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  1. yea when i see low rating and numbers at the end its a bad sign
  2. And here`s another non payer: jeu_48
  3. Non paying bidder blocked jojh58 . Won an auction then sent me a cancellation request.
  4. Hello i have 10 copies of spider-gwen: ghost spider 1 hyung variant Mexican Edition They are all VF , i searched in many stores but thats the best condition for them here on Mexico Price : $35 each one shipped to USA , $40 shipped to Europe and $55 shipped to Canada If you buy more than one $30 shipped to USA , $35 to Europe and $50 shipped to Canada Rules No returns No people from bad lists Paypal friendly
  5. Excelent buyer , i will do business with him anytime!
  6. The Mask covers and Suspense 8 are in my opinion his master pieces