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  1. It can have 2 - 3 defects
  2. Agreed as others have said. It is some what common on modern books. However once it starts "fraying" like it looks like might be the case to the left of the arrow it can start impacting the grade. Depending on how the rest looks it might be a 9.6 instead of a 9.8
  3. Awesome sketch covers!
  4. Looked like a copy I saw today
  5. I agree. It's a little irritating being used. Seen it too many times.
  6. Wow, I would have loved to have found a 135 like that
  7. Looks like it is in a slab already? What grade is it?
  8. I'm thinking 2.5
  9. I met the great Mr. Conway on FCBD. Really glad I got to meet him. Had him sign my preview 2 slab
  10. Sweet!!!
  11. That's epic!
  12. I think Silk is a great character. I really like the ASM vol 3 with her introduction. Writing did kind of go south on her solo series. Hopefully it will get better.
  13. See. This is how creators can do it so they don't feel like they are getting ripped off from stuff going to ebay. Transparency on what their prices are and a deal worked out with CGC. Win, win. Now if we could only get Barry Windsor Smith to start signing again.
  14. You're welcome! I really admire your set. I wish I would have got on board with the ongoing series