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  1. Thor 1 has a huge print run, and nothing in guts, doubt itll ever be a $10+ book ebay listings mention "1st app of silver surfer black" which is false. SSB made his app in thanos run.
  2. That's weird... Orders received before 1/30 are still in "received" based on what im reading on this thread. Is this order fast tracked? Is CGC playing favorites? Some people have 1/8,1/14, 1/17 etc moderns still in "received" stage.
  3. signatures and on site grading. I heard they are doing on site.
  4. Yea, selling well, def caused a spike on batman beyond #25 went from <$10 to $20+ this week.
  5. Looking to buy a few hulk #1 2008 in NM shape. Thanks
  6. Anyone know which cons in 2020 cgc will be providing on site grading?
  7. Ive sold a few for $20 last 72 hours, bb37. Yes, canto is another one that is trending. NM copies fetch a nice premium.
  8. Yea guess i should of looked more into sells. Batman beyond 37 has been trending all week, might be because of the new BB issue that came out today. Looks like momoko fans have finally found out about her vamps vs wolves 4 variant as multiple sells have now been registered.
  9. Rise of kylo ren #1 is heating up because of a 1st app, not because "hey, is star wars weekend" so def see a long term hold on this book, specially the 1:25 which has been selling for 50+ already. Ghost spider #2 1:25 is another book I see sell quick and fast in true NM shape. Miles morales #13 still selling well. Batman & Robin #12 [2010] has been trending due to this week TT book.
  10. I see your point. I bought in at cover price so from my point of view it has been a great investment. Personally I wouldn't be paying over $50 for a copy myself. 10/10 times I would invest in this book over "limited store variants" though.
  11. No one is expecting CGR to appear in the MCU, that is not the reason why this book is money. The reason is collectible is because CGR has a following, and Cates has a bigger following. A Cates creation will always be a modern collectible. Thanos #13 will never drop below $50 in NM shape, not a bad investment to collectors who bought in early at cover price.
  12. Simply put no. Store varitants will NEVER appreciate.