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  1. PGM Marvel Preview 2

    I have a 9.0 of this book and your copy looks a lot nicer. I would say 9.4 as well
  2. PUNISHER appreciation thread

    Some What If Venom Possessed Punisher. Finally took the medicom toy out of the box. Figure looks cool, but it is kind of terribly made.
  3. PUNISHER appreciation thread

    I love that statue. I'm going to have to track it down one of these days
  4. PGM ASM 14

  5. PGM X-men 58

    I would say 8
  6. Statue Collections

    I was wondering that too
  7. Conan the Barbarian #1 Club

    Thank you! It was a kit that I had to both assemble and paint. I learned a ton. Previously I had only put together model planes and helicopters. Here is a link to my journal while I was building it Conan Statue Journal
  8. Conan the Barbarian #1 Club

    I've been posting pics on the statue and journal pages. Thought I would share here and give this page a well deserved bump. This is a statue I just completed from the Moebius model kit.
  9. Crom Conan Statue "Finished"

    Thank you guys! I took some better pics last night now that it is more dry
  10. Statue Collections

    Some better pics
  11. Crom Conan Statue "Finished"

    Thank you! New journal and being able to upload pics was pretty cool. I'm going to enter the statue in my county fair in a couple weeks. Fingers crossed I get a ribbon. That will be first time entering something.
  12. Statue Collections

    Thank You!
  13. Statue Collections

    Thanks bro! Yeah the eyes were a pain. I ended up using a metal stitch remover to gently put little dots of paint along with a tiny brush
  14. Statue Collections

    I just finished my Conan 1 statue kit. I'm very happy with how it turned out. If anyone is interested please check out my journal. Thank you. Pics below before and after clear coat.
  15. Crom Conan Statue "Finished"

    All finished. Necklace was a pain getting through the holes again. Added the clear coat that is still drying. I'll take some better pics once it dries all the way. Thanks for everyone checking out my journal. It was a cool project and I learned a ton.