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  1. I did debate whether to bump Capullo Bats to the next bracket based on pieces sold from his site, but erred on the side of caution as there haven't been any $5k+ secondary sales AFAIK. That said, I'm certainly open to bumping it up as there have been $4k+ sales. Although, the #32 page 9 discussed therein did drop back to $2.5k in September 2019.
  2. $3-5k Capullo - Batman Murphy, Sean - White Knight
  3. $3-5k Bagley - ASM Jones, Kelley - Batman Kubert, Adam - Wolverine Kubert, Andy - X-Men
  4. Congrats on scoring the Perez & Lim set! Your page was a good win, considering IG prices still seem on a strong uptick (e.g. #4 page 28 fetched $11.7k versus $7.5k in May 2018).
  5. The Demonic Tutor seller clarified that he did not receive any offers approaching $250k, so he consigned it to HA.
  6. Biggest jaw-dropper today was the $36k Larsen SM #18 page; the way his Spidey OA prices skyrocketed the past couple years is mind-boggling
  7. Ditt(k)o. Another solid auction in the books, glad to see our beloved hobby flourishing.
  8. Quality OA has been drying up at auction/public sale since early-2020. Similar to other passion investment/asset classes, investors increasingly value quality assets over cash
  9. Quality pieces did well in this surprisingly strong CLink Focused. IG pages in particular took another big leap.
  10. I'd pay more for this than most of the covers
  11. Excellent job guys, loved the market report. Keep it up!
  12. I'd pegged the ASM #320 page at $25k; that and the ASM #313 page seemed bang on. The OA market continues to impress, particularly '70s Marvel (which I've been expecting to soften for some years) and mid-'80s to mid-'90s superhero (no surprise). Shock of the auction was that Ryan/Palmer Avengers #315 cover for $10.2k