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  1. thank you you've all given me wonderful opinions I love these boards and the comroderey that it brings you people are the best!
  2. batman fan-I love your collection-I aspire to have what you have at sometime-beautiful!
  3. for an early birthday present to myself- im torn as I like both books a 6.5 flash comics 90 with a cool baseball cover or for about 100.00 more a 8.5 'tec 113 with a cool batman at sea cover like both -like higher grade dc gold but cant afford unless non-super villain issue thanks and hope everyone had a happy holidays around here cheers
  4. which is better to get 1) a golden age non key superman title 9.0 with white pages or 2) the same book, same grade with off white pag4s but its a "D copy" for about 200.00 more so basically do I go for the white pages or spend a little more for the pedigree with non white pages thank you for your opinions and help!
  5. I agree what was said-this board is the best place to network and has some of the best kindness people in any hobby ive encountered-I was looking and saving for my grail book for years, sensation #1 in about 4.0-5.0 and couldn't find one for the longest time in my price range-then I just put word out on these forums and boom met a great collector on these boards who made my comic dreams come true and had a 4.0 and sold it to me-I would put my trust with the people on these boards-they are the best top of the hobby collectors