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  1. 100% legit , DHL , Fedex , UPS ask for that info ... New ebay acoounts don´t have that info. so they have to ask
  2. Just added this scammer to the list jawnfkennedy Bought a book from me , book was hold in customs a few days so the guy opens a case . I had to refund him . Book was released from customs and was delivered . The guy not only didn`t sent money back but also leaves me neutral feedback : Was Lost or never shipped Darth Vader #3 - 1st app Doctor Aphra - NM- Disney TV Show soon! (#123988730929) jawnfkennedy to the block list
  3. I received a mail from CGC that my books where received , so when i track "my submisions" they appear as "received" its been one week or more that they appear under that status ,. Is that time normal? Also they haven`t charged me yet , when are they going to charge me?
  4. Batman 227 Mexican edition , not an easy book to get , i had to wait years to find a decent copy
  5. Thank you! No they ruined it with the translation He is telling her now : "to be fair first i had to dodge 3 obstacles"
  6. Last bump before moving all this Ebay , final price drops on Werewolf by night 32 , Betty and Me 16 , Betty and Veronica 41 , Weird Mysteries 2 and Teen Age Romances 32
  7. I made some price drops in everything but TEC 45 and Betty and Me Mexican edition
  8. Selling Adam of the blue Marvel 1 CGC 9.8 Shipping from Mexico to USA and Canada $20 Rules - No people from bad lists . If you are new i need a good standing boardie to vouch for you - No Returns - Paypal in USD funds
  9. Teen Age Romances 32 CGC 3.5 $1600 shipped NOW $1550 shipped NOW $1450 shipped NOW $1350 shipped
  10. Detective Comics CGC 6.0 Conserved $2550 shipped , price is firm on this book Notes: archival tape on cover & interior cover at staples. also above top staple & bottom edge interior back cover spine wear, tears & creases, some breaks color small edge pieces off front cover general wear & soiling to cover