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  1. Been a month since your last post, Gabe. Any updates?
  2. Not many DCs in your collection right? I can only remember seeing you post one other previously.
  3. Whatever happened to the travelling Kraven action figure?
  4. Aw, cheers to alla y'all. I'm having three or four TIto's and cranberries in your honor while I nerd out on the boards
  5. Wait, now that you say that, I thought Joel's sister was named Debra or Debbie. Family name maybe. I only knew Joel's mom as "Mrs. Fischer". I have really fond memories of those guys. Joel stopped selling comics at some point in the mid to late 90s and only sold gaming stuff. I lost track of them after that. Hope the dude is still out there somewhere.
  6. I used to visit Sunshine Comics in Miami as a kid. The owener, Joel, didn't have a wife that I knew of, but his sister and mother worked there with him. His mother, who must have been in her mid-60s at the time, would sell me silver age Batmans and Detectives. I remember pulling some more recent Detectives that had cool covers and bringing them to her. She pulled out the price guide and priced them and they were MUCH more expensive than the late 10 cent and early 12 cent issues I was buying. I asked her why and she explained that those were the Marshall Rogers issues. Never heard of him until then, but I always think of Mrs. Fischer when I see those Joker Fish stories.
  7. That's a fancy Shagg you got there
  8. I always thought the crooks on Detective 263 look like they are flying away on a giant slipper!