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  1. Modern Rec'd 8/11, SFG 9/9, QC 9/11, Shipped 9/14 Modern Fast Track Rec'd 9/2, SFG 9/15, QC 9/17
  2. I must have missed out when it was free. This last year seemed to be a bust for paid memberships. Hopefully we do get those advance windows to purchase now.
  3. Thanks for the reminder. I bit the bullet and bought a membership. I probably should look at stuff other than Joes to make it worth the while.
  4. Modern Rec'd 8/11, SFG 9/9, QC 9/11, Shipped 9/14 Modern Fast Track Rec'd 9/2, SFG 9/15
  5. New parts eh. I’m glad they’re doing more with these. I hear some are on the shelves. I also heard wave 2 of the 6” Joes is at Walgreens now. I forgot to post it on here but I found them at Target the other week, Including the elusive red ninja. One per case for that army builder
  6. I always figured that people that moved to California already got rid of their old stuff. I didn’t realize Colorado had less. I picked up this gem on Saturday. 82’ GI Joe game. Complete. New condition! Power Rangers stuff is cool too. I need the tail on dragonzord and head for megazord. I also have pieces from the black megazord. Did a trade for some Joe stuff. Mostly 90s ninja force and star brigade figures. I didn’t realize orange roadblock is a variant. I had to have that paintball snake eyes thanks to @Buzzetta
  7. I’m digging the new Punisher motorcycle pack. Frank could use a bit more articulation but over pretty well done.
  8. Modern Rec'd 8/11, SFG 9/9, QC 9/11 Modern Fast Track Rec'd 9/2
  9. Modern Rec'd 8/11 SFG 9/9 Modern Fast Track Rec'd 9/2
  10. I would probably pay up for a masterpiece version of a G1 Jetfire. Probably the only figure I would do that for. The new MP44s, etc are just too much
  11. I'm not going to lie. My wife was none too happen when i brought home my flagg. But it was a local deal that i knew I wouldn't be able to find again. I made a lower deck and have a table just big enough to put it on so it doesn't take up as much room. The lower deck makes it less wide to sit on. I'd love to get a Defiant as well
  12. This 100% all of the above. I've gotten lucky a few times just calling when I wasn't close enough. Sometimes though its hard to even get someone on the line at 8. I've ran into a few times at stores I have to wait around for their toy guy to come in at 9 or 10 to pull out a figure. Now the game has gotten a little trickier since the figures aren't coming in full cases of 6 anymore so they are in a random box somewhere. I think they call that their repacks.
  13. Thanks. I really dig all the little sets especially since I don't have a terror drome I'm working on some displays to have them all set up.
  14. Congrats! You're doing God's work restoring these figures. They just need a little love
  15. I struck out at one Target this morning but found a couple more Baronesses at another store on my break. It's not easy. Typically you have to check up until 10 am
  16. A few new Joe items I was able to complete over the weekend. The PAC rats actually took a couple years to come across all the pieces in lots. I’m glad I didn’t just get rid of the odds & ends initially. I only had to buy one piece online for $2.... I still need the remotes though, but I can live without them.
  17. I keep glancing for this on Joe hunts. By any chance do you have the DPCI?
  18. I saw the display when I was picking up a cobra trooper. They had a few DJ Rx, That red figure, and a few stuffed animals. Some old lady came and bought all the figures
  19. Some deyellowing results. I’m not sure why his eyes/eyebrows are green. I’ve never seen a Thunder that way.
  20. Baroness is an awesome figure. Well worth it if you can get her. I finally got to use my King Conan throne in a pic.
  21. I got a couple extra parts now if you need em. The Hammer is really cool. One of those vehicles I didn’t discover until I was a couple years in collecting vintage Joes again.
  22. I really should wear gloves but always forget. Lol. It’s not that bad. Just wash afterwards. Last time I used peroxide it took a whole week to get results that I can get in a few hours with salon 40. Here is the Hammer I just treated. Back to original color.