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  1. Yea. You gotta try and get a dealer badge. I wouldn’t go otherwise
  2. Went today. I saw lots of comic dealers. Place was packed. I should have got a booth. Picked these up for a good price. As far as golden age I saw the usual high end dealers with decent amount of g/a books. But tell me, where can you find golden age anywhere for cheap prices? That ship has sailed.
  3. I’ll check them when I get home. Haven’t taken to shop yet. I have near complete runs of deadly hands of king fu, planet of the apes (magazine size), marvel horror titles etc. Most higher grade. I acquired them from a shop owner who retired. He had an incredible collection.
  4. I’m hoping I sell the books and rotate them out so any light damage will be minimal. We do get sunlight in there but keep shades drawn. I think sunlight way worse
  5. Turn them off and have people search in the dark. I don’t know. I’ve never seen a comic shop with no lights. Would be kind of hard to see, no? All shops I’ve seen have way more light than I do.
  6. If anyone is considering going to the shop let me know what you’re looking for. Might have at home if not at shop yet. Also here are a couple new pics. Got some Stan Lee signed prints
  7. I have quite a bit of s/a. Some g/a. Near full runs of Bronze Age marvel mags. Horror mags also, I’m taking my joker cover collection about 5 short boxes worth. Silver age and up I got a lot of stuff. Lol
  8. Sorry for the late response, been busy with the shop and still working full time. Thanks for all the positive feedback and suggestions! We’ve been getting more customers in gradually day by day so I’m glad for that. The boxes on the floor are just $1 books. I’m going to put some of that foam flooring there so it’s more comfortable. I have to put those boxes there for now. They’re short boxes so don’t see a problem with them being in the way. So far most sales have been back issues and some trades/hardcovers. Hardly any new books sold so far. I’m going to try and be the “comic” shop of Santa Clarita. Other stores carry some but I’m going to have a lot more. That’s why I picked this place. Rent is cheap and I think will do fine concentrating on old comics. I have some silver and bronze. Some gold (not too much). I have Alot of silver and bronze I haven’t brought to the shop. Still gotta price. I’m a DC fan so most are those. Lots of Batman, Flash Jla etc... I have lots of Gold/Silver Dc war and pre code war. Let me know and I can bring to the shop.
  9. I have one but it’s raw. Nice copy but not sure it’s a 9.8 candidate
  10. There is a place called Joanne’s fabrics not too far away hopefully that helps.
  11. Well, the cheapest I could find that would allow a retail business was around $1700. And that was without nnn fees which are ridiculous. Some places not much bigger than mine we’re going for close to $3k a month. My place is less than $1k which includes utilities and internet
  12. Thanks for the encouragement guys! Now I just need you all to move to L.A. to buy comics from me.