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  1. Thanks man!! Nightforce was at the top of my list but unfortunately with the exception of a couple of the original figures they were no where to be found at the convention. Ive been blessed to be able to find most of my night force vehicle collection locally.
  2. With the last Joe convention and mail call I was able to finish my Nightforce team with the modern figs I like. I added a small blacklight to my display case. Luckily I found a power supply that worked so I don’t have to drain 8 batteries. I know technically the Night Raven drone isn’t Nightforce but it was the precursor and it fits in. I thought about taking everything out for a group shot but the hovercrafts can’t be taken out without removing the shelves, so I’ll have to have a big picture day later after I finish my custom subline I’m working on.
  3. Thanks! They do free shipping on orders over $75. I need one for the rattler as well now. The rattler is such a cool iconic Cobra vehicle.
  4. I’ve been getting a little behind online, but I’ve been chugging along with my collection. Not so much adding more pieces but working on the display. Here are some display stands I got from display stands direct and a Megatron Case from AFA. 6” Joes? Yes please. Lol but that could be a whole new rabbit hole. Imagine if they start doing vehicles that size. And sigma 6 was weak. Although I did get a couple. If they do 6” it will have to be marvel legends quality. I was really surprised too about the action force and steel brigade name being let go.
  5. For a little while the SDCC Desert Duel was available at some Toys R Us stores. I was able to get the set of 4 figures that included night fox. Unfortunately the crimson strike exclusive jet set never made it to my area.
  6. Thanks Buzz! I slept on Acid Storm when it was released. I should have used the layway program more often. Out of all the seekers i think I'm most excited to open this one up soon. Thanks for the Hasbro/Joe write up. It's too bad things worked out the way they did with the line. There was a licensing expo last week in Vegas where many people were hoping new Joes would be show cased. Unfortunately they werent. We just got confirmation that the Snake Eyes movie is pushed back to 10/16/2020 and possibly 2021. That movie is our big hope. With TRU shut down hasbro will have to get Joe products in regular retail stores again.
  7. @ADAMANTIUM Is always a positive encouraging boardie.
  8. Thanks man. Some of the vehicles i got were bagged up so I couldn't really inspect them all the way. The cage has some issues where its bending in one direction. I'll try to fix it later, but overall pretty happy. I almost bought a bug for a good price but it had some yellowing. Only thing that bummed me out was that Mark Bellomo was supposed to be at the show but his flight got cancelled. I was looking forward to meeting him.
  9. Went to a Joe Convention today. It was hot but my son and I had fun. Here’s the haul. And Destro yelling at a Cobra trooper. My son pretty much got all the stuff he was after. It’s great seeing him enjoy the hobby. I checked off another MP seeker. I just need Starscream to finish the US releases
  10. If opportunity knocks sometimes you gotta answer lol. I mainly only get Xforce related marvel legends so it’s not too bad. My son on the other hand has about 35 spidey and spidey related figures now
  11. I ran across this beautiful piece of machinery at a local arcade. I’ll be back to play some more rounds
  12. Woot. Preordered a Wolverine X-Force. I was hoping they would make another one of these