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  1. CBR, Newsarama and Bleeding Cool, although the misspellings and typos on almost every single Bleeding Cool article gets on my nerves.
  2. He posted his Black Knight #1 a little over a week ago on the Silver Age forums https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/449835-black-knight-1-atlas-1955-club/
  3. ha! I think it's an awesome cover regardless. Cool that you have it in any condition I think.
  4. Nice book, @Marty Mann Anybody have a 105 to post here and fill the gap? My OCD will thank you
  5. Cross-posting this, but I don't get to hang-out over here in GA area very much. Besides, I think this thread needs a bump
  6. I hear these specific issues of Batman are going up because of a movie that may or may not ever exist.
  7. I thought that Hollywood guy in the other thread was the one in jail for 20 years. Or am I getting these fellas mixed up?
  8. Is this how you suckle teeths?
  9. Thank you , that's a perfect example of a mutant from that era with very vague powers. I'm not sure why this guy is even a threat in the comics. He should be in the same league as Paste Pot Pete or The Eel.