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  1. Not sure of your reason for the comment. Red #2 has not been an easy one to find as mentioned by Baslug previously. One just popped up on ebay for $400 but pictures offer no idea of condition. Red #2, Yellow #3, Black #3, all seem hard to acquire out of the bunch.
  2. A bit off topic as its not a true ashcan, but has anyone found confirmed information on Maxx #2 mini comic Platinum edition? I've read that there were 15 made, also that there were 25 made. I have no idea if either of those are true.
  3. Right, but Red #2 (and graded) is different.
  4. Ha! $260? That seems ridiculously cheap. That was the last one I needed for years!
  5. For anyone interested, I have copies of all except the blacks after today. I am really surprised by the attention theses are getting. Is it because of the movie prospect or is there some other reason I'm not seeing?