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  1. Great that you know this stuff. I couldn't get any info before posting here. Seems its a little known item. Are these cards something of value?
  2. I just knew somebody here would know about this card. Big THANKS! Were there differences with the card? It looks like the one I posted has a slot were the fold would go into. Is that on all the cards?
  3. Krypton code = FQNAN RB CQRB OAXV Came across this Superman's Secret Code. Can anyone tell us about this? What year? How were these gotten? Any info? Here are a few photos of the card.
  4. DSVIV RH GSRH UILN Came across this Captain Marvel's Secret Code card. Can anyone tell us something about it? Year? How did it come? Is it worth anything? Here are some photos of the card front and back.
  5. The news here in the Chicago area is that Chicago's channel 9, WGN, will no longer have the CW shows. They want to get back to their origins of how they were before the CW. Is this going on in other cities? Just Chicago? Anyone know if the CW is going cable or Netflix?
  6. Have any of you ever been to Elkhart, Indiana and visited the Hall of Heroes? I was there today and got to check it out. Lots of cool superhero things to see. Check it out if you are ever in that area. [/img]
  7. Found these old photos of actor David Hedison passing out Lost World comic at a premier of the movie. This would be 1960. Irwin Allen made this movie. He's best known for the television shows Lost In Space, Land Of The Giants, Time Tunnel, and Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, which Hedison also starred in. Anyone have a autographed Lost World comic signed by David Hedison? The Lost World comic was published by DELL. Number 1145 with Gil Kane art. It had a photo cover.
  8. Glad they are bring in Hugo Strange. Looks like Galavan will be returning as a monster thanks to Strange. I don't know if I can wait until Feb. I wonder if they are going to call Mr. Freeze or Mr. Zero?
  9. Great movie. Loved it. One of my favorites now. Can't wait for the next Ant-Man movie.
  10. I seen these are sold at Hobby Lobby. There were some that I haven't seen before like the Charlton Hot Rods comic covers and some War covers. Priced under $20.
  11. Didn't see a thread on any of the Netflix comic shows. Anyone hear anything about the Iron Fist or Luke Cage shows coming out? 2nd season of Daredevil?
  12. It's been a while, but the hobby standard was Milliput (Amazon.com link) . I also had great results with an A+B Epoxy Putty (Amazon.com link). The process was pinch off small part of both A & B, moosh them together into a well mixed ball, then use pinches of that to force into seams, gaps and pits. Dip a finger or paper towel in rubbing alcohol, wipe off any excess. Let it harden, then sand with 400 grit sandpaper until blended or the seam disappears. And, if needed, before it dries you can use toothpicks to sculpt in small details like hair areas, clothes wrinkles and the like. Handles like clay, hardens like a rock. Squadron Putty is a favorite of mine. Use it all the time. Avery's Epoxy Sculpt too. Here's an example. Used it to make the penguins, water, and background blasts.
  13. Anyone catch when RF said "Rip Hunter would be proud of your time machine!" It did kind of look like the Rip Hunter time machine. Maybe a Rip Hunter episode in the future? I thinking Barry is going to end up on Earth-A or B or one of those other dimension Earths. That's why they show the golden-age Flash hat. Some how all this is going to tie into that 2016 DC's Legends Of Tomorrow show that's coming.