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  1. Dan bought some SA/BA Spiderman books from me, with excellent communication. Extremely pleasant Boardie, definitely an asset to this community!
  2. Price drop again, now $200 shipped CONUS!
  3. Price drop to $220 for the ASM 121 & 122
  4. A classic ASM pair: 121 and 122 for all the Gwen/Goblin fans! Notes: - ASM 121 4.0-5.0: Has a small tear on the cover near the letter "G", which is visible in the scans. The book presents very nice otherwise, still very yellow cover. - ASM 122 3.0: Calling this 3.0 because of the detached bottom staple (see photos), but it looks a heck of a lot nicer. $185 shipped CONUS for the pair
  5. Sold pending payment! More books to come...
  6. Thanks! Yeah the stamp placement is very Stan-like, isn't it?!
  7. Details: Shipping included (shipping in the continental US only...apologies to my Canadian brethren!) First gets it, and trumps any PM negotiations. PayPal only. No HOS or Probies Payment due within 2 days of claiming the book. No timed payments for this book. Returns accepted within 3 days of receiving book. Buyer pays shipping. Book must be returned in original condition. Comic will be shipped safely. Please read my Kudos Thread if you have any doubts! I reserve the right to not sell to troublemakers or sketchy accounts. Let me know if you have any questions! LINK to my Kudos Thread Selling one of my absolute favorite books! I'm calling this a 6.5, but here's a link to the PGM thread I posted a while back if you'd like to read the opinions for your self (Note: due to Photobucket sucking the pics won't load, but it's the same book). $675 shipped CONUS Sold
  8. THIS! I was going to say the same thing. I think the GS Conan and Chillers have the best GS content.
  9. Good catch! I accidentally left it out of the photo Shame because I have a nice copy. Now I have to retake the photo!!!
  10. Help me understand where you’re getting that conclusion from? The article says “no plans” to resurrect on Disney...what am I missing? I was AMAZED that Luke Cage and Iron Fist got second seasons. Some of the worst writing/acting I’ve EVER seen in both series. They were both shockingly bad. I’m a Marvel diehard, but a tree stump would have made a better Luke Cage, and Andy could have acted circles around the that played Iron Fist.