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  1. I ordered snake eyes as well. I'm on the fence about Roadblock and Scarlett. I hear they are going to be $20. That's not bad. I'm glad they are staying at the same price as marvel legends.
  2. Supposedly the rumor is Jazzware will make the 4" while Hasbro will make the 6". I cant wait to see how they look.
  3. There's a new GI Joe game "War on Cobra" I hear it's good. I need to download it still. There has been a few name changes. Shockwave (The SWAT officer) got changed to Shockblast. I think that had to do with Transformers having a character with the same name. I just learned about Ghostrider recently. Too bad they let let Steel Brigade slip to Valaverse. It's interesting that their niche as well as a lot of customizer was a 6" line of figs. I for one am glad there will be a 6" line but i might lose it if new vehicles come out.
  4. Picture might be a little deceiving. It’s actually on top of the glass for pictures. It’s on a bookcase in the closet for now. I suppose it would fit inside but the Whales are far more fragile to have out
  5. Thank you! I guess it depends what's missing. Unfortunately a lot of the accessories don't add that much play value. The little guns and spotlights dont move. FYI they're the same as the watch tower except more green in color. I was real fortunate to find another cool Joe piece locally again. Although I feel like my road of Joe collecting is coming to an end. I got a few more of those little dio defense sets to work on, but other than that I got most of the early 80s line that was made in the USA and I'm running out of room fast.... I guess i might have to go back to comics again
  6. Thanks! My son was bugging out over it I promised I would leave it out to play with
  7. Traded some of my recent extra Joe figs for this HQ. Really nice shape. No broken tabs. A couple of the small accessories could use some upgrading. I think my buddy has an antenna. I like how it holds the 82’ vehicles.
  8. Thanks man! I just got an HQ I'm working on putting back together! I'm excited.
  9. Thanks! Yeah it's funny I don't mind some of the pre 90s neon like Sci Fi and Alley Viper. I even make an exception for Ice Cream Soldier too
  10. Thanks to a good friend I was able to put together a complete Alley Viper and get some nice gloves for Big Boa. These were some of my favorites as a kid. Also is a pic of my “good guy” case with my favorites. Roughly starting from oldest Joes on bottom (straight arm) to newest on top. I feel blessed to have these in this nice of condition being that they are so old and I found them locally.
  11. Pick up from yesterday. Pretty nice condition from the 40s/50s. Fold didn’t break color on the lower left
  12. I finally finished rebuilding the figs from the box of Joes the other week. Stopped by one of my spots and they were stocked with Joes! Picked up this Cobra ASP and the Sears Exclusive SMS HISS It has a place in my display case already