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  1. Mijael.Levy

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    I think they where printed in Brazil Rio de Janeiro by Grande Consórcio Suplementos Nacionais , probably someone from DC was living at Brazil at that time so they printed it very close to the US dates . Here`s a pic of the insides, they used B&W Some info of the book Publicado em: 1 de maio de 1941 Editora: Grande Consórcio Suplementos Nacionais Licenciador: sem licenciador Categoria: Revista Periódica Gênero: Aventura Status: Título encerrado Número de páginas: 74 Formato: Preço de capa: Crédito da capa e editor Primeira aparição de personagens nesta edição: Robin Batman apresenta Robin, o Menino-Prodígio Personagens: Batman, Robin, John Grayson, Mary Grayson, Anthony "Gordo" Zucco Roteiro: Bill Finger Desenho: Bob Kane Arte-Final: Jerry Robinson Editor original: Whitney Ellsworth Publicada originalmente em Detective Comics (1937) n° 38/1940 - DC Comics O Homem-Morcego ajuda o jovem órfão Grayson a vingar seus pais, acrobatas de um circo assassinados pela máfia. Edição de estréia de Grayson, o primeiro Robin. Foi esta HQ que inspirou o filme "Batman eternamente".
  2. Mijael.Levy

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Got this yesterday, Brazilian TEC 38 from 1941
  3. Last price drop $1800 + shipping
  4. Price Drop $1850 + shipping
  5. Price Drop to $1900 + shipping
  6. Selling Showcase CGC 7,5 Shipping $25 to USA and Canada Rules: No people from bad lists No returns Paypal, funds must be send at least 3 days after purchase
  7. Mijael.Levy

    US Customs

    Reminds me the day DHL from Canada inspected a package .. book arrived with the cover cut in half..
  8. Mijael.Levy

    US Customs

    I ship frecuently to the States and The "inbound into customs" status is very common but they usually dont take all this time thats why i am asking ... Canada for example is very common and takes around 10 days for cudtoms to release the package .
  9. Mijael.Levy

    US Customs

    Hello i shipped a book to the States a while ago and the tracking info shows me that the package is being processed by the US customs. The status hasnt changed since november 13. Is that normal?
  10. Mijael.Levy

    Golden Age Mexican Editions

    I want to share today a nice Black Hawk cover
  11. Mijael.Levy

    Golden Age Mexican Editions

    The nightmare cover Cuentos de Brujas 29
  12. Selling packs today Shipping from Mexico $10 to USA , shipping to Canada $30 , shipping to Europe $15 , extra pack $5 , more than 2 packs i have to use priority No People from bad lists No returns Paypal ,payment must be made max in two days Venom Pack Includes : ASM 300 , Venom 1 and ASM 316 . Covers are in english insides in spanish . Pack is sealed . I have two packs $40 + shipping Deadpool Pack includes NM 98 , Deadpool Sins of the past and Deadpool Circle of Chase . Covers are in english insides in spanish . Pack is sealed- I have two packs $40 + shipping X Men pack includes X-Men 1 , 2 and 3 , Covers are in english insides in spanish . Pack is sealed- $40 + shipping
  13. Mijael.Levy

    The hard to find club in general

    Years looking for this book