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  1. I have two copies of Thor 165 heading to Cgc. Will not have them back til end of dec or early Jan :-(
  2. I have this one that I plan to send to Cgc. Needs a clean and press to maximize grade but looks great as it sits 👍
  3. Solid copy here. Bottom right corner has a small color breaking crease otherwise very solid. DM me if interested
  4. This is such a great book. I miss it but it’s all about timing 👍
  5. I probably have one copy so send me your “good” offer :-) and then I’ll go look :-). I’m sure they are buried.
  6. Even though this isn’t my most expensive book or purchase. It came up on the boards and I immediately pushed away the crowd and said “Mine”. Most books I try to wait a bit to cool my roll but that was not an option. It’s gone up a bit since then and I love it.
  7. Recent GA to peruse. Lower grade but what a punch these two pack inside 🤗
  8. Love this cover. Always have. Mine is nice enough but cover is loose. This is a beauty. Congrats
  9. At least in ‘75 we got the mini baseball cards in Fairbanks :-). I didn’t realize for a long time that that was not a normal baseball card size as a kid.
  10. So in all my I’ve never owned or found a 35 cent variant. It seems crazy but it’s true. So far from Alaska ... where they came out but I had found 30 cent variants in collections and in my collection back in the day. Only a handful but 35 cent variants
  11. Looks like it might have been wet at one time and then lost some color at the high bubble points from rubbing. And then pressed to a Maximum grade ?
  12. I’m close but no cigar with 49. Good luck in the hunt. I want to see a sweet group shot when you are done ✅
  13. Full book all day long and so many greats to choose from.
  14. It’s hard to defend the approach of improved grades but at the end of the day the collectors desire is to have all information available to them. Information is power when buying or selling. Buy the book not the label is the key. If the price works for you then grab it. Return it if not as described.
  15. My application’s to the club have finally been stabbed after years of contemplation. I always figured the grades would be but CGC made the final call. 9.2/9.4 = 9.2 9.4/9.6 = 9.4 9.6 9.8 = 9.4 all with Snow White pages from the original owner Kenai River Run collection I found years back.
  16. After years of not submitting to Cgc. I finally submitted the two 181’s I still had in my collection. The Kodiak Rose collection copy and a more recent OO copy from a past worker at my LCS. Surprisingly they both came back the same grade White pages but different defects. Both show nicely and colors are bright. Pardon my fuzzy iPhone pics🤔
  17. Here’s one you don’t find every day in nice shape that I came across while traveling 🤗