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  1. Better pics from the other day now that everything is all cleaned up, and one I forgot from the other week
  2. Nice ones @Buzzetta and @F For Fake It has been an amazing year for me too. I'll have to find a couple highlights. I know the one particular estate sale a few months ago was a big win for me when I took home the SDF 1 and Mauler
  3. After getting up early from yesterday’s sale (see plastic crack thread) it was a little hard getting out of bed this morning. But I got a lead on a sale and was able to leave with this gem
  4. Boom! Picked up a few more great Joes this morning. I almost passed on the yellow Storm Shadow but for only $25 and he has all his accessories I couldn’t. I’ll post better pics after I get a chance to clean everything up. I’ll probably whiten Storm too
  5. I might be in the minority here, but I've been coming to this show since 2014 and was encouraged to write a little something in this regards. The show has grown bigger and I understand the need for a bigger venue. I'm a bit disappointed in the rates for the Hotel at Westin. While $135 a night is a good deal there are many add ons for this hotel, + $15 a day for internet, + $31 for parking a day, +$8 or $18 for breakfast per person. Total is $189 - $198 a night. Plus I imagine there is some sort of resort fee. While it's easy to say if you can't afford it don't stay at the hotel. For me half the enjoyment of the show was being able to meet up with fellow collectors. I am a Southern California resident. My family and I enjoyed the little getaway. Dealing with traffic for us would sometimes make it around a 4 hour drive so it was nice to be able to relax at the hotel. Unfortunately with a lot of things in California I feel like I am being priced out. This last year has seen a lot of increased costs for us for both sales, gas, and food. If there would be someway to also have the Ayers suite in Yorba Linda at a group rate of around $100 a night like the previous years that would be great! (That's almost half the cost)....Westin rooms at the group rate are sold out currently. Thank you for this consideration.
  6. I picked up a lot of Joes I had been paying on and a few more for the Black Friday sale. You can’t have too many Crimson Guards right? Stinger is complete except for the steering wheel and rear bumper. I combined the Water Moccasin with my other one to make a nice complete one. I got one more pic I need to load later.
  7. The Joes look great @707comics Longs drugs I remember that chain of stores. Those were the good ole days
  8. A shop actually called me to let me know that they got some Joes in. I got a great deal on this lot of moderns
  9. One early pick up. Then one in the afternoon when I got a surprise phone call that his store just got in some Joes. They are moderns but I love them all
  10. The rest of my books that came in...
  11. A few of the books I just got in... I’m really stoked about the Moon Knight 29 & Spder-Gwen 5 variant
  12. Those figures are both from the fortnite video game. Same scale as the Joes though. The yellow guy looks a lot like Beachhead. Only $1 each
  13. No worries. Shipping would have cost more. These were on clearance at Tuesday Morning for only $9. .... Thanks. I can't wait to get my next batch of figs and vehicles I'm making payments on
  14. Thanks guys! I mostly only get X-Force and Punisher figs but I've always like the stealth suit. Scarlet Spider was using the stealth suit last time I read it. Not sure where it is now.
  15. I Was Blessed To Get Two 84’ Storm Shadows The Other Day Along With Hooded Cobra Commander And Cobra Officer. The White I Bought On IG And Picked It Up. The Yellowish One I Found In The Wild For $5. I’m Working In Whiting Him With Salon 40 Peroxide.... Ice Background Is From A Game Of Thrones Wall Display They Have On Clearance At Tuesday Morning. Also Brought Home Big Time Spidey Stealth Suit Marvel Legend.
  16. Books that are already signature series would need to be sent in as is without cracking them open. I would include a loose window bag and board with it. With your info written on the back of the board. For different color ink requests, write the color you want (“blue ink”) with an arrow pointing to the open window on the masking tape surrounding the window.
  17. Modern Slow track Rec'd 10/9, SFG 11/4, QC 11/8.
  18. Modern Slow track Rec'd 10/9, SFG 11/4 Value Fast rack Rec'd 10/9, Shipped 10/31