shipping cost - Book was sent July 3 , the guy opened a case the next day without contacting me first , he wasn`t very worried about the package he just wanted a refund . Someone who isn`t a scammer contacts you first to ask about the package , someone who opens a case like this is a red flag to me.
  10. Ebay ruled in my favour today amzus_mhfao is a scammer his name is Cesario Sierra from Buena Park , CA
  11. Small format , Spanish language , price tag on cover , protective plastic , plastic is attached from inside with tape G/VG $250 NOW $200 + shipping
  12. Hello guys , i am selling a 1955 TEC 211 Argentinian edition I ship from Mexico to USA and Canada using UPS $25 Rules - No people from bad lists - No returns . Paypal in USD funds