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  1. Any unused Hero Initiative blanks generally fetch a lot of coin in the black market. Not sure if cgc actually grades them if theyre not part of the initial 100.
  2. Speaking of trades, we need to bring back the Signature Series Trade weekend.
  3. Helluva five @Catwomancomics and i still love that Kraven We need to fire up trade talks again
  4. It was a blast looking thru (what remains of) this thread Feel free to share yours
  5. Plus some of the artists we got from those opps, are a veritable who's who of the comic industry now
  6. Becky Lynch = Red Sonja Roman Reigns = Bishop The Rock = Black Adam..
  7. Some great answers here
  8. That.. and this: It must be an exclusive board-only offer. If the book is offered for sale through another venue (ebay, dealer site, personal web site, etc.) then it should NOT be offered here. It should be offered in the Sales Advertising board.
  9. Congrats @wolvie35791 That's a helluva achievement man.
  10. @Catwomancomics They set your old profile free?