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  1. Looking for low grade EC Horror. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  2. Shipping is a flat $14 for one or all. I can only ship with the USA. Will consider trades. My want list is at the bottom. Wonder Woman #72 cgc 9.6---$165 Wonder Woman #184 cgc 9.6--$165 X-Men #1 Jim Lee cgc 9.6--$40 X-Men Annual #14 cgc 9.8--$175 The Flash #197 cgc 9.8--$135 West Coast Avengers #45--$135 The Ferret #1 Error no die cut cgc 9.6--not for sale, have to send back to cgc for correct error label Star Wars Heir To The Empire #1 cgc 9.8--$425 Want list (must be cgc graded) Tales from the Crypt #33 Fantastic Four #48 Batman #251 Amazing Spiderman #122 Amazing Spiderman #129
  3. I'm looking for Tales from The Crypt #33 cgc grades between 3.0-6.0. Have some cool stuff to trade in my pics.
  4. SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!! I have a Giant Size XMen #1 CGC 4.5 for sale. This has not been pressed or cleaned. Asking $900 shipped anywhere in the USA. It will include insurance and will have to be signed for upon delivery. I cannot ship outside the USA.
  5. I have an un-pressed ,un-cleaned #180 8.0 for $800 of interested.
  6. Incredible Hulk #180 CGC 8.0 White Pages. $800 Shipped anywhere on the USA. I can only ship within the USA. May consider trades for CGC graded Avengers #4, Amazing Spiderman #129 or Fantastic Four #48. Will consider partial trades plus cash for CGC Namor #1.
  7. I can't find the average time for pressing before submitting. Anyone know?
  8. I submitted 2 comics (remarked and signed) through Unknown Comics because of their witness on the sigs. Every time I check the submission number, it says that they have not been accepted yet. I let Unknown Comics know and they sent me a screenshot that they were accepted on 9/26 and are being graded. I cannot get this update to pop up on my end. Is there any way I can check the status update on my end?