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  1. Champions 22 selling over cover now. War of realms agents of atlas variants doing crazy numbers.
  2. Anyone else bummed out black cat 1 1:500 is just a virgin of the regular? This 1:500 could of been something special.
  3. Does CLZ let you add how much you paid for the comic? Does it keep track of comic current value? I keep a spread sheet and like to add my cost and current value but is a lot of manual work, so might check CLZ if they have those two features.
  4. I'm looking to buy some of the following modern books. I prefer raw VF/NM or higher, but can consider CGC 9.8s. Cover A only unless stated otherwise. Thanos 13 Teen Titans 12 Teen Titans 20 1:25 Darth Vader 3 1:25 Zatanna 16 ASM 361 Die 1 Spider gwen 24 Ultimate fallout 4 1:25 Invincible Iron Man 7 A/B Spider man noir 1 Spawn 1 newstands Ultimate fallout 1 newstands
  5. Great picks! I got a few in mind, but I'm sure you'll list them soon. Ps, im on the batman 609 boat as far as Hush goes.
  6. Trending: Naomi 1 is now $70 Naomi 2-4 sells over cover Thanos 13 is back to $120-150 Thanos 15 4th print $30+ Spider Gwen 24 1st print $20+ Spider Gwen 25 2nd print $15+ Detective Comics 1001a selling 2-3x over cover Exiles 3 over cover Silencer 15 $15+ Young Justice 1 sells over cover
  7. Should of added before and after prices with that email to compare. Also, wheres the fast track pricing?
  8. Heres the 1:1000, the 1 in 2000 is a b&w version.
  9. "THEE" modern variant king? I can think of 1 or 2 books that can fight this one. ?
  10. Non variants moderns that are heating up? hulk 92 should see some heat.
  11. For a 1:50 variant this one is selling and selling fast, if you can find this one at your LCS, might want to secure it if priced well.
  12. WTB: ASM 361, Saga 1, WD 19 Hello, looking to buy the following Saga 1 NM ASM 361 cgc 9.8 WD 19 NM Thanks
  13. Ahhh comic drama. Book destroyed, case closed. Move on to the next topic.
  14. Def hotter than last year, was getting this book for <$30 Sweet cover.
  15. Thanks, super excited to add it to my venom collection. Here are the other 2 sketches i got at eccc. The ivy is 11x17 from Mirka, love it! My gotham city sirena trifecta is nearly complete, just neee a catwoman. The batman is from scott snyder.
  16. Picked up one of my sketches today, extremely happy!! JG Jones.
  17. Saw a tweet that JSC will be at eccc for 1 day, is this true? Has anyone heard about this?
  18. Just got an email I won a ticket to image founders private signing session, woot woot!!