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  1. Agree with your assessment of Keown on Hulk. Took me a few issues to get used to Gary Frank's art after Keown left, but I think GF really came into his own and did some nice work on the title as well.
  2. Hey, We're contemporaries! Heroes is still my LCS to this day. I live in SC, but drive up there every other week to scoop up the handful of new books I still read plus some Silver and Gold from Shelton.
  3. Shelton Drum, owner of Heroes Aren't Hard to Find in Charlotte, NC used to have "mini-cons" in a room at the old Eastland Mall (long gone). First one my mom took me to was probably in 1980 or '81. I was 7 or 8 years old. Remember seeing "wall" books for the first time there. Since I was a little kid, the room seemed absolutely packed with comics and walls of books seemed to stretch into the atmosphere from my very low to the ground perspective. Wish I could hop in a DeLorean and go back in time to those shows, but with some of my grown-up cash to spend. Shelton still has the mini-con once a year although in a totally different location. And then he has the big show in June, although that one was cancelled this year for obvious reasons.
  4. on that note, I've been waiting a LONG time for X-Men Vol 1 & 2 (reprinting X-Men 1-66), Iron Man Vol 1 & 2 and Thor Vol 1 to be reprinted. I always thought it was odd that the Iron Man Omnis haven't been reprinted considering the popularity of the movies.
  5. The DC "modern" Shadow series from DC from the late 80s ended with a cliffhanger. The Shadow's decapitated head was stuck on a robot body and the next issue was supposed to start a crazy story arc, but that never happened. More recently, Mark Millar and Tony Harris's War Heroes was never finished and neither was Bryan Hitch's Real Heroes.
  6. which Darkseid story had Alex Ross art?
  7. Now that's what I'm talking about @bc
  8. This thread would be a lot cooler if you dudes would post pics of your runs. Let me fix that for y'all. Here's a couple of mine.
  9. Aw man, what a letdown. I came here thinking this was going to be a thread about the cool Fireside books from the '70s but it's just this same old thread with a fresh title. #fakenews #sad
  10. In before the lock!
  11. Any of you guys ever try reading Batman: Odyssey by Neal Adams? I wish I had left those in unread condition.
  12. I know books are for readin', but those look super sexy on the shelves @F For Fake