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  1. ALL GREAT ISSUES! CONGRATS ALL..especially STRAWMAN for bumping up my 6.0
  2. USUAL RULES APPLY RETURNS BUYER PAYS POSTAGE BOTH WAYS PAYPAL OR CHECK. Case perfect shape! POSTAGE $20 USA COMES WITH SOME INSURANCE. SHOWCASE 4 CGC 6.5 OW/WP SLIGHT RESTORATION.. $8500 comparable one on ebay for over $11K a 6.0 SR sold for $6500 more than half year ago... Note: I s till have a beautiful Hulk 181 CGC 9.0 ON EBAY...I go under name storypapers...and will give full ebay discount if interested. Also a FF 12 SS 4.0 same discount.
  3. Thanks..yes...I'm so tempted to take it out.......and it the paper has not been lighten...its natural OW/White!!
  4. Says some color breaks....I guess if you use a 10 power you can see them....but I'm with 8.0 more like it LOL
  5. My favorite in my collection ....some here have seen ...not sure on this thread...
  6. FINAL day...goes on ebay or other over weekend...
  7. Jim is great to deal with...and packages real well too., I hope to buy from again..thanks again! Joe
  8. USUAL rules apply....paypal or personal check. Postage $12...USA FREE IN USA All cases are nice unless otherwise mentioned. If combined...2nd item another $6 postage. Returns paid by buyer both ways. Here goes... 10% OFF ALL COMICS!!! DETECTIVE COMICS: #100 5.0 C1 OW/WP $273 #101 3.5 WHITE PAGES - $263 TRADED AWAY ... #104 raw I bought as a 5.5- $280. Real nice except tiny piece off bottom right corner..less so than #111 which is graded a 7.0 by CGC #111 7.0 WHITE PAGES - $450 #112 ON EBAY... #113 CM/OWP $400