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  1. They were just filler issues that I thought I needed. They were about 40 cents each so I grabbed em.
  2. that's what it's all about getting comics at a good price! Unfortunately I already had those X-Men books and most of the ASM. My iPhone 6 is unoperable lately and didn't have my hard copies of lists on me. Probably going to replace it real soon now that it's costing me money
  3. Cal's Thread

    Messing with someone's eBay account/livelihood is wrong.
  4. THE PUNISHER on Netflix

    6 episodes in. Pretty good so far
  5. PUNISHER appreciation thread

    I love that cover! I got very lucky finding a nice raw copy
  6. THE PUNISHER on Netflix

    I watched 2 episodes last night. Very good so far.... I wish I didn't have to work today
  7. PUNISHER appreciation thread

    That's one beautiful set! I haven't been at it as long as you have as far as a graded set. I keep getting distracted with other graded books or cgc grading of other key books I find. I do have a multiple copies of a complete raw set I've put together and was one of my favorite books to read growing up. I was really proud finishing this series and war journal raw the other year.
  8. PUNISHER appreciation thread

    Thanks! I'm not a fan either of the whole government conspiracy part of it, but I guess they just want to put their own twist. Hopefully it turns out good .... Now do I stay up late tonight to watch...
  9. PUNISHER appreciation thread

    I'm sad to see this thread dying down with the show coming out in just a couple of days! I did some Punisher preperation on the comic wall with some of my graded books.
  10. PGM Amazing Spider-man 14

  11. First time customer for pressing

    I just posted that 5 posts ago