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  1. I sold some of my best books to fund a disney vacation club membership for my family in full....but here is what I kept. These will stay with me.
  2. Wow...check out the back of the wolverine card what a near mint copy of hulk 181 went for in 1990...is this true?
  3. I will never buy anything from "probstein" after seeing this nonsense. Staying away from psa 10 stuff for now and just enjoying my raw cards.
  4. Yes I know about those now. When I was a kid they were just a rumor lol. Nice cards.
  5. It sure is. I hear different things about 95. I think it was more mass produced than 96 but less than 92-94...and those mirages are extremely rare. I'm working on the emotion set now and it is not easy either.
  6. Yes I know, I have it. It's probably the most slight after card. I think they should have done him again for the insert set to make those desirable but I guess they want to try out other characters.
  7. The insert set was really the worst choice for characters. They did 2099 characters but didnt even bother to do the decent charcters like hulk 2099, spiderman 2099, or doom 2099.
  8. Well..graded 10 the black panther is over 1k. I got this card for 20 bucks but I doubt it is a 10. Surprised also theybdpnt aell for more raw (rogue was 5 dollars and might be a 10) that's why I got them back this week before maybe they go crazy like 1996 has. 1996 is very tough.
  9. Any news on cgc grading marvel cards anytime soon? I have alot and I like cgc. Some of my cards:
  10. Book is no longer for sale. Delete if needed please Avengers 57 1st vision. Cgc 5.5 with custom label. Off white to white pages. Case is great no cracks. No probies or Hos. Shipping is 15 and includes tracking insurance and signature delivery. PayPal G&S only. $500 plus 15 shipping. Continental 48 usa states only. Thanks for looking. 1st wins
  11. My thought as well. When you have 3 books valued over 10k each, it is hard to get excited over a 250 dollar book anymore.
  12. Is a 3.0 really worth about 15k? My copy
  13. Very curious ... What would you say mine is worth now? I hope I made out well... The qualified strip is for the missing page 13 (non spidey). I actually have the missing page 13 just too scared to send to cgc for marry. Maybe in person in florida someday.
  14. Yes its huge! The war hammer is very detailed like all parts of these. Custom Acrylic case they are in makes all the difference. Acrylicjob.com if anyone is interested.
  15. Comic related pickup. Just waiting on corvus but wanted to share. They are awesome, iron studios rocks.