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  1. Hello everyone, Its been awhile! But I'm back and ready to clear out some of the books that have just been sitting around! Hope you all have been having a good weekend. Paypal only. First in thread wins it. Shipping: Medium Flat Rate Box. $13.00 Open to offers, memes, and comments. Books will be listed in this post and Shown in the following post.
  2. is it a 9.6 or a 9.8? Man do I love that Dino though. awesome book!
  3. 9. Brother Voodoo Lot: $65 SOLD Strange Tales #169 CGC 4.0 Strange Tales #170 CGC 7.0
  4. 8.Sub-Mariner #41 CGC 9.0 (Don/Maggie Thompson Collection) $45 $40