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  1. I talked to a dealer at comic con this year (I forget which one but on of the big guys selling books) who said hes submitted tons (thousands?) of books for grading and only got back a few 9.9s and zero 10s. He said he gets 1-2 9.9s per 100 submissions that he believes are 9.8 on average. 1-2 in 100 chance? I would never crack a 9.8 to hope for that.
  2. Yes I thought it was an awesome looking tank for cobra. Just reprinted stickers everything else original and works paid 175.00. The all black canada one is cool too but hard to find and $$$. Thanks all for suggestions. I have '82 scarlet in back left 1st pic...very cool character. Love this art may get some modern prints or slabs to go with the Joe's someday... Hopefully snake eyes (2020) is better than what we had years ago
  3. Thank you would you say I'm missing anyone important? Trying to get the best characters only 1 figure of each (except cobra soldier 1983...I made a little squad lol) and staying away from crazy expensive mail-aways.
  4. There's a fee for that now....with pretty much everyone. Most asked 10 but donnie cates was cool he said 1 book for free at least. Liefeld wanted 40.....no way. Walked right past him. This was at nycc.
  5. I've expanded my gi joe collection. Closet space pretty much full so this might be it.
  6. Have a huge haul to post but just this for now from nycc and heading to cgc: Signed donnie cates and signed sketch by will conrad
  7. So hard to walk in this place. And closed early today my only day to get there. As to the question op said....my brother and I got some big books for good deals. Dont have pics yet but... The pickups all at or below gpa Gsx1 cgc 5.0 Ff48 3.5 cgc Ff9 cgc 6.0 Ff52 cgc 4.5 Silver surfer 1, 3 raw Tons more. I'll post picks in the new this week thread when I get to it. Lots of great artists but was so hard to get to them and some of them were late. Donnie cates by far longest line and also snyder/jock was long.
  8. Miles Morales. Cooler art imo. 1st app. Of major character with big future. Key vs variant I always pick the key. (Even tho it is a variant too lol)
  9. That is a great addition! I hope I can attend. Im just so done with the hassle and crowds of the super big shows. I couldn't even get a Saturday ticket to New York this year. Will you guys be back at stony brook ever?
  10. Can anyone recommend a booth to pick up 80's loose gi joes?
  11. The antique/collectible store by me checks prices on ebay for everything and adds about 30-50 % value on top. 8.0 copy of venom lethal protector 1 (red) for a nice low price of 40 dollars. Owww...
  12. Thanks for the info. Wow I'm sorry I love cgc and will not submit anywhere else ever...but this is so long and expensive that this will be my last slabbed book. I have 20 slabs now but just cant stand the waiting and for the price to slab that's it. I'll keep the rest of my books raw and enjoy the 20 slabs I have.