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  1. I'll happily delete this if necessary but I can't find a thread devoted solely to PLANET. I've tried the 'user-unfriendly' search function (I can never find anything I want on that), and I've scolled thru' the first 30 pages of GOLD myself to no avail. I know that there is a FICTION HOUSE thread and a SPACE GIRLS thread but surely PLANET deserves its own thread? Such an iconic title, many with jaw dropping covers needs its own space. There's plenty of stuff of interest to talk about 'Planet-wise' plus its a great way for the many Planet owners to showcase their awesome books. (I only own 4 at present ) Like I say if it's a bad idea, I'll wipe the thread.
  2. Writer, Artist, Publisher, Title or whatever. Post a book, make the connection. Show off your books...have fun. Be as tenuous as you like. Go.
  3. I don't see it but Natalie was gorgeous...as is that damsel suffering reptilian revulsion.
  4. Uh oh...here come the Scientologists
  5. The little sketch of Jesus clinched it for me.
  6. Liverpool, England. I sent you some books once. But seriously Sean, you do what you feel. I'm not a heavy hitter, and I'm psyched to have won anything.
  7. You sir are victim of advertising. Absolutely no-one says that, or I venture to say, has ever said it in the UK.
  8. I vote tomorrow at the same time you started. But that's purely selfish on my part 'cos its 330am here.
  9. I love Bowling but I'm about 4000 miles away from you.
  10. I'm 61. Ihave trouble finding my balls.
  11. Man that Weird Chills is special. HG, old, old label and Bethlehem and date stamp. Ticks so many boxes.
  12. If Baker had devoted his career primarily to PCH instead of Romance, I would probably have turned to crime to acquire his work.
  13. I must be the only person on the planet that does not like Frazetta.
  14. Really enjoyed this thread Sean. Amazed a little tiddler like me won one book, let alone two with so many sharks in the pond.
  15. CGC move in mysterious ways...their wonders to perform
  16. To me it's just the same as someone writing on a book or defacing it in any way. I don't see amateur dabbling as resto, but hey that's me. It's all part of the history of the book as far as I'm concerned. I accept it's classed as resto but it's not a deal breaker for me when I buy.
  17. Ya know what. This 'small amount of CT' thing has really never bothered me, especially on a really sweet book. I can live with it.
  18. No, but they need oiling.
  19. Hard lines Frank, sorry bud.
  20. I'm happy as a pig in poop. Got meself an iconic EC and a MM 10 with splashes like this...
  21. I think you won it William
  22. Apparently this led to the Gulf War. The West thought Saddam had one.