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  1. My wife got me the Defenders #1 Iron Fist Dell'Otto sketch variant today. Displayed with Immortal Iron Fist 17 logo variant and a painting my brother did for me.
  2. Reading thru the posts there are some beautiful runs and complete set, make me jealous. I have sold off and downsized a good deal of my collection over the years. I currently have complete runs of Rising stars including all known variants and Immortal Iron fist with all variants as well and numerous limited and mini series (but I dont know if they count in this instance)
  3. I dont think the pages are white either
  4. I don't know if this is solely an investment question. I have wanted a Marvel Premiere 15 for many years and haven't had opportunity to get one in a grade I preferred. It is now currently outside my budget to buy it straight out. I also wouldn't want to be on the bad side of a trade (or sell/buy) which is why I asked about the long term investment
  5. Is the cost of submission for these 2 books worth the price, taking into account the possibility of selling to essentially trade for MP15 and NYX3 ?
  6. Picture frame channel sold at Lowes, comics in clam shell holders, top loaders also work Painted and screw to the wall hold ten above my desk
  7. Also what do you think the total cost to slab these 2 comics would be (including a press for both)?
  8. I own a raw copy of The Crow # 1 in what I believe is 9.2 to 9.4 condition and also own a Invincible #1 in 9.2 to 9.4 condition (maybe a 9.6 with a press). I would like to get them slabbed. I would like to get a Marvel Premiere 15 and NYX #3. My question is what do you believe is a better long term investment, grade and keep or grade and sell / trade. I got the Crow and Invincible years and years ago for less than $5 each, I dont think I am personally attached to them, although I dont think I would sell them out right without upgrading up on my want list. Thoughts??
  9. Met Joe in 2014 at the Albany con, maybe the nicest comic creator I have had the pleasure of meeting, he drew my Stan Lee sketch. An also posted it to his own website. Rest in Peace Joe.
  10. Found in the wild today at a LCS, my first time visiting. 1st print high grade (9ish). 20 bucks ! This is what the hunt is about, thrill of the chase.
  11. Added my display for my top 10 raw books above my framed OA (Oliver Coipel House of M) added a small display for 4 slabs Added my X-Men chess set to the shelves, reorganized my spinner And hung my ornaments
  12. Is that a custom slab display? Pretty sweet