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  1. Hi, I recently picked up a lot of Savage Sword of Conan from Marvel Comics. This is the Bronze Age magazine size series. I have 1-199 plus the annual #1 but missing a few issues. I’d like to complete the run so I can sell the set. Issues I need to complete the run are: 1,4,5,6,14,17,19,28,29,30,34-41 and 95. I’d like to get only raw copies that are fine or better as this is a pretty nice set. I realize the #1 will be the most expensive one to get. Will pay reasonable price based on recent sold sales I’ve seen- anywhere from $40 to $100 depending on condition. The rest seem to be priced anywhere from $3 to $20 a piece depending on grade. Like I said I’m only looking for fine or better in raw condition. If you have a bunch of them hopefully we can work out a reasonable bulk lot price. Any help would be appreciated and thanks.
  2. I appreciate the advice. I know most of the shop owners in the Los Angeles area. I listen to all of their advice. I’m actually trying to open my own shop soon and the way this industry is nowadays we need all the customers we can get.
  3. I’ve been selling at shows, on eBay and to local customers for over 10 years now. Haven’t once had a problem with restoration yet. I would definitely work with customers on a solution. I just hit 1000 perfect feedback on eBay a couple weeks ago. I’m sure if this issue came up we’d work something out so both parties were happy. It’s easy to say these things about dealers until you actually become one. There are lots of miserable customers out there as well and I’m going to try my best not to get screwed over by them.
  4. Look, I understand. There are quite a few variables. If it’s a 10 dollar book thats a big difference from say a $900 key issue. I would check the book for any resto to the best of my ability. I would advise the customer that I don’t think it’s restored but can’t be 100% sure. Let’s say it comes back trimmed. What if the buyer brings in a different book thats graded? What if the buyer did the resto themselves? If its a customer you’ve worked with for a long time thats a big difference from a new one that just came in once. If a customer is that worried about it I would suggest they buy a book thats already been professionally graded.
  5. If the resto is obvious (visible color touch, glue, tape etc..) of course you’re going to point that out and disclose. I’m talking about restoration that would take a professional to determine. You can’t expect a shop owner with thousands of books process to be held responsible if one happens to come back restored. Buyer takes that chance when purchasing raw books.
  6. 5. If you sell me something that turns out to be aproblem...don't hassle me about it. Just take the damn return. You sell me something that turns out to berestored, just take the book back. unrealistic to expect shop owners to be restoration experts. Processing hundreds if not thousands of back issues. Probably not enough time even if knew how. I would just place a sign stating no guarantees of non restoration. All sales final.
  7. I hear you. But shipping international on your own is really a hassle. I don’t have the time to do it. I usually discount books for international buyers (when I can).
  8. You just have to make sure item/s are really well packaged. They are traveling pretty far.
  9. I think maybe items valued around $300 or so I’ve shipped international. Most of my items are under $500. I’d probably be worried about anything worth more than $1k.
  10. When a buyer clicks to buy your item eBay shows them the international shipping price. If they agree to price they just buy it. If you’re charging the buyer a shipping cost it’s only to get the item to ebays warehouse in Kentucky.
  11. I use ebays global shipping program. Works great. Haven’t had a problem yet. You just ship the item to their warehouse in Kentucky. They take care of it from there. Way bigger market for sales when you include intl. sales
  12. I have a raw 16 in fine. Nice copy. I’ll send pics and price tomorrow