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  1. Posted in bronze but what the hey. And now... Shiped From Quality comix alabama, great shop.
  2. And there she is. Quality comix in Alabama is great I highly recommend. They shipped overnight with perfect bubble wrap, tracking, and double box.
  3. If it is your favorite book (with a name like admantium...) I would. My top 3 are af15, xmen 1, and hulk 181 so those are the books I upgraded over the years. It gets harder the more expensive they get though because it is not so simple to sell a 3500.00+ comic without worrying about something going wrong. 7.5 is great though and you are in the club so if it goes up in higher grades yours will too and that will keep the upgrade gap from growing.
  4. Wow...I cant believe I got outbid on comiclink for the 9.0 white pages 181. I bid 8,550 because I thought it was a great copy but I'm kind of ok with it as that would have been really expensive with buyer premium and taxes and well into 9.2 territory. Congrats if the winner is on these boards, you got a grail book. I settled for a 9.0 with ow-w and saved literally thousands. I will post pics soon. A family member is taking my 7.0 to keep as an investment.
  5. I agree. Going to be selling my 7.0 paypal goods and services on here soon...thanks for the advice.
  6. My 1 goal this year is upgrade my 181 from 7.0 to 9.0. Am I best off trying to do this at a con if they come back? Would a dealer accept a trade and cash usually and not destroy me on the price for the 7.0? Not ready until summer; saving now.
  7. This book is undervalued. Congrats to buyer that's gonna go up.
  8. Some recent pickups. Either have or on the way.
  9. I like white pages on gsx 1 alot....68 big WHITE pages. Why not wait to find a 9.2 white pager?
  10. Still confused why they wont grade marvel cards