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  1. ^ Might as well just shut the thread down now. That will never be topped!
  2. Great. Never saw this before. Is the artist known?
  3. Does anybody here have copies of The Thrill Book?
  4. Great info, thanks. Forgive my ignorance, but what is Hershey's book?
  5. Did the street vendor pack up all that stuff at day's end? And set up everything again the next day? I presume the unsold daily newspapers were thrown away? If he sold a copy of that month's Shadow, how much of the 10 cent cover price did he keep? There isn't much storage space there. If he sold that copy of Adventure, where did he go to get more copies?
  6. No. What made you think it was?
  7. ^ Great discovery, I had no idea the WT cover was a reprint.
  8. Fortunately, Hannes Bok's superb interior illustrations made up for the bland, non-HPL cover.
  9. The only cover for WT by Gretta (J. Clemens Gretter), who, seven years earlier, drew the first science-fiction story in comic books (New Fun #1). This was yet another uninspired cover to "The Unique Magazine," and even in death, Lovecraft had to suffer the ignominy of losing the cover illustration to the far inferior hack Seabury Quinn. More on Gretta here:
  10. I have this as well. I think it's Fox's best cover.