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  1. This one is kinda pretty Can’t recall but think it’s. 7.5 or 7.0.
  2. Showcase 37. A metal men movie is immenent.🙄
  3. I figure if my copies are 9.2/9.4 9.4/9.6 and 9.6/9.8 range it could be a year in college for a kid or two. Love the book and will keep one but dang
  4. With the recent heat. Gotta post my three raw again. Some day they will be in high grade slabs 👍
  5. I have my original owner MSW 8 in 9.8 white pages not pressed? Also have ASM 361’s raw and others
  6. Wish you were in Alaska I could give you that many. Actually. If you can afford $50 in shipping I could flat rate game box mail you around 300 books. See what you can do local first
  7. I have this one that needs a cleaning but the front presents very nicely. If interested let me know and we can work out details.
  8. I’m looking for slabbed 7.0 or better copies. I will consider raw and will even accept lower grade as long as they are solid and nice presenting. These are for my personal collection and I already have nice copies of 1-3. Just let me know your ask price and we can make a deal. Or if you don’t know what you want for them, Send me pics and I’ll make an offer. Cash or trade available Thanks. Comicdey :-) aka Collin
  9. I have two mid grade. Would sell one
  10. Here’s some books I have that I could use parts covers or such. Let me know if anything fits the bill. Cheers
  11. I won a copy of this on eBay years ago and got stiffed cause he took my money and never sent it.
  12. See rick that’s a book I want. Lol. No soup for you