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  1. Beautiful, But who cracks a 9.6? Love it 😍
  2. Should improve but the stains will limit upside
  3. Looking to pick up some coverless but complete marvels to work magic with my cover and incomplete copies laying around. I will likely marry these bad boys making for a match made in heaven and extending the love of comic completeness. here are a few that I am looking for ... ASM 35,36 DD 4,20 FF 49,55,57 thor 134 xmen 8 anyone have a pile of coverless to send me so I can have some fun? I’m covid bored. thanks comicdey
  4. Just saw this. Bomber Bob was a mainstay and always willing to talk the comic talk. RIP Bob.
  5. He took both pictures and had it pressed in between by someone else even though he presses himself. Definitely looks like a bad press job.
  6. I first thought. Dang that sux. Didn’t really give it a lot of thought but then when I learned he presses, then claims he sent these to someone else to press. Then insured the hell out of them and since cgc accepted the books, the value is true? Looks like the book was pressed and rolled forward and then popped then rumpled...once I saw his recent white background headshot post I was ... no credibility ... been gone from the cgc boards of reason too long... 👍.
  7. I sold my battle cry 1 a few years ago. Dripping gloss and a large tear...that one was pretty like this one. Nice sale 👍
  8. I had my reasons. It obviously was better suited for you 🌈
  9. Was gonna say 8.5. So it’s in the ballpark
  10. Can’t help ya. Mine is a cgc 8.0. Not sure if it was ever pressed but I’d have to look if it has potential?
  11. All books deserve to feel valued and priced accordingly.