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  1. Hi everyone I am looking to buy the following DC Bronze age stuff:


    Superman Vol 1 #250 to 350 - I need about 80 of the issues between these numbers.

    DC Comics presents #1 to 97

    Super Team Family #1 to 15

    Crisis on Infinte Earths #1 to 12


    I am in Australia but USPS does a flat rate box for $60 which can hold between 50 and 70 comics depending on who you talk to. I would be looking to fill one of these from a single seller to make it worthwhile postage wise for me.


    I would be searching in the FN/VF 7.0 and above range and can make payment via Paypal.


    Failing anybody being able to help me with the above a point in the right direction to a reputable seller would be appreciated.


  2. Anybody in Australia got any experiences to share with GSP yet?


    We only pay import charges if the item is over $1000 in value so if I stay under that how can they justify charging an import fee.


    The reason I ask is that there are auctions for one slab stating that shipping through the GSP will cost me $20 and another auction different seller still one slab for $40.