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  1. Hi, I’m look good for a decent looking copy in the 6.0/7.0 range. My kids a fan of reverse flash. Will pay fair price for it. Let me know and thanks- John.
  2. I took those pictures late in the day. Earlier was busier. People were buying. We did great. Table cost around $175. I grossed over $2k. I figure a good day.
  3. Was a decent show considering the turnout wasn’t too great. I only brought slabs this time and sold quite a few. There was some good deals in the room. Most people definitely wanted to buy. Probably from being cooped up for the past few months.
  4. It’s actually just called valley comic con now. Since it’s moved up to Santa Clarita. We’ll be there. Bringing a few boxes of cgc books, lots of raw keys and dollar books. Our shop is only a few minutes from the show and we’ll be open 11am to 5pm if you want to stop by before or after the show.
  5. Hi, I’m trying to complete a Ghost Rider spotlight run in cgc 9.0. Have all except #10. Will pay fmv. Only want 9.0. Thanks.
  6. If these are in near mint condition I’ll take one each of the venom #25 variants, thanks.
  7. We opened the shop yesterday. Back to normal hours. We’ve been buying tons of books with lots of new keys and graded books. If you’re in the area stop by!