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  1. They will let you return it, but whether the second one will arrive undamaged is a 50/50 proposition. Better just to buy from Fantagraphics since it won't be damaged in the first place.
  2. Gunsmoke #1 ... Isn't that a Graham Ingels cover? Why isn't he credited on the label?
  3. The inking on the Texan is superior to the rather slapdash inking on Western Bandit Trails.
  4. Cover artist unknown? Not Baker or Kamen.
  5. Good lord, that artwork and lettering is unbelievably bad. No wonder Fox went under.
  6. I recommend NOT buying from Amazon, as their packaging is horrible. "Brain Bats of Venus" reads like it was inspired by Clark Ashton Smith's short story"The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis."
  7. I noticed that no cover artist is credited on the labels. Is the artist unknown? These are some great covers. I love the surrealism of "The Outcast of Time" cover.
  8. Yes, that's why I said "supposedly" the only market were children. Everything written in the press at the time, plus Wertham et al., makes this assumption. I think it's safe to say that the majority were children 14 or under, though how much of a majority will never be known (51 per cent? 70? 90?). I recall reading a lot of letters in EC war comics from army men, but also Shock SuspenStories' letters pages contain many letters from adults.
  9. It is kind of odd, isn't it? Supposedly, children were the only market for comic books. Children don't care about breasts. And yet we find breasts prominently displayed on nearly every crime and horror comic. It's also strange that this phenomenon, as far as I know, is rarely commented on in forums or the literature. You have a woman in negligee on the cover of Weird Mysteries for no reason, except to sell her sexuality to pre-sexual children.
  10. LOL, the publishers of horror comics have ONE demand that all covers must meet, which is to have women's breasts displayed PROMINENTLY. I thought these were only sold to kids???
  11. That's what you do when aliens are firing inside your spaceship. You lay down like you're posing for a Playboy centerfold.
  12. The best Horrific cover, in my opinion. That image is truly bizarre!
  13. The drawing of the woman is unbelievably bad. Who is the "artist" here, Hollingsworth?
  14. Syd Shores = the poor man's Alex Schomburg. Syd's covers are OK but it's like tasting light beer after you've had fine wine.