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  1. No , they don't have that program in Mexico.
  2. Archie 50 VG $1175 + shipping $985 + shipping Now $950 + shipping
  3. Hello guys i am selling some books I ship from Mexico to USA ,Canada using Fedex , i will charge $15 and put the rest from my pocket Rules No pleople from bad lists No returns Paypal Payment max in two days
  4. Hey @Heronext miss you at the CBSMT group
  5. Anyway , with the new taxes my sales have dropped and i dont think the auctions are a good idea for now because of the non paying high rate.
  6. There's a new lowball offer's trend because of the taxes. The interested buyer sends rude private messages with a number not even saying "hello" Example : "$150??"
  7. They sent me a mail telling me that it was removed becauae the delay was customs not me. On this case the sending them an email worked better for me than calling them
  8. I woke up this morning with good news from ebay. They removed the bad review after i sent them an email using what @Poka posted here. Thanks again! I learned that you have to use the same language with them : their own policies. Anyway this buyer : thecomiccollector66 is well blocked from my list
  9. Called two times and they refused to remove the negative comment ,because the buyer "had a terrible experience " not receiving his product . They dont care if he lied about the shipping time or if US customs is responsible about the delay. They tell me its against the ebay policies to remove comment if buyer had a bad experience I professionally replied to his comment as they told meto do 2 week to ship.1and 1/2 months later still no book. Seller refunded. NEVER AGAIN Red Sonia Vulture´s Circle 2 - Lucio Parrillo Variant - HTF (#123919839010) Buyer: thecomiccollector66 (2735) US $35.00 Past month Report this buyer Reciprocal feedback- View feedback left by comicscauldron for the member who left feedback for comicscauldron Reply by comicscauldron. Left within past month. Shipped two days after payment, package got stuck in US customs, buyer refunded