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  1. PGM X-Men 94

    Nice! Congrats on the grade.
  2. Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    Thank you! I'll try to finish updating and post some more pics soon.
  3. PGM ASM #20. Grade is in!

  4. PUNISHER appreciation thread

    Thank you! I was real happy running into that marvel legends
  5. PUNISHER appreciation thread

    Posted this in the comic room thread but wanted to add here too. Thanks to a great find at an estate sale the other day I was able to add some nice items to my Punisher/Venom Detolf section.
  6. Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    Thanks to an estate sale the other day I was able to add some item to my Punisher/Venom Detolf section
  7. Social Media and You

    As others have said. Instagram #IGComicFamily Same user name as here. I've purchased a lot of books off of IG the last couple of years. No facebook.
  8. Pretty nice haul this morning before work. I'm really happy I snagged the Marvel Legends Punisher. There were other Legends figures but I missed them due to a road being shut down. Still it's like Frank was waiting for me. Comics were only 10 cents each
  9. PGM X-Men 94

  10. PGM- Marvel Spotlight 5

    Im at 3.5 as well
  11. Baltimore Comic Convention - My 2 Cents

    Good stuff
  12. Whats the trick to taking good photos of slabbed books?

    I put a desk lamp near the spot where I'm taking the picture. It will take away the reflection.
  13. PGM Iron Man #55 thanos, drax

    3.5 - 4.0 with a press