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  1. Buyers rarely hit the "buy it" button on expensive items . They send you a message with an offer . Ebay does not reflect the price of that offer , you need to use GPA
  2. Hello guys i am selling a Batman 49 CGC 3.0 White Page Shipping - I use Fedex to USA and Canada , Cost $20 Rules No people from bad lists No returns Paypal I can wait max 2 days for payment
  3. The Spirit 21 Mexican Edition printed in the 60´s VG $100 + shipping El Spirit 12 I think this is a NON Canon cover can´t find the correspondance VG+ $100 + shipping
  4. Hello , i am selling today a rare foreign edition from 1954 featuring a Matt Baker cover I am shipping via Fedex economy $15 ,cost is $25 but i am using $10 from my pocket Rules- No people from the bad lists Paypal , i can wait max 3 days No returns - If you need more pics please let me know
  5. Yes i choose it because i really liked the Scooby Doo reference . I have a B & W and version and someone helped me with the yellow version
  6. Italian Marvel Premiere 15 VG/F printed in 1977 Giant Format with stickers intact B & W $95 + shipping
  7. What about this one? Someone here on the boards posted it as a Baker cover but i am not sure
  8. Hello i would like to know if this is a Matt Baker cover? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Love-Secrets-39-VINTAGE-Quality-Comic-Golden-Age-10c-Romance/383374597695?hash=item5942e81e3f:g:UKIAAOSw~QVeIKH7 Thanks in advance
  9. Another thief i want to report - he is a seller too : callingoutallpoors He stole me a book , claiming it didn`t arrived. i refunded him his money after he openned a case . He immediately sent me a neutral feedback "Was Lost or never shipped" . He already received the item , its been two weeks and i still don`t have my money back , he hasn`t removed the neutral feedback