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  1. Some insightful comments from Wertham here on the trendiness and subjectivity of psychiatry vis-a-vis pornography and censorship. What psychiatrists of the 1920s condemned as worthy of censorship, a short generation later, was being shrugged off as irrelevant by the same medical experts. I wonder if anyone's ever written a book on this subject?
  2. Nice. These things are called "off-prints" in the used book trade.
  3. Most of the 1940s covers are an anti-climax after the 1930s ones, but Rozen returned to greatness for this one!
  4. That's a great find. Not all copies were burned, since a few are for sale on the Internet.
  5. How many more untraced/unknown references in SOTI still exist? I'm still amazed that so many were known by 1980.
  6. Poison Peddling -- great discovery. Never heard of it before. Millions of citizens considered these comics lewd and therefore immoral, or, at the very least, inappropriate for children. If anyone wants to feel morally superior to them in 2020, that's their prerogative. I do not. You might have felt differently if you were a parent in the 1950s. History is about trying to understand people, first and foremost, in the context of their time. When/if we can do that, then perhaps we can begin to understand them in our time. We can judge them as long as we understand that we may be similarly judged, and found wanting, in the future.
  7. ^ Might as well just shut the thread down now. That will never be topped!
  8. Great. Never saw this before. Is the artist known?
  9. Does anybody here have copies of The Thrill Book?
  10. Great info, thanks. Forgive my ignorance, but what is Hershey's book?
  11. Did the street vendor pack up all that stuff at day's end? And set up everything again the next day? I presume the unsold daily newspapers were thrown away? If he sold a copy of that month's Shadow, how much of the 10 cent cover price did he keep? There isn't much storage space there. If he sold that copy of Adventure, where did he go to get more copies?