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  1. Very cool. I need an Ice Viper and might as well get a snow serpent while I'm at it
  2. I picked up a few things on Saturday. The Sharcs were just shells but the Cobra Wolf and Whirlwind were in nice shape.
  3. The Whale is a beast of a vehicle to find all the parts. Be careful with the fan vanes when you come across them.
  4. Awesome line up @whisp Flag points were epic! I miss those days. I've been eyeing some Mobats lately. 3rd edition is a great book.
  5. Jackpot! Please send the Joe and Transformers my way. @Doc McCoy
  6. Not a bad morning at all and I got my exercise in. $3 for the rattler, masterpiece set was $5, I had been keeping an eye for the fast & furious car to go with the black civic I have. $10 was a good price point. Rest of the stuff was a couple bucks.
  7. I finished another Whale project. I wasn’t planning on doing another one but didn’t have an original yet.
  8. Picked up masterpiece Skywarp locally the other day. Originally I was only trying to get the TRU line. Also a modern Strato Viper arrived in the mail to go with my Night Raven
  9. The best thing about Joe toys is taking them out every now and then. I recreated Cobra Night Landing with a modern Firefly and raft. It almost went downstream fast