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  1. That Hand of Fate cover is such a swipe of Tales From the Crypt #20...not in artwork, but the idea and dialogue are almost exactly the same!
  2. This also demolishes the popular idea that comic book collecting started in the '60s. It actually started in the '30s, but it took awhile before they could find one another and begin trading and selling. Wigransky seems pretty advanced in his collecting (and his thinking about comics) by 1948 when he wrote the response to Wertham. The most remarkable thing to me is that he was already seeking original art by that time.
  3. Fascinating story with a pretty depressing ending. He died at age 36 on October 5, 1969. i'm not clear on why he died in Washington DC but was buried in Mississippi.
  4. Just a pet peeve, but does anyone else dislike how the Comics Code stamp intrudes into the logo of so many SA comics? Either it should have been smaller, or the logo should have been reduced. Too much clutter.
  5. According to the book Matt Baker: The Art of Glamour, regarding the cover to Zago #4, "Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr. thinks this is not Baker, but an Iger Studio artist swiping him." In my opinion, it is Baker on pencils, but somebody else on inks, and the inker did a pretty lousy job. Look at the girl's toes. This is what makes it so difficult sometimes to identify Baker art from the '40s. It can vary a lot depending on the inker. And sometimes there would be three artists (Baker doing the main figures in pencil, somebody else doing the background, and then a third person inking).
  6. I sure wish somebody could figure out who drew this cover. Doolin, Whitman, Baker? Somebody else? The jungle chief sure looks like one of Doolin's creations, but then, his face is more Baker-like...
  7. We're seeing some of the greatest covers of the GA in this thread. Thank heavens most collectors prefer muscle-bound men in tights doing magic tricks over sexy jungle girls. May the prices continue to stay low on these books.
  8. This is kind of interesting if you're into comics and "true crime" One of the Zodiac Killer's cards to the San Francisco newspaper had the words "by gun" ... "by knife" ... "by fire" ... "by rope" -- meaning, he was murdering people by these methods. These exact same words are found on the "death wheel" cover of Tim Holt Comics #30 (1952). Zodiac also painted a red mask on the skeleton of his card, and the character on the cover is the Red Mask. Coincidence? It would certainly be bizarre if a 1952 western comic book in any way inspired a serial killer in 1968-70. But the Zodiac Killer was not your average person.