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  1. My first pickup coming back. Low grade but as rare as they come .
  2. Go to my FB page, it’s posted their. Maybe you can drag it over here for me
  3. I have the picture. It says it’s to large a file to post here
  4. There are some exact reprints on EBay with correct page sizes to fit. The covers are very convincing.
  5. Unlike other copies, these are the correct size of the original
  6. I’ve seen these copies. On the Action 1 the white dress shirt has an orange hew to it on the reprint
  7. You know, the Stock market isn’t the only place that has Bubbles. Baseball cards went crazy too and as a result the cards have stagnated for 3 decades with some exceptions. Now with Technology, the reproductions 0f card’s not only look good, they look aged too. This has cheapened the card collecting copy to me. I mention this because I’m see unauthorized copies on eBay for Key book- and they are looking better and better every day. Inexperienced buyer beware!