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  1. Don't know why anyone would give you guff over it... that Millie Annual 1 is super cool and one of the very first Marvel annuals.
  2. Santa's taste in comics sux so I bought these myself for Christmas. Sta
  3. both the DC Who's Who omni and the Marvel Universe omni are up for preorder, in case anybody missed 'em. I'm stoked about both of them. Never really expected them to be reprinted.
  4. I just spent the past 10 minutes laughing with tears rolling down my face at "Business Casual Skeletor". Best thing I've seen since the Spock kid a few posts back.
  5. and darn it, I keep forgetting DC isn't in Previews anymore.
  6. @F For Fake or anyone else, do you know if the Who's Who and/or Handbook of the Marvel Universe omnis have been solicited in Previews yet?
  7. Super cool cover. And I know opinions vary on the topic, but I personally cannot consider anything with a comics code on it to be Golden Age. Early Silver? Sure. But not GA in my opinion.
  8. all good man. Not trying to start anything and apologies for the snark. Peace n love
  9. good to know. And what is your eBay handle again?
  10. I think your comic collecting license needs to be suspended. You decided to damage the book even further to make it better?