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  1. 🤟🏼 Wait til you see the Thor i got cooking at NYCC...
  2. @ivdyer Those Massafera's are just next level.
  3. Nice.. Really jealous of these fully rendered AH! pieces
  4. Hes lost some hair over the years
  5. Ah ok Bit out of the loop with celebritiy ss lately. I knew he was hard get a while ago.
  6. Not sure how hard of a get he is, but theyve just announced him as a guest for an upcomimg Supanova show here in a few weeks (If any one wants to come down under to facilitate)
  7. The man can wield a paintbrush with the best of 'em
  8. Oddly enough, that was my first guess
  9. This some next level s#/+! Well done