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  1. 2007. Dang 12 years ago. Took me til page 5 to notice the thread. Doh
  2. BZ was the buzz. Many have dropped from the boards and I am not here much but BZ’s amazing collection will always remain historic 🏆
  3. That’s how I stored mine for decades. Put the extra with the run. Keep a run Separate. Mind’s separated but close in thought 🤔
  4. Great book. Wondering what I’ll end up with as a grade on this one? Good luck
  5. I love stains that are tiny. You get an otherwise NM book for a Fine price
  6. I’m not a big GI Joe collector but I did have a few from around 1973-1975 along with the requisite Mego Star Trek and planet of the apes and I even had a ton of Johnny West from 1972-1975. So when I saw a Craigslist ad I had to pounce. It’s fun trying to figure out what all I bought... any 64-75 joe collectors here to help a guy out?
  7. Missed all the glory. Nice to see cheetah here even if it’s as a final last gasp :-)
  8. Picked up a sweet ghost rider 4 Frazetta slab from Sharon. As usual she shipped bulletproof and was great to deal with. Cheers
  9. Always like dealing with Rick. Stand up guy 100% and he has my jungle 54 Okajima now. All his. Easy to deal with. Fast pay or ship on either side of a transaction.
  10. Man I’ve been away for a while. Need to get back in the swing of things here. Cheers