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  1. Just hovering at the tail end of the Golden Age is Daffy, part of a recent Board purchase
  2. Final thread bump. Closing in 4 hours.
  3. Here is a spooky page from my copy of FAMOUS FUNNIES # 26 from September 1936. It refers to the Captain of the Hindenburg, who 'never had a serious accident'. 8 months later he died when the Hindenburg went down in May 1937. Although Max Pruss was the commanding officer of the last flight of the Hindenburg, Captain Lehmann was the most senior officer on board, but was there only as an observer. He was fatally burned when the ship caught fire at Lakehurst on 6 May 1937 and died the following day. It was initially believed that Lehmann would recover from his injuries; he was scheduled to be transferred to the hospital at Rockefeller University for further treatment until he took a sudden turn for the worse the afternoon before his death. Talk about this comic book page tempting fate or what
  4. That guy is selling off his entire PCH collection over the coming weeks. He's going to be able to retire off the proceeds it looks like.
  5. Ok, sunday bump with final reductions: I have reduced the books to these final prices; SUPERNATURAL THRILLERS # 8 $150 KULL # 25 $ 85 SUPERMAN # 151 $ 35 0R $30 IF TAKEN WITH A SLAB. THREAD CLOSES IN JUST UNDER 11 HOURS--MIDNIGHT GMT. Thanks for looking PS. FREE BOOK OFFER STILL APPLIES.
  6. Hmmm, I never even considered that it was from a story I always think the cover art is not related to a story, unless I've read the book itself. A lot of cover art is unrelated to the interior, such as FAC # 20.
  7. Beautiful copy! But can someone explain exactly what is supposed to be happening on this cover? Did the people get on the subway with the arm hanging there? If so, why do they all look so surprised now? Did the person who was holding the handle suddenly disappear and leave just their arm? Did their arm break and they fell to the ground? If so, why is everyone looking at the arm and not at the person on the ground? Did the arm suddenly materialize out of thin air? I go for this option. I've always imagined the train interior lights went out for a few seconds, and when they came on, the arm was hanging there. Just never imagined any other scenario.
  8. You did fine, Grantley; the interior seems to be in VG condition, and that's what counts for a reader copy. Don't ever hesitate to show lower grade books. Hell, I do it all the time, eh eh! Thank you
  9. This 1949 GA book in 9.0 condition. FREE TO NEXT PURCHASER. No extra postage charge for it.
  10. I don't mind the 3 Ghloulantics down the left side. It is so distinctive to an EC horror book. They are ok in my book but the one cover that has always bothered me with them is HOF 17. Would love to see Ingals art underneath the Ghoulunatics! I agree. There was no need to flog the brand issue after issue (IMO) thereby obscuring some beautiful artwork.
  11. Sorry to bring everybody down to the other end of the condition spectrum This is my 2nd EC. The cover is not great but the insides are pretty good, so it's a good reader. Very good buy for me, dirt cheap.
  12. I'm trying, but haven't really got that many since I switched to the wonderful world of GA You're right about the Baker connection on this one, I haven't got around to reading this one just yet.