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  1. Fantastic Thread! Enjoyed seeing this many interesting covers! Best to All... I'm still paying off a it has put me pretty much out of commission till next year... Congrats to buyers and sellers! Joe
  2. Usual rules apply...paypal trades...$15 shipping in USA....Canada more. Just got these back last week...nice cases...all pretty as a picture No returns...all are graded... If you require a back cover image...LMK but all are as nice as the front. GOING ON EBAY.... THE CULT all for issues..three are 9.8, one a 9.6>>PRICE - $120. BATMAN YEAR ONE PART 1 #404 CGC 9.6 WP $50 BATMAN #435 CGC 9.6 WP $40 DETECTIVE #599 CGC 9.6 OW/WP $30 DETECTIVE #600 CGC 9.8WP $70 BOTH FOR $90
  3. USUAL RULES APPLY... Paypal...or check.... Should be no returns on graded books. I expected this to come back a 7.5.....I will show grader this one could definetly be pressed and regraded..maybe get an 8.0 A 4.5 just sold for $ Price $2000...First...gets it! ON HOLD AS PER PM...SOLD! PM...considered...but not so much in first 24 hours..trades unlikely.. $15 Ship USA> extra... Even though this just came back there are two hairline crack at Left may be able to see in picture..(another I got back on a keeper for me...was totally broken off the top..not sure how to get some kind of credit for that one...UGH!) Pictures taken in Natural light... Here are the notes...all pretty much that can be corrected...and my added comments...... light creasing to cover>>>where? light spine stress lines to cover...where???light staple tears...super light!!!moderate finger bends on cover...Where?? moderate staining to cover ?????? Where???
  4. Usual rules apply....Postage in USA $15 includes some insurance or all depending on value. No Returns should be necessary since all but one item here CGC graded! The early Penny dreadful is RARE..and a key issue so anyone who has an interest should be aware of what to expect. I will combine shipping of course. 10% OFF ON ALL ITEMS! CLOSED . ALDINE #13...these are from the UK..from early turn of the 20th century. Smaller than a comic in size. Ap. 5" x 9" This issue has rust on staples...32 pages like a comic as well as the two staples. Page quality is actually quite good for this scarce issues. Back cover is nice with only small bottom right corner missing. Spine does have some splitting..but covers till holding on tightly. Was once in a bound a little residue on spine..but this issue has never been trimmed... I am posting others on ebay..this is the most expensive one..and if you buy others I will discount. Back covers as nice as front or better. Cases nice unless I mention otherwise. MORE PICTURES IF YOU NEED...ASK ALDINE>>>NOW $222! ACTION #48 6.0 WHITE PAPER!!!! $2400 BOLD COLORS! ADVENTURE COMICS #65 3.5 OWP.. 6 PC TAPE ON INTERIOR COVER AND 2 ON SF. Here is a 3.5 that looks like a 5.0 or better....hate to give this one I am not pricing it to give want like it! $550 ADVENTURES COMICS #185 THIS IS 2nd highest graded..on 12 graded! 6.5 CM/OWP $325 ALL STAR #21 5.5 WHITE PAGES! THIS IS PERHAPS THE MOST UNDERGRADED BOOK I HAVE..I thought this would come out was not pressed...$500 SLAVE GIRL 4.5 OW/WP NICE! $600 CAPTAIN AMERICA #59 2.5 Disappointing...Brittle pages..but good filler... $400 SOLD
  5. I'll be removing..putting on ebay..I think will sell fast....I'll drop to $2100