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  1. So I got my star wars grail. Definitely wanted to replace my esb moc yoda I had sold 5 years ago. I decided to upgrade to the more rare and crazy insane expensive power of the force version. Very happy with it. Not close to mint with the bubble damage but saved about 50% off what sellers wanted for the near minty ones. This was the only one on ebay under 4000.00
  2. If the page is just being placed in the book and not professionally reattached it wouldnt be considered restoration. And they will probably have to regrade but I'll ask tomorrow.
  3. It is my understanding that as long as I hand cgc the slab unopened it will retain its ss. They can then just insert the missing page and reslab it as having one "married" page even though it's not attached to the comic so as to avoid the PLOD and I can skip sending it to ccs. I agree with leaving it alone as some suggested and just keep the two together but separated lol. Maybe I'll call cgc and ask if it can be just a reholder considering the circumstance. The page has the exact same pq as the rest of the book.
  4. So this comic.... Waited a long time to meet just the right page that he was missing and then finally found it... But now isn't sure if it is worth it to unslab both and get married (fear of lower grade of they regrade, not sure if they can just reholder?) So I guess I'm asking...with this being a 15k plus book, how much would regrading or reholdering cost with the insurance and I would just ask cgc to marry the two lovers. Should I do it? Or just keep both slabs? Again my main reluctance is fear of lower grade
  5. It is the Sears cat. It is in English on the stickers. They are replica stickers. Tank is in great original condition otherwise and motor works and cost me only 175.00. This jordan card was the one basketball card I had to have. It's a 5 psa because higher I couldn't afford with all my other stuff I wanted to collect. It's still worth more than all of the gi joe and star wars stuff by far and cost me about 1400.00 after tax and shipping on ebay.
  6. So I finished what I wanted from gi joe and moved on to star wars. This stuff is alot cheaper than silver age key comics so I'm loving the fun of collecting them. Still quite valuable tho. I just need a yoda to be happy but I'm saving up for a great one moc. And yes this is my closet lol. Keeps everything away from little ones and I really have no where else to put it. About 45k in collectibles mostly in the comics...mostly.
  7. All 3 picked up off of ebay. 1 at a con, 1 from a dealer at his apartment, and 1 from cgc boards. Green labels do not affect story (spidey) but did affect my ability to purchase in 2020 I'm going for ff48, and 12, as well as jim 85.
  8. If you go to queens go to royal collectibles. Amazing little shop with some great gems. He has 5 hulk 181s for sale. Just an example. Good prices and fair.
  9. Only wanted this on and off for about 25 years and finally pulled the trigger. Looking at it up close I wish I would have gotten it a long time ago. It's a great cover, a number 1 and origin issue, and a stan lee story.
  10. People will disagree with your grade even if it is spot on because their definition of spot on might be different. Someone sold me a ebay 9.4 that most here in the PGM thread said was closer to a 7.5. The pictures hid the defects.
  11. Dont sell on ebay. If you must, offer refunds and accept immediately and be done with it when there is a return. Also, youre better off describing comics as "great condition, see pics" than trying to assign a grade that anyone can disagree with.
  12. I talked to a dealer at comic con this year (I forget which one but on of the big guys selling books) who said hes submitted tons (thousands?) of books for grading and only got back a few 9.9s and zero 10s. He said he gets 1-2 9.9s per 100 submissions that he believes are 9.8 on average. 1-2 in 100 chance? I would never crack a 9.8 to hope for that.
  13. Yes I thought it was an awesome looking tank for cobra. Just reprinted stickers everything else original and works paid 175.00. The all black canada one is cool too but hard to find and $$$. Thanks all for suggestions. I have '82 scarlet in back left 1st pic...very cool character. Love this art may get some modern prints or slabs to go with the Joe's someday... Hopefully snake eyes (2020) is better than what we had years ago
  14. Thank you would you say I'm missing anyone important? Trying to get the best characters only 1 figure of each (except cobra soldier 1983...I made a little squad lol) and staying away from crazy expensive mail-aways.