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  1. I'm a bit yucked out by Spidey's dirty feet. Ah, the days before Photoshop.
  2. Cool book, but no, 4 staples were not the norm for subscription copies. Something ain't right there.
  3. Kudos for resurrecting a 17 year old thread. I'll play.
  4. Picked mine up on Saturday. You gotta see this thing in person. It's massive, but lots of fun! Can't wait for the Who's Who Omni to come out.
  5. Agreed on getting @Get Marwood & I's opinion, but my Spidey Sense tells me you need to sell and get a 12¢ copy.
  6. wow, it's like KirbyJack and I share a mind and a wife. Neat and creepy all at once.
  7. In my opinion, this book straddles the line between Gold and Silver while not really falling neatly into either category. But who cares? I think it's super cool no matter what and I'm glad to finally have a decent copy.
  8. "Schazan!" is actually the magic word Billy says when he needs to fart stars.
  9. Don't know why anyone would give you guff over it... that Millie Annual 1 is super cool and one of the very first Marvel annuals.
  10. Santa's taste in comics sux so I bought these myself for Christmas. Sta