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  1. Next up is STRANGE FANTASY #5. Beautiful. COW pages. $595 now $535
  2. First up is HAUNTED THRILLS #4. Apart from the two small pieces missing on the left side and one tiny piece of magic tape, this is one one the best structured 3.0s you will see. In hand it is awesome. I am taking various angles with my cam for all these books for your own assessments. COW pages. $525 now $475
  3. Hi Ladies & Gentlemen. Been selling on the Boards for 5 years. Hundreds of sales, refs available if you want 'em. Kudos thread under my profile pic. Return Policy: I accept returns (within 7 days of receipt), I will refund the shipping cost I charge the Buyer. Books are accurately described, so this should not be an issue. NOTE: On this sale returns are not an issue as these are CGC graded and obviously what you see etc. Cases are unblemished and perfect. No newtons. People who camp out on the naughty step need not apply, or random sociopaths either. SHIPPING: These books are all sent tracked/insured and signed for confirmation at your end. Take one book its $25, Take 2 and I will only charge you $15. Take all three, I will pick up the complete tab. First 'take it' in the thread wins the book. I will listen to all pms. A book sold in a pm will be honoured as long as it is not superseded by an in the thread. By superseded I mean posted before I can post SOLD in the thread. I will always post SOLD as quickly as is humanly possible in the thread. THE BOOKS THEMSELVES: 3 BOOKS-ALL FARRELLS. What these 3 books have in common apart from being purely awesome cover appeal, is the eye popping colour clarity on each book. These books are red hot right now and you don't need me to tell you that. Unfortunately this week I have taken a hit with some ongoing medical expenses, I was hoping to keep them for myself, but that is how it goes. This has been a recurring theme for me for three years now, so its frustrating to some degree, but at least they will be appreciated wherever they end up. I'll get them posted up with pics in about 20 minutes. paul.
  4. Jesus, so what? I did that too for years in the 70s. I'm not proud of it. I was young and stupid but it was still me. I'm ashamed of it but I'm not asking for sympathy or forgiveness or a medal.
  5. You really are startin' to dig yourself a big hole here and I suggest you stop it. You stole from a guy. You removed his comic books without permission, you deprived the guy and his family of earnings at that time. Fast forward an age to when you are financially stable, and you decide to make restitution. You declare it on an open forum and expect a load of back slapping? Do me a favour. You're a thief. You admitted it. I repeat...DO NOT EXPECT A MEDAL. I can't speak for others but I certainly was not riduculing you. Don't confuse straight to the point honesty with ridicule. When I ridicule you, you know about it.
  6. You swallowed a philosophy dictionary Hector?
  7. Yeah, my wrongdoings are nothing to do with thievery. I get why you did it but I still think you did it for you. Its great you did it but it will not change what you did originally to the guy. But for whatever reason you tried to put it right, and I at least commend you for that, but I'm amazed you expected some kind of validation for it. That's the kind of thing (as RMA intimated) one should keep to oneself.
  8. WE were all young once. We all made mistakes. I have done wrong things, bad things in my youth. Things I am not proud of. Going back and trying to put things right would only make me feel better. Living with the guilt is a form of punishment, it has shaped the person I try to be. Saying sorry does not make it right, so don't expect a medal.
  9. FWIW-RMA I care not whether you are a published Comics historian or not. I find your posts generally to be well written, thoughtful and intelligent. I take people on here (and in life) as I find them. Whether you are a comic book boffin or not is completely irrelevant. I don't know why we are even discussing that...then again I do
  10. I can't believe you are taking some high moral ground about ripping someone off. So youth gets you a pass, because that's not really you? Try telling that to the parents of James Bulger.
  11. It's not RMAs fault he may have friends, and it's no surprise you do not. I presume you are talking about a 'virtual' scenario because in the real world I doubt you would get permission from your mom to leave the basement.
  12. Perhaps the Mods should review his custom title? "IBTL is my raison d'etre' is catchy.
  13. Agreed. It certainly wasn't 'nice' when he robbed the guy in the first place. So pangs of guilt made him do the right thing in the end? Good. But that don't make things right. If someone punches your face in then later apologises, does that make everything right? I'm with Hector, no awards or praise should be expected or deserved.
  14. The Hunt Bowman/Lost World series of stories are my favourite in the PLANET run. I have a theory that George Lucas read these books at some stage because the character of Yoda in terms of speech pattern was derived from these stories. If not then its the most unlikely of coincidences. Of course only those who actually read the stories would know this.
  15. Tea-leaf. Cockney rhyming slang. Tea Leaf=Thief I'm English
  16. Love that game I love the fact that you steal, murder and be the closet psychopath that hides in us all...with relative impunity. Seriously tho' I'm glad you are no longer a tea leaf, I was just funnin with you. I don't even own a car. I reduced my carbon footprint a long time ago.
  17. So that's where my car's gone
  18. Perhaps it would help if you didn't dress like this?
  19. I'm not a violent person, but I enjoy hurting thieves when I can.
  20. Don't know what to say. No point in mumbling platitudes. I'm incredibly sorry for you man.