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  1. I have this 1966 Amazing Spider-Man #1 Golden Record Reprint for sale, asking $475 shipped in the US.  The book is very clean, though there is roughly a half inch tear at the top of the front cover to the left.  It’s hard to see when in a bag/board, and hard to see unless you are trying to find it.  It is visible in the picture of the open book.  Otherwise, book is very clean and complete with no writing or marks.

    Please claim in thread.  Then, please PM me to exchange PayPal details.  I’m only shipping in the US for this one.  Please PM any questions.  Thanks






  2. I have this lot for sale, asking $195 shipped in the US.  Please claim in thread and then PM to exchange PayPal details.  Please PM me with any questions.  The lot includes the following:

    Batman 227 - This one is mid grade overall.  You can see the vintage date stamp in the cover, but the book is very clean and tightly attached

    Superman 233 - This one is a little more rough than the Batman.  Notably, there is a small bit of writing at the bottom of the first page.  All tightly attached.

    Wolverine 66, Old Man Logan - This is a clean copy of the key Old Man Logan book.

    Ultimate Fallout 4 - First Miles Morales as Ultimate Spider-Man.  Never removed from factory bag, looks pretty clean in the bag.

    Amazing Spider-Man 363 - early Carnage, classic cover, book looks clean

    photos following...again, please PM any questions.  Thanks






  3. WTB: 2012 Amazing Fantasy #15


    I'm trying to track down a copy of the 2012 Amazing Fantasy #15, the one that looks like a modern cover swipe of the original.  Anyone have one?  I might be interested in some actual silver age Spidey too, but could discuss that if you have this issue as a starting point.