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    Disney/Fox Talks

    I believe Fox News is separate and not part of the deal @ExNihilo

    Recent submissions to CGC

    Woot! Great stuff

    Disney/Fox Talks

    I'd rather have cash to invest in comics Anyways it should get interesting. I for one like my X-Men in their own storylines for the most part. We would have never gotten a Logan or Deadpool movie under the MCU Fantastic Four on the other hand often crossed over into other marvel titles/characters

    Disney/Fox Talks

    Except for Disney stocks have been down

    The rise of Instagram sellers

    You can zoom in on pictures from most smart phones using the pinch out method. I remember when this was first introduced. Very handy. Not disclosing a detached cover is pretty shady. I'm not sure why a lot of IG sellers get stuck on F&F for payment. I use to send a paypal invoices all the time. No big deal. 2 - 3% isn't that much.

    Moderns that are COOLING on EBAY...

    I saw this yesterday and made me sad. Amazing Spider-Man 1 Gamestop I remember when this one was new raws were going for a couple hundred. I was ok with it settling for $150 for 9.8s but $50!!
  7. They blow them away, but the price point is way higher. Joes were only a couple bucks compared to now $10 each. Also it's hard to beat that feeling of having the toys to connect you to the cartoons on air. Now there are very little toy lines with shows. Or if there are shows nothing beats the after school programming and Saturday mornings. I for one love the remakes of Joes with the extra details and masterpiece transformers but have to be more selective when buying.
  8. That X-Wing looks pretty sharp! Same, devilfish was always one of my favs. I'm thinking of picking another one up. I had a discussion with one of my sons the other day and he was telling me how cool the 80s toys were compared to most toys nowadays and why didn't I keep everything. I was just like, well it was a great time and as kids we just assumed it would never end. It seemed like all the toy companies were firing on all cylinders and we had a blast. Not only with the toys but cartoons as well
  9. Correct. They are acrylic. Packaged really well so they wouldn't get scratched. Thanks!
  10. Got a devilfish and some nice acrylic display stands for Joe stuff on Father's Day. They work great. I had to modify one tab on the Eaglehawk display so I could have the helicopter facing this direction. Yes that is X-Force in the Eaglehawk

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Wow there really isn't that many copies for sale anymore

    Copper Age on the forum

    Kudos to @Mad Titan Thanks for the great book

    current turn around rates at CGC

    Just hit scheduled for grading Graded