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  1. I think maybe because the new label is not the new captain marvel that appears in that book? Personally I would pay a small premium (30 ish bux) for a book I want if it has the cool label...ie..avengers 4 with the cap label looks sick imo.
  2. Modern variants are probably going to be volatile going forward but the big marvel silver and bronze keys I think will continue the gradual increase. And if you're not rich you can still collect low grade on most books and still afford them except for the huge keys like amazing fantasy 15 hulk 1 and ff1. But that's what tax refunds are for
  3. You can leave my .5 on club list (it's still in my family) and add me for the 2.5 ss qualified.
  4. Yea the old copy he signed for me he used that thick marker which didnt look bad either but I kind of like the thin one you can see the letters nice.
  5. Always wanted to do this and finally managed it...upgraded my grail book! A nice step up and by far the #1 book in my collection. Special thanks to Absolute Comics!
  6. I have great cgc cardboard boxes that came with purchases from "mycomicshop". Then back pack with bubble wrap. You can actually purchase them from their website and I highly recommend: I'd give you the link but their site is currently down. I typically bring 3 empty ones and a smaller box to hold raws.
  7. Gold Det 27 Batman 1 Captain America 1 Action 1 Superman 1 Silver (personal favs) Af15 Xmen 1 Avengers 1 Ff5 Asm 14 Bronze Hulk 181 Gsx 1 Iron man 55 Asm 129 Asm 121 Copper Asm 300 Nm 98 Nm 87 Xfactor 6 Asm 361 Modern Nyx 3 Meh on the other 4 slots. Only other modern comic 1st app I like a lot is cosmic ghost rider but he's not on cover of thanos 13 so meh. Same with fantomex.
  8. Need help: I'm in the process of upgrading so need to value my old copy. My book presents great for a .5, but it is missing all of the pages outside of the spiderman story and is taped on spine with no staples. No marvel chipping on side, top does have a chip. Back cover looks great. I am selling it to a family member, what is a fair price to sell to him for?
  9. So when he turned out to actually not be ned Leeds was that a retcon? And I think it would be hilarious if the mcu ned turned into hobgoblin later in this series...maybe post credits of far from home we get this:
  10. No. I love my slabs and cgc. I'm not handling high dollar books. That's what reprints and digital is for.
  11. You only get that with a 10.0 and a cva sticker. Not all 10.0s are created equal.
  12. Stories in the marvel ones seemed terrible to me. They should just start doing some reprints of classic stories to bring in young people to the industry mixed with new stories that are on their reading level and kid character centric. My kids took the books happily but they either didnt want to finish reading them or didnt understand what the heck was going on. Other than Donnie cates marvel needs to hire someone who can tell a coherent story.
  13. What's up with "Count Nefaria?" Is 94 story bad? I never read it. Seems like a weak villain for such an important comic.
  14. I wouldn't. But supposedly they could just email you the invite but it would still be their purchase. So yes it can work but it is risky in my opinion. Also you will overpay and support scalpers who aren't even supposed to be doing this. Just get verified on may 8th and login on June 12th right when it opens.