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  1. Thank you! Once last bump and a price drop to $5,550. This is where it's going to stay or go back into the collection for another little bit. Thanks so much everyone!
  2. We're going to drop the price on this one to $5,800!
  3. It's been a little bit of time since I've been on the boards. Life got quite busy with pursuing my Master's Degree and my wife starting her own business. I've always enjoyed my time on here! Up for sale is this beautiful Brave and the Bold #28 CGC 5.5 with Off White - White pages. Prices seem all over the map right now on this one. A 6.0 with Cream to Off-White pages just sold on Heritage for $8,300! The price on this one is $5,550. I picked this up from Joey from Investment Grade Key Comics almost 5 years ago right after my wife and I got married. My wife is now due with our first child in July so it's time to move on from this one! It's stayed in a climate controlled environment since I've owned it. It looks fantastic. I am happy to answer any and all questions and am looking forward to being around more! Hopefully picking up some great books from you all! Rules: 1) First sign (by timestamp) in the thread or via PM is the winner. I am happy to receive PMs about the book but an unconditional will be given precedence over ongoing negotiations. 2) Payments - Cashier's Check or Money Order 3) Shipping is included in the price and will be via Priority Mail Express. 4) I would like to sell only to US boardies. Under no circumstances are HOS, Probies, or shady type people allowed to purchase. 5) I have made a few sales on these boards (to happy buyers) but not to selling in general. I have bought quite a lot on these boards so hopefully some of my sellers will vouch for how those transactions have gone. Also please feel free to check out my feedback on eBay under the name "the_hockeycouple." I do have a Kudos thread, it can be found here: https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/299432-tivo32s-kudos-thread/
  4. Beautiful book! Congrats to both buyer and seller!
  5. It's good to be back on here! Basketball season was long! It's nice to have some free time again. I can't wait to see what you post. Your last sale (which I was late to the party with) was fantastic! Been several great sales going on the last week or so!
  6. 324 (McFarlane) VG/F $1.50 325 Newstand (McFarlane) VG/F $1.50 326 x2 $1.50 ASM 327 x2 $1.50 329 $1.50 329 Newstand $1.50 330 x2 $2 331 $2 332 $2.50 333 x2 $2.50 334-339 Sinister Six run $8 334 Newstand $2 359 $1.50 374 Venom $2 375 Venom x2 $2 378 Carnage $2.50 379 Carnage $2.50 380 Carnage $2.50 403 Carnage $3 404 Kaine $2 1 (442) $2 doubles too @15% off!
  7. Deadpool Kills Deadpool #3 NM Deadpool Killustrated #3 NM Deadpool Killustrated #4 (2 available) x 2 Marvel Age #91 (Thanos Quest) VF/NM Nomad #3 (Deadpool on cover) NM Uncanny X-Men #157 F Venom #13 (Circle of Four) NM Venom #17 (1st Savage Six) NM Cable #1 (6 available) NM x 4 Batgirl #45 (Joell Jones cover) NM Uncanny X-Men #509 NM Amazing Spider-Man #50 VF/NM + #51 VF/NM + #52 VF JSC
  8. CBLDF Star Wars: Vader Down #1 Deadpool: Gauntlet #1 Deathstroke #1
  9. Variant: Uncanny X-Men #512