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  1. I think most people just couldn’t get into the character because of how it looks. Looks like an elephant and pig offspring to me. I also challenge the “importance” of this book. If you ask 100 people who is Cerebus 100 people will likely say they don’t know. Just asked someone who grew up in the 80’s and they said “what? Don’t ask me weird questions” I read that the writer did inspire others but I bet you they would have been inspired by someone else anyway if not for this comic. In the future the few fans Cerebus had will be gone and values will drop while wolverine will always be huge. I’d have to doubt we will be getting a Cerebus movie or revival. Just my opinion. Even people who are well versed in comics haven’t heard of it.
  2. jason4

    Greatest supervillain of all time any universe

    I like when someone goes against the norm and brings down the status quo of joker always being rated 1. My favorites are Thanos, (which autocorrected to thanks 3 times 😡)!Magneto Dr doom, green goblin, and venom. Joker would be in top ten tho.
  3. Impressive trio. I thought groot only said “I am groot”. When did he become like the groot from guardians movies? Is there another key for him?
  4. jason4

    This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!

    Recent pickup never posted: white pages only had to sell most of my bronze Spidey run to get it But that’s ok I kept the keys.
  5. Correct. I typically read only marvel and a little Batman. used to read walking dead and I did read ninja turtles 1. Never saw the appeal of Yojimbo or Cerebus but not trying to hate on them. A lot of people like “my little pony” but I’ll never read that either.
  6. Yea same thing with albedo 2. Respect for that book because it is EXPENSIVE . But me personally and I’d wager most people who are into comics wouldn’t pay 5 dollars to have it in their collection unless obviously for resale. I watched ninja turtles in the late 80s early 90s as a kid and I wasn’t impressed by him even as a kid...a ninja bunny? Maybe I missed something ?
  7. jason4

    PUNISHER appreciation thread

    That was cool to see. I’d always known about it but never actually saw it like that. Poor punisher and I think it’s underrated because of the magazine format. Otherwise it should’ve been worth more at this point.
  8. jason4

    ALL I DO IS WIN! Post your eBay wins here

    Pulled the trigger on this 9.0 copy. One of the cooler women in marvel for me.
  9. jason4

    what to do with 90s drek?

    I actually had at one point 4 long boxes of the most drekky Drek ever seen and at a yard sale some guy offered me 100$ (!) for the lot. I looked through and did not see anything worth squat. He didn’t even flip through them at all he said he just wanted reading material for his kids. I don’t think everyone out there knows that some comics are worth less than the paper they’re printed on.
  10. jason4

    The ARTGERM Thread

    I got a response today on my book being shipped. They apologized for the oversight and all is good. My first artgerm
  11. jason4

    Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    My third fantastic four issue I own. It’s funny...I’ve been collecting for 25 years but only started see the awesomeness of the early fantastic four books last year! I’ve been missing out but trying to catch up. So many good 1st appearances of other characters and villains with some great covers along the way. Will be reading them online as well as I get them in hand.
  12. jason4

    Trade Hulk #181 for Silver Age Key?

    Do you have any other books you might consider selling to get one of the big SA keys? I would personally not be able to give up my hulk 181 to get those but that’s because wolverine is one of my top 3 favs. I also am not so sure those characters mentioned are more iconic than wolverine...I would only put Spider-Man above him character wise in marvel with iron man being the closest of those mentioned. I guess You gotta collect em all
  13. jason4

    The ARTGERM Thread

    I will be...thanks for the advice. It’s only 23.00 and I’m sure it’s just a mistake. Will try Facebook.
  14. jason4

    Bronze X-Men...moving up? Underappreciated?

    I don’t get the big rise on 134...how can people be confident in this movie after the trailers and the atrocity they did to apocalypse? I have no confidence in dark Phoenix right now other than her classic history in comics. $1000? If the movie bombs...
  15. jason4

    The most affordable key comic book?

    I like fantastic four 18, 1st super skrull. It’s flying under the radar even with the skrulls entering the mcu...with Disney now having his rights I don’t think he will lag too far behind. Even without the movies...super skrull is a great villain.