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  1. That Keown piece is breathtaking @Ron C. congrats
  2. I dont log on for a couple of weeks and miss out on all the fun of a mad dogz thread. Welcome back bud
  3. Another non paying buyer: minime0424 Zero communication after accepting their offer. bothers me more when i see theyre experienced/high feedback profile. They should know better..
  4. He was doing a Black Friday sketch cover special on Instagram. $40 single figure. He might have some spots left
  5. That's true.. But I probably wouldve still had it coloured in
  6. @Ehabsamuel Great 5. That FM Carrie Kelly and JSC are legit centrepieces.
  7. Yes CGC can send the book directly to the customer after grading.
  8. Hey Clara. You must submit the book(s) DIRECTLY to cgc with a completed Artist Agreement Form to get the yellow label. Whoevers account name/number thats written on the form will be charged for the grading & shipping fees.
  9. That never works for anybody.. hence my sales thread
  10. Youre a brave man. Ive tried this once and it didnt work out too well
  11. Some good ones in here today. Love the Eaglesham @Ron C. The Vitti is amazing @ivdyer @TYPE-R See you couldnt help yourself with the Zhuo tho i was waiting to see the Garrie all slabbed up and pretty
  12. Lets try 20% off the NG sketchbooks... Take both and i'll also cover the shipping
  13. Muchos Gracias. PM incoming
  14. Lets see how these go for now