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  1. Wahhhhhh it's not a 1st appearance! Real collectors know this book is awesome and dont care. Wish I had a better one but good for now.
  2. The jump in price from 9.6 to 9.8 was huge so I went with what I thought was right.
  3. I never cracked a slab for a press and regrade before what do you think... I don't see the crease right top front cover that breaks color...I dont think it exists lol.
  4. I like to bring about 4k. Hate going in poor. Never brought trades as I feel you get less from a dealer than you do selling on ebay. Is this true? Again I dont know I never traded a book at the show.
  5. Gave up nm98 9.6 and nyx 3 9.4 and a couple sports cards to get this basically for free with the trade... Feels like such a better book to me and way undervalued. And white pages lol. Now with the top ten group: Iron man is next...
  6. Trending down in 7.0. I wonder why?
  7. I hope not. I'm trying to get one next year. I just got jim 83 and avengers 4. Iron man by end of 2020 and then hulk I'll need a whole year to save up because it is so much $$$
  8. He sounds a little bit deranged. I dont know...I dont get why he wouldnt do much for his fans either all those years.
  9. With deadpool I agree. Fabian should get most of the credit as well as the later writers who fleshed out the character. I couldn't take looking at the cover art of nm98 anymore so I sold it. I have a much better deadpool comic to me written by rick remender, drawn by clayton crain and signed by Fabian.
  10. Lol yeah you got to justify giving up alot of good to get something great. My top 5 is straight up crazy now...af15, xmen1, ff5, jim83, and hulk 181 and 3 out of the 5 were obtained with trades.
  11. Sold a ton of lesser keys to obtain another grail.... Sold all of the following 1st appearances and added 800 dollars of savings... new mutants 98 9.8 (tired of deadpool and I dont want a liefeld drawing in my collection) Hydro man raw high grade(meh villain) Gwen stacy 3.0 raw (dont like the cover, keeping 61 her 1st cover) Mephisto 6.0 cgc (this one I liked but I have #1 and mephisto is not my jam) Kang avengers 8 cgc 4.0 (sold to my brother because I know hes coming to mcu so keeping in the family and let him get the benefit) Rogue 8.0 raw (god I hate that cover) Electro asm 9 raw 2.5 (I figure I'm getting someone with alot better lighting to shoot and I was never a big electro fan...) All to get this which should be coming in the mail today: Put the hammer down!
  12. Exactly what I was thinking. What recession? The economy is on fire, marvel movies and speculation is still fire and now DC is finally hitting their stride, and there does not (at least for now) seem to be any slowdown outside of the usual eb and flow slowdown of the December to tax return timeframe. Look for everything key to rise or stay about level this year in my opinion.
  13. I haven't had a claim yet and hopefully never so but their price is reasonable (about 325 dollars per 50k) and you dont have to have an appraisal (i used ebay sold listings and dont have any 1 of a kind items) Collectible insurance services seems good to me.