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  1. Thanks. Franky 1 & Micronauts 1
  2. No takers, tough crowd. OK, we'll say a decent 20% off marked price on all unsold books.
  3. My latest Double, now liberated and now in its new mylar home
  4. Take 10% off of the marked price on all unsold books.
  5. Here is the latest one to solve to start the weekend;
  6. This thread will run until sunday/monday 00.00 GMT. FREE SHIPPING for 7 books in USA & ROW Same for UK with 6 books. Will entertain any offers on batches of books or even individual ones via pm. Thank you for looking.
  7. Thanks, and it's this book Wow! I've never seen this book before! What a cover! I'll post a new page later. Anyone one else want to, feel free
  8. We still need an answer on this one Paging Pat Calhoun to put us out of our misery on this one, then we can move on with other stuff
  9. and finally, last book in the thread. Thanks for sticking with it Mike Ploog cover 6.0/6.5 OWW pages $45
  10. Frank Brunner cover--2nd app HOWARD THE DUCK--some printer overspray 5.5/6.0 OWW pages $30
  11. John Buscema cover 8.0/8.5 OW pages $22
  12. John Romita cover 7.5/8.0 OWW pages $25 SOLD FOR $20
  13. John Buscema cover 7.0/7.5 WHITE pages Pressing candidate, if that's your thang $35 SOLD via pm
  14. Gil Kane cover 7.5/8.0 OWW pages $15
  15. Gil Kane cover 8.5/9.0 OWW pages $15
  16. Al Milgrom cover Spidey X-over 9.0/9.2 WHITE pages $10
  17. Ok, the final 8 raw books are coming shortly. These are; WWBN 1 CHAMBER OF CHILLS 1 KA-ZAR 1 MAN-THING VOL 1 1 INVADERS 1 SON OF SATAN 1 NOVA 1 HUMAN FLY 1
  18. Jack Kirby cover 7.0/7.5 WHITE pages $15
  19. Jack Kirby cover 9.0/9.2 OWW pages $13 SOLD FOR $9.75