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  1. As per PM..I will take Detective #103, 134, 139 & 140...THANKS. HAPPY NEW YEAR! JOE
  2. Yep...too much Holiday stuff to do and I do not want to go to PO at all this time of year... ugh Happy Holidays
  3. Thanks everyone who posted please PM me for paypal address...
  5. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL! CLOSED Thanks to buyers... 10% 15 % off! NO FURTHER DISCOUNTS... ENDS FRIDAY NIGHT... ALL USUAL RULES APPLY! PAY PAL preferred ...BUT CHECKS OK, must clear. postage in USA $15 plus $5 every add on for insurance etc. Returns allowed...7 days...buyer pays both ways. All cases unless mentioned otherwise. All back covers are at least as nice as front covers unless mentioned. You can expect in the case of SA...super BOLD BRIGHT I do not buy them unless they are superior. These are all from my personal collection as I came by them...that had the right color and look..and usually look better than designated grade and in most cases superior paper unless colors were so Bold I had to have Again, I bought another Holy Grail a Superman #1..yes restored..and sorry to say not CGC but I wanted the book just the same...its a keeper for me Although down the road I may send to CGC as I am sending my Batman 1 recently purchased. Today or tomorrow I hope Here is the list...of will follow later today... (I hope) can ask to hold based on price and condition, awaiting image if you like... First GETS IT! PM s OK..but probably will not consider, unless multiple buys, as I'd like to give it a least 48 hours before I consider since my pricing is pretty close to GPA when available. But keep in mind these are really All Superior in look for the grade and most have superior paper which may have not been the case on the GPA sale. Well here goes...back later with FC images...back covers on request....but again...unless noted they are all as nice or nicer than FCs. X-MEN #8 SOLD AS PER PM
  6. storypapers


    YES he said it was a spoof...sure looked good. I am still perplexed that CGC has not graded would think a holder could be made pretty easily.. thanks for getting back to me...Happy Holidays...
  7. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL! DID I miss something??? Is CGC grading pulps now? I noticed a listing on ebay...showing a Shadow pulp graded by CGC. But he is talking about a I do not know if legit...but he does have a 100% rating. I'd really like to know...can anyone tell me rather than me call CGC/ Joe
  9. storypapers

    Closed. Thanks.

    Nice...for the price...sig too..getting harder and harder to afford this book...and even at this price they usually look like someone took an axe to it..this one has great color....nice signature..not All over the place too large...I got mine so this is for someone else...all best my friend!
  10. No interest?? lets do 10% two days..then I remove and try ebay...or elsewhere..