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  1. jaybes

    Trading Card OA help...

    That was my first thought but I can’t seem to find any contact info for Andy at all. He’s not on Facebook or any social media. Adam is everywhere, but Andy is not. Unless I’m missing something?
  2. jaybes

    Trading Card OA help...

    I fixed it, thanks! Yes, definitely trying to track down the piece if anyone has any leads.
  3. OA Officianados, Looking for some guidance on how one would go about tracking down X-men Trading Card original art (specifically the Kubert/Pennington piece in the picture). I’m sure it’s a super long shot, but I don’t even know where to start. Anyone know if this Wolverine piece was swiped from an existing comic page/cover by Kubert/Pennington or was it created specifically for the 1993 X-men 2 Trading Card? Any help or info would be much appreciated!
  4. @batmiesta those are some seriously nice looking books!!!
  5. This copy is gorgeous! Nice books
  6. I’m not sure why it’s my favorite, always loved the cover and the creepy stories. Probably because it’s the one I read the most.
  7. Eric I love the idea! Definitely the same block lettering in the title so that justifies me seeking them out
  8. Excellent article, . Thanks for sharing!
  9. Good question, I’m not sure. To creaturefans point, I think the name and format was inspired by DCs “80 Page Giants”. I’m unsure of the history of the Treasury editions though.
  10. From what I’ve read, yes Marvel was inspired by the longer DC editions.
  11. I have that issue Paul, it is a good one! Thanks for posting!
  12. Thank you KirbyJack!
  13. I store them separately. The whole collection fits perfectly in a short box. I have duplicates of most of the books, so I put those with their respective titles.