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  1. Still looks beautiful to me. I struggled with staples being properly aligned on my copy, but it didn't affect the grade.
  2. Hopefully I didn't go down the rabbit hole too bad. Never been one to put carded figures on the wall (not that there is anything wrong with that), but I like how these have the original art so I hung up a few of my doubles
  3. Thanks. Yeah I'm still a little bummed about the arm. I'm probably just going to use the cement glue instead of putty so hopefully it's not noticeable. I'm hoping i could possible finish her by this weekend.
  4. Minor set back today. Dress came out pretty nice but her arm came off the seam when I was pulling off tape
  5. Thank you! At some point I always want to pull my hair out doing model kits. Thanks for the interest. I'll have some updates this afternoon.
  6. I had a couple spots on an ASM 46 that looked like this. At first I thought it was some kind of touch up and was afraid of a PLOD. After a friend told me that is was just spots where the water cleaned it, I felt better. It got a blue label.
  7. Got better skin tone colors. Had to mix myself. I think the girl's name is "Tara" now has a little more pinkish hue and Conan isn't as dark. Hard to tell in the lighting but I think it will be ok now. The air brush I borrowed has some air compressor issues that takes more time to paint and I think led to more clogging. I only finished Conan's torso and arm. Hopefully I do the legs tomorrow. I might try to dial in the compressor so it's more reliable. I would like to do some fine shading but need it to work properly. Everyday I try to do something on this kit to keep motivated. I might work on Tara's dress tonight. The hard part will be all the detailing once all the base coats are applied.
  8. 7.5
  9. I would love to see how the Hulk 181 grades as
  10. well shoot. I was worried about that. I need a Conan 1 reader copy. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Unfortunately the kit doesn't come with any paint codes or suggested colors. I wish it did. It just has a pamphlet with a picture of a completed model for reference. It looks like the one in this picture below that I pulled from the website. I've done a few planes and helicopter models, but this is my first time building a statue. It's relatively easy to be able to put together but the hard put will be hand painting all the details where as other models are mainly solid colors you're just gluing together.
  12. "Not forgotten" Is a good story arc in X-Force about X-23. Issues 19 & 20
  13. Currently where I'm at with Conan. I need to restock on paint and repaint. I might add supporting pins.
  14. The whole 2008 X-Force series is pretty awesome