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  1. The most valuable thing in that photo is the toilet paper
  2. correct. Stan had no mustache and he had a big growing fivehead then. Wasn't 'til later that he bought the wig and grew the 'stache.
  3. Thank you! The Spidey 300 and NM87 were "purchased" by me when they came out for cover price. Or rather, my mom bought 'em for me because I didn't have a job yet.
  4. Love seeing him draw Spidey again, even if it's just this one cover.
  5. Ra's showed up two issues prior and I'm pretty sure everyone agrees that he's a bronze age character. Regardless, 234 is super cool and yours looks awesome. Post it in the bronze forums too, just to cover your bases
  6. Excited to see 6 inch Joes, and SE looks great, BUT... does anyone else think his boots/feet look kinda funny? I feel like from the knees down he doesn't quite match the rest of the figure.
  7. bumping this thread with some Bat-Mite love
  8. thanks very much! My wallet has also been on fire!