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  1. Great score! I would have been all over that. That wallet looks unused. I hope there is great things to come with the tub of joes
  2. I think it's just a Maisto diecast car. My son digs swat stuff and it's 1:18 scale I'll try to get some Joe shots with it
  3. Finished my MMS yesterday and found a couple things now that stores are opening. Bane Arkham Asylum toy is pretty massive
  4. Thanks man! It feels great to check it off my list. I had a couple close buys over the past few years. I'm glad to finally take one home
  5. A couple Punisher 218s & Batman Arkham Knight
  6. Lol I'm glad i could help you back into Joes Those are some really cool variants. I feel like I'm coming to the finish line of where i want to be with the vintage line, getting the early to mid 80s mostly. I have a decent amount of moderns but not sure where to put half of them. I'm glad the 6 inch line is coming around the corner. I'm clearing a spot for them. I pre ordered from big bad toy store. June couldn't come any faster especially since i see other people with them already. I'm curious where they ordered them from?
  7. I've been thinking about if ever had to pack my Joes how would I do it. It's the vehicles that are the problem. I've seen some modern Zaranas lately. Pretty awesome fig
  8. Only had to order a few parts but man that Mirage is super fragile. I was trying not to but ended up having to completely disassemble it because the wrong wheel was on the back. But here it is unbroken and complete. Awe Striker is a cool vehicle. I’m just missing the camera that goes on the hood. With the HISS I picked up I swapped parts with the Red Sears HISS. Has anyone seen the stop motion video on you tube Zombie Zombie? Snow Job reminds me of that now.
  9. My 3 moderns that were rec'd 4/29 just now became clickable as they hit scheduled for grading.
  10. Thanks! The Ram is a really solid vehicle compared to the Mirage. I finished the Polar Battle Bear yesterday after giving it a whiting treatment for a few hours. I’m happy. I ended up taking off a couple stickers that were peeling and misplaced and it was really noticeable where they were in addition to some yellowing. It came out real nice. This is the Takara version from Japan. I had the missing missiles it needed already. Next I’m working on the Awe Striker.
  11. Finally I was able to go in a shop with Joes! So far I got the Ram all cleaned up. Ordered parts for the mirage