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  1. I was going through some books and came across this double cover. What makes it different is the inside cover is the variant. Just wondering if anybody has seen a book like this before. It’s a nice copy- outer looks 9.4 and inner possibly 9.8. Also, I’m probably going to have it graded and how would CGC label this? Just a double cover or do you think they would mention the variant? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hi, I’m looking for a #2 in CGC 9.6. It’s the last book I need for a complete 1st print Dead collection. I’m looking for a 1st print copy but will eventually pick up the 2nd print as well. Let me know if have either. Will pay fmv. Thanks
  3. I get mylars from EGerber. If you have a sellers permit they discount an additional 20% off the price. It’s a great deal. I have a brick and mortar shop and any books worth more than $20 goes into a mylar bag with fullback board. I think the fullback boards are just as important as the bags. They are heavier gauge and keep books from bending. With regular poly bags you need to use multiple boards to keep the books safe. From a marketing perspective mylars are essential. They make the books look great which in turn leads to better sales
  4. I rarely do bids on eBay. Usually sellers get reamed on prices. I wouldn’t mind if a $100 book sold for say $75 but quite often you see books selling for 1/2 or less of value. I put my books on bin and usually listen to reasonable offers. As a buyer, of course, buying on auction is usually best. Also, there are deals on bin as well. Just hard to find sometimes.
  5. I appreciate it. I got those issues eventually. Sold the entire run to somebody in Europe. thanks though.