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  1. 15% off eBay 3/20

    Those are awesome!
  2. Speaking of Snake Eyes. Lunchtime pickups
  3. WONDERCON 2018, MARCH 23-25, Anaheim, CA

    Thanks. I got the email last night after work. Logged on to check and unfortunately didn't get a spot. Maybe next year.
  4. Ebay 20% off

    Thanks for hijacking my thread I posted before you reused this thread for 20% off that's not the case currently Separate deal, separate thread
  5. 15% off eBay 3/20

    Code is PSPRINGTIME good until 7:00 pm Pacific Time. Miniumum $25 Max is $50 in savings
  6. WONDERCON 2018, MARCH 23-25, Anaheim, CA

    Anyone get an update today for the exclusive signings?
  7. Totally looks like Snake Eyes on that Web of Spider-Man
  8. Statue Collections

    Legit! Good pick up!
  9. Larry Hama

    Cool. Thanks. The app just updated but isn’t very useful
  10. WONDERCON 2018, MARCH 23-25, Anaheim, CA

    I got my badge in the mail, but still have to pick up a child badge for my son. I wish that could've been done online. ...and yeah last year it took me almost an hour to go around the block for parking
  11. Just Another X-Men Full Run Dream

    Will do! It's an 8.5. I still have my Wolverine and Punishers. Those were some of the first books I remembered reading when I was a kid. One run I almost had complete was GI Joe. Then I gave up because the later issues were so expensive only to later find the later issues in the wild a couple weeks ago I wish I still had the run. It would have been only a few issues away from 1-155
  12. This Week Back From CGC

    These just in. I’m really happy how the Iron Man 1 turned out
  13. Just Another X-Men Full Run Dream

    That's the list. Thanks man! It's taken me a while to get there, but worth the effort. I should be picking up a 94 next weekend Other runs I've finished have been fun too. Wolverine 1-189 was my first full run. Then followed by Punisher vol1 and war journal. .....ASM is also a dream for me. But you know how that goes