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  1. The other figs. Also used other toy line guns. Not that anything is wrong the ones that came with them with the exception of Roadblock
  2. Thanks. Hopefully I can track down some the accessories I need soon. I just got blowtorch’s gun and backpack today. Also my wave of 6” Joes got delivered. I took a pic of Roadblock so far. I’ve been waiting to use this Gatling gun for a while now. It fits perfect for him Here are a couple pics of the stands I’ve put together so far and a Storm Shadow bust I also just got in
  3. I'm still at rec'd 6/9 for my moderns as well
  4. Scored an awesome bag of Joes in the wild today. I actually need most of these. Looks like I’m going after swivel and straight arm versions of 82-83 now. I also got some sweet Acrylic display stands for Father’s Day
  5. I grabbed these today that also had the sears stickers. 415 is a 5th print
  6. You got me digging in the thread. Pretty interesting about the sears sticker. I found my copy in California if you guys are still keeping track.
  7. I found a copy today. Luckily the sticker came off easily by slowing peeling it.
  8. Finds in the wild today. It started off with finding some X-Men fillers, some ASM, so I had to keep digging, then X-Force 19, not bad, X-men 4 alright, Then boom Batman 457 2nd print newsstand
  9. Great score! I would have been all over that. That wallet looks unused. I hope there is great things to come with the tub of joes