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  1. I know books are for readin', but those look super sexy on the shelves @F For Fake
  2. I can't comment on the specific Wolverine issue listed above, but in my experience, we could produce as many color keys as we wanted. One for pressmen, one to give to the advertisers, another for the guy featured in the article, etc. They were used as often in production as they were as gifts to the advertisers or people featured in articles.
  3. In the early days of my newspaper production career, we called those "color keys". We'd give them to the pressmen as a reference for how the finished page or ad or whatever should look like when printed. Those went away once color laser printers became a thing.
  4. wow, that's a beauty right there. My Sgt Fury 2 is a P.O.S.!
  5. Aaargh!!! Well that's embarrassing! I must have been too distracted by Vol. 6 to notice! Thank you for pointing that out. All better now (except that ugly V6)
  6. While you are at it, tell 'em to fix this monstrosity. Been driving me nuts for 20 years.
  7. Totally agree with you. Too bad DC didn't consult us first!
  8. I really like the new designs, but I can't have that on my shelf like that. I'd be tempted if they reprinted the Vol 1s with the updated trade dress though
  9. Lotsa very entertaining butthurt! Thanks for posting
  10. I've posted this elsewhere but I don't think I've posted it in this thread before.