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  1. Frank's got a history of buying from me. He is a good customer, in every way.
  2. Very sad news about Bob. My thoughts are with his family at this time. I hope his suffering was at a bare minimum. RIP
  3. It's a generic portrayal of a PCH comic book publisher reacting to the publication of SOTI.
  4. I will accept a reasonable offer on the HT9. Talk to me.
  5. I wasn't referring to anything you said. Read the post you quoted, that's what I was pointing out.
  6. Why would anyone bring drugs into the equation? Is smoking a joint on the job a common practice in the States?
  7. Just watch Despicable me and Megamind, that should cover it.
  8. You forgot the biggest enemy of collectors, Mothers. My mother gave away my comic books, a mint collection of die-cast vehicles, in the 60s, without consulting me. My father worked in the film business and he used to bring home steel boxes full of cutting room film cells. They were wonderful, lots of Disney stuff. They were stored in a secure locked building attached to our house, doing no harm to anyone. She decided to bin those. I have no idea why.
  9. As Dylan accidentally flushes an AF15 down the carper, his customer base go on a scavenger hunt...