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  1. Nice! I got some sports card from my childhood for grading. Hoping for some comic cards soon
  2. I can get the ones in Japan if anybody is interested. Also the T-Shirt quality is very good. Thick materials and very soft.
  3. Anybody interested in some Marvel T-Shirts? Uniqlo USA has some Marvel T-Shirts for $15 Uniqlo Japan has some that the USA stores don't have. They have discontinued a few shirts in the US but still available in Japan such as: Spider-Man front with Venom on the back:
  4. just read this on another thread. While this guy trying to make $25-$50 another person living it larger
  5. Why not buy his forgery, pay him and file a NAD for forgery and leave negative regarding the fakes so that others will see his negatives showing he selling forgeries. He is ruining collecting for people.
  6. I have 1 fullback boards E. Gerber if you're interest. Just pay for shipping and it's yours.
  7. Last sold was $1800 so how can this be under gpa.
  8. Got my 1st one back a week ago and the last 2 today. All in all, this took 6 months to get signed.
  9. I have a SS CGC book that I like to have Stan Lee's signature. Please let me know the process.
  10. You're not the only one still waiting... Might not be getting our books until end of the year or early Jan at this rate.
  11. In another thread they stated the $115 includes CGC grading cost
  12. Price is good until Sunday august 27, 2017 @ 8pm PST
  13. I have 9 left now. $150 shipped for the 9 sets.