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  1. Comicdey

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Been on a little tear ...
  2. Wish you were in Alaska I could give you that many. Actually. If you can afford $50 in shipping I could flat rate game box mail you around 300 books. See what you can do local first
  3. Comicdey

    New Bronze WTB List

    I have this one that needs a cleaning but the front presents very nicely. If interested let me know and we can work out details.
  4. I’m looking for slabbed 7.0 or better copies. I will consider raw and will even accept lower grade as long as they are solid and nice presenting. These are for my personal collection and I already have nice copies of 1-3. Just let me know your ask price and we can make a deal. Or if you don’t know what you want for them, Send me pics and I’ll make an offer. Cash or trade available Thanks. Comicdey :-) aka Collin
  5. Comicdey

    Iron man 1

    I have two mid grade. Would sell one
  6. Comicdey

    I Wanna get Married!

    Here’s some books I have that I could use parts covers or such. Let me know if anything fits the bill. Cheers
  7. What’s a bug chew between friends
  8. Comicdey


    I won a copy of this on eBay years ago and got stiffed cause he took my money and never sent it.
  9. Comicdey


    I have your upgrade :-)
  10. Comicdey


    See rick that’s a book I want. Lol. No soup for you