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    Spider-Man PS4

    I was in the same boat. I ended up getting a PS4 for this game. No regrets. Very fun game.
  2. I love that step display stand @PKJ

    G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    My LCS had their first GI Joe Day with a few vendors and voice of Destro (Arthur Burghardt) signing autographs. The shop owner even set up his FLAGG. I got a couple books signed and picked up of few Joes for me and the kids. My kids had a blast and really enjoyed meeting Arthur
  4. My LCS had their first GI Joe day with Arthur Burghardt (Voice of Devastator, Destro...) signing autographs. I got a couple books signed and picked up a few Joes for me and the kids. It’s fun sharing my passion with them. There was some good vintage vehicles but I’m waiting to come across something 90s and ridiculous like a Bug or Hammerhead
  5. You're right it has been a long time since they made a troop carrier. I also love the APC. I'm hoping we get some cool new stuff when the Snake Eyes movie gets close to release.
  6. Picked up a piece of my childhood. G.I. Joe Warthog
  7. Sweet! Thanks for the heads up!

    Ditko's estate...

    But did Lee, Ditko, or Kirby actually come up with Spider-Man? Here's a pretty interesting read I found 1954 Spider-Man Costume as I remember a boardie posting a pic of the costume a couple years ago.

    Stan Lee signature series books

    Thanks for the info. This shop is local for me. I saw them on his instagram page. I was wondering how much he was going to be charging. Looks like the AF15 sold then

    Dealers / Rinse and Repeat model

    ...oh and let me share my Moon Knight experience. A couple years ago. I go to a show. Get there early with my online ticket. There's some commotion going on about a dealer getting in. I didn't know the details at first. A friend of mine had a booth there. I asked if he saw any WWBN32 there. He said he saw a bunch including one guy that had 3 copies. I go in the show. Turns out this dealer they let in the show bought a bunch of hot books before the show started and all the decent WWBN32s are gone. That dealer thought he reserved a booth but didn't. Another dealer told me how he had to show his paypal receipt to prove it was his booth. So instead the let in dealer basically ruined my chance to buy the book I was really after. He probably knew all along he didn't have booth.

    Dealers / Rinse and Repeat model

    I'm sure this isn't directly personally at me, But for feedback sake I will reply. I still go to conventions here on the West Coast, But not as many as I use to. When I go to show I'm there mainly for the books. Period. Whether it is buying books or getting books signed. I started off going to Terry's back in 2013 and have gone every year. There's still great stuff to be found there especially if you're into golden age. But getting good deals is harder to come by. Which is fine as the shows attendance has really grown. What I don't like is slabbed books being higher than ebay. I don't mind so much raw books being a little higher as being able to see a book in person is worth it most of the time. No complaints about costs going into a show whether it be a small show or larger like Wondercon. I enjoy Wondercon and Longbeach sometimes mainly because of the guests. Category of customer, Collector. I shop mainly for high grade key books. Silver, bronze, copper, modern. I also don't mind getting fillers for runs I'm working on. The big question do I want to keep going to shows? Absolutely as long the prices are right and the guests lists are good

    Dealers / Rinse and Repeat model

    Collectors are sad. We start getting disenchanted about conventions (maybe even the hobby as a whole). We stop going to as many conventions and buy less books.

    This Week Back From CGC

    Book on the left is now signed 4 times
  14. The thrill of the hunt keeps me going. It’s been a minute, but found some nice books while on vacay with my better half

    This Week Back From CGC

    Got these Jim Lee books back from Wondercon. The Batman books are also signed by Alex Sinclair