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  1. A few of the books I just got in... I’m really stoked about the Moon Knight 29 & Spder-Gwen 5 variant
  2. Those figures are both from the fortnite video game. Same scale as the Joes though. The yellow guy looks a lot like Beachhead. Only $1 each
  3. No worries. Shipping would have cost more. These were on clearance at Tuesday Morning for only $9. .... Thanks. I can't wait to get my next batch of figs and vehicles I'm making payments on
  4. Thanks guys! I mostly only get X-Force and Punisher figs but I've always like the stealth suit. Scarlet Spider was using the stealth suit last time I read it. Not sure where it is now.
  5. I Was Blessed To Get Two 84’ Storm Shadows The Other Day Along With Hooded Cobra Commander And Cobra Officer. The White I Bought On IG And Picked It Up. The Yellowish One I Found In The Wild For $5. I’m Working In Whiting Him With Salon 40 Peroxide.... Ice Background Is From A Game Of Thrones Wall Display They Have On Clearance At Tuesday Morning. Also Brought Home Big Time Spidey Stealth Suit Marvel Legend.
  6. Books that are already signature series would need to be sent in as is without cracking them open. I would include a loose window bag and board with it. With your info written on the back of the board. For different color ink requests, write the color you want (“blue ink”) with an arrow pointing to the open window on the masking tape surrounding the window.
  7. Modern Slow track Rec'd 10/9, SFG 11/4, QC 11/8.
  8. Modern Slow track Rec'd 10/9, SFG 11/4 Value Fast rack Rec'd 10/9, Shipped 10/31