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  1. My fast track moderns were rec'd 3/25. Still at SFG
  2. Picked up some stuff the other day. There’s 2 MCCs, I just ordered a few parts to complete at least 1. A few other vehicles are complete in this batch and I’m working on the rest. Mauler motor works so I’ll swap it with mine. I have enough parts to build another HQ.
  3. Had some fun adventures over the weekend. Sold some toys & picked up 3 lots of vintage toys. The first lot with all the cubby bins is mostly headquarters and terrordrome parts. A couple vehicles. I spent a good part of yesterday cleaning & organizing my HQ stuff. I have enough parts to put together another complete one. I’m going to make a custom. The file cards were just thrown in I wasn’t expecting og ones. Stoked on those. Hall of justice and batmobile are in nice shape, but I’ll be letting them go along with all the MOTU stuff.
  4. New to the collection. G.I. Joe Night Force Night Raider. PS I had a lead on a terrordrome but seller wants a bit much for the condition it’s in.
  5. Found a tomahawk box in the wild today. I love it. It was one of my favorite vehicles that I had as a kid.
  6. No worries. Yeah the wire I just found the right gauge at my work. Works pretty good. I saw people are selling pieces of wire on eBay I found some pics of the other cases. Along with some other pics. I briefly had some carded turtles but had to sell them for a down payment on a Joe collection I bought
  7. Thanks. Not rich. Just willing to go far and work hard to build the collection. I paid $300 for the defiant so I was pretty stoked. Just got to chase down a terrordrome still lol. Display cases I built myself from a shot glass case to save a few bucks I think mine is the cabin with the stand. The wire is not the original but works great. The case in the picture is the good guy case. Destro is in the bad guy case to the right. The left case is the OG case of 82 - 83 figs
  8. Today’s finds. I’m glad I braved the cold this morning.
  9. A few highlights I found real quick. Came across an opportunity to buy a defiant a couple hours away for a great price so I jumped on it. Took forever to clean it but it came out real nice. Only bummer is the crawler has a busted door and I’ll have to do the mod so the weight can go on a board with casters Instead of snapping off the wheels. Also finished my custom display cases. Now I wish I had made more
  10. Hi guys! Good to hear from everyone. I’ve had some up & downs the last couple of months. On the upside I’ve been diving in the vintage toy market. Some mask but mostly a lot of joes. It’s a lot of work at times but I enjoy finding new homes for the joes. I’ll post some pics soon. Cheers
  11. Some other books I picked up this last week locally. And a sweet X-Men binder for my cards.