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  1. The figure is made by NECA. They are currently in Target. I can’t believe people dislike BTTF2. It’s my favorite one for sure. I loved seeing all the futuristic stuff as a kid. Little did we know that we would just be starring at our phones all the time
  2. Thanks! The only thing I had to fix was the stickers on the rotor blades. Other than just a little bit of cleaning. I finally got the missiles from the original owner that’s in town. He said he picked it up on a family vacation when he was a kid.
  3. It’s been a minute since I’ve been on here. Just trying to keep up with toys and work. I whitened up my Flagg the other week too which was a big project. Added windows to the super structure while I had it taken apart. Here is some stuff I picked up recently. Got a sweet lot of 60s Joes so now I’m down that rabbit hole lol. Also finally got the the missile to my battle bunker. Some M.A.S.K. as well
  4. Found a nice Tiger Sting and some G2 transformers yesterday. Got Snake Supreme from Hasbro Pulse and got my Baronesses back from AFA. My first time doing a sub with. Pretty smooth process. I got uncirculated grades since my case was still sealed. This one got a 9.0. The other two 8.5
  5. Thanks! Yeah those logos made me go Wowza! I never had an officer with a clean logo like that and was always ashamed of my hiss driver lol. Glad to have a couple really nice examples now.
  6. I think I last left off here when I got paintball snake eyes. I now found the 12” at a garage sale. So much stuff lately. The guy that I bought a bunch of vehicles from the other month arranged a private sale for me and my buddy for some figures. I got about 20 figures I’m still going through and cleaning. Picked up a GI Joe Devastator at an antique store. Had one of my best scores to date responding to an ad for a bag of Joes. Almost all the figures were upgrades. I changed out all the o-rings as they were untouched for so long. I didn’t have the proper green gun for my slugger I put together
  7. Just Cobra Commander for me. They see to have sold out for today on him. Probably more available tomorrow for folks without the premium membership.
  8. Modern Rec'd 8/11, SFG 9/9, QC 9/11, Shipped 9/14 Modern Fast Track Rec'd 9/2, SFG 9/15, QC 9/17
  9. I must have missed out when it was free. This last year seemed to be a bust for paid memberships. Hopefully we do get those advance windows to purchase now.
  10. Thanks for the reminder. I bit the bullet and bought a membership. I probably should look at stuff other than Joes to make it worth the while.
  11. Modern Rec'd 8/11, SFG 9/9, QC 9/11, Shipped 9/14 Modern Fast Track Rec'd 9/2, SFG 9/15
  12. New parts eh. I’m glad they’re doing more with these. I hear some are on the shelves. I also heard wave 2 of the 6” Joes is at Walgreens now. I forgot to post it on here but I found them at Target the other week, Including the elusive red ninja. One per case for that army builder
  13. I always figured that people that moved to California already got rid of their old stuff. I didn’t realize Colorado had less. I picked up this gem on Saturday. 82’ GI Joe game. Complete. New condition! Power Rangers stuff is cool too. I need the tail on dragonzord and head for megazord. I also have pieces from the black megazord. Did a trade for some Joe stuff. Mostly 90s ninja force and star brigade figures. I didn’t realize orange roadblock is a variant. I had to have that paintball snake eyes thanks to @Buzzetta