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  1. You should hear phone people try to pronounce where I live in setauket.
  2. I just put in to get one of these behemoths. Anyone else going to get one? Tomorrow by midnight is your last chance before they close the deal.
  3. Its more of a laser looking snake thing. Just an additional weapon they added besides the 2 pistols and 2 rifles and snake knife. Overall it's a really well done figure and 2nd best in the line imo behind the deluxe snake eyes.
  4. Where there is a will there is a way. Baroness is very hard to find even more so than the cobra troopers pr beach head because she is only 3 per store for now. 1 for me in the box, one for the kids to open and play...and an apocalypse just because I guess
  5. Some recent pickups and a couple of ones I got I dont think I showed. Gi joe cobra island was so hard to find but I got one trooper in a not so great neighborhood 30 miles away and I had to show at 6am and then beach head i said I'm not doing that again so I used ebay points to get him for 12.00 or I wasnt finding him at the store and I wasnt about to drive back and forth 50 times....unless Baroness shows up then I might lol. Ps i miss dino riders. They are so well made even the box is nice because it opens and let's you see the figure unlike old gi joe. I saw the sealed one at my local toy store and had to get one back. Ps ps deluxe snake eyes is one of the greatest 6 inch figures I've ever seen.
  6. This sold out quick. Seems anything cool and 80s does these days. I love that you turn a crank and mario moves across the lego screen on the old school tv. Such a cool set.
  7. I dont understand it much either but my guess is they want to create more hype around the line but I see it as alienating fans and pushing them away. 150.00 for a 40.00 figure and bike is a tough one. I bet they will re release her without the bike anyway but there's alot of FOMO out there.
  8. Lol my wife wont play either but luckily I have a 9 year old boy I play with and let win even though the entire game I have him convinced hes losing.
  9. If you like jaws games check out the new one on sale at target...it is actually really good if you like to play a game with so many movie references.
  10. Keep 181. Mcu wolverine that 9.4 is going to double. Never bet against this book.
  11. Yes I actually went to target today and they said another guy asked about them this morning but they are sticking with 8/14. Guess I'll have to get up super early that day to be sure. I did find the scarlett figure and wow what a headsculpt I had to pick her up. Also still waiting for my hasbro pulse snake eyes pre- order. Not sure how comic stores have him but I dont?
  12. Btw very disappointed with the target gi joe fiasco. The exclusive gi Joe's sold out in 15 or less seconds to bots. Was hoping to get the amazing baroness figure. Will have to wait because I refuse to pay scalpers the triple asking price.
  13. Added steeler, scrap iron, colonel hawk with mms, grunt, barbeque, gas guy? , brazil wet suit, chuckles, jinx, alpine, 2nd bats, 2nd cobra officer, 6th cobra soldier, hooded cobra commander instead of older one, 3rd snow serpent, 2nd crimson guard, lampreys, and Tomas and xanot Also a gi joe 1 and 100. Will be adding the mayhew baroness variant behind cobra.
  14. Couldn't you just buy a page from a action 1 instead of a "share". At least you'd have something to hold and look at?