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  1. 305 was his last issue. Among the Spawn fans on a FB group that I follow, he is only partially loved by fans of the title. After some Tan interim action, Ken Lashley takes over with 308
  2. Basically submitting directly to CGC requires a paid membership above and beyond grading fees. Submitting through a third-party or directly on-site at a convention is a way for the average Joe to submit books.
  3. This was one of the features I appreciated early on. I've been with Spawn since the beginning, but immediately went to college early in the run. This summary kept me connected with the story the first few years of haphazard collecting. It helped keep the plodding story accessible.
  4. One thing that is lost but hinted at here is that it is all well and good to earn / buy a 9.9 or 10 slab, but yet another thing entirely to keep / store / sell / ship a 9.9 - 10. That sh *t gets in your head.
  5. +1 for McFarlane on Spidey... We have the Overstreet cover, TMcF is amenable post- Covid. The only hurdle is The Mouse
  6. New sneakers! Journo music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIR1XIzbr80 Bought some more sneaks… the first pair I’ve paid resale for and my first purchase off StockX (which I will talk more about soon): BaNG BaNG Giannis Antetokounmpo signature sneakers Silhouette: Zoom Freak 1 Colorway: All Bros 4 NBA 2k20 Gamer Exclusive To buy this shoe one had to: 1) Own and play NBA 2k20 proficiently enough to… 2) Win a MyPLAYER Nation game between April 11th and April 16th 3) Link your 2K and Nike accounts 4) Unlock access to a real-life pair of the Zoom Freak 1 'All Bros 4' GE. Like real basketball, I could not accomplish any of those things and thus went to the secondary market (the lady is the gamer in the fam and she doesn’t play sportgames). I really like this silhouette, as you will read, and this latest All Bros colorway is going in the personal collection. Also, the dam broke on disc golf and yesterday I threw Tendick Nature Park (18+2 holes) and Lime Kiln Park (9 holes). Next up- Stock X and quick shots of the personal collection (PC)
  7. FYI a new Kickstarter for an 'outlaw' blacklight comic printed in florescent ink... $25 shipped for the book. Jim Rugg is part of the Cartoonist Kayfabe Youtube channel and it's no secret I am a fan of that channel. They've kinda invented two new terms "Outlaw comics" a more broad-brush attempt to capture alt underground, modern underground, auteur work and adapted "Kayfabe" from professional wrestling (the production or show of wrestling / comics).
  8. Big two weeks for shoes that I am following... Lots of people watching / talking about the Last Dance documentary on ESPN. I have not seen it yet, probably not until it hits Netflix. I like the look of both shoes, but I did not try for either. The thing about sneaker collecting is that there is always another drop, another pair coming, with drops week after week. Jordan 5 Fire Red retros (general release but sold quickly and hotly). Jordan 1 Royal toe retros (Over 3500 pairs purchased at resale on StockX) As you can see, lots of movement on these shoes but people are buying them to wear and for their collections, so the margins are thin. Thin margins are a theme I am noticing in sneaker spec as the industry tries to control arbitrage.
  9. Great question! It reminds me how I use feeBay has changed. Now when I go to feeBay it's usually to pay up for something I've missed locally. But my best deal was a Zap Comix #0 1st for $37 shipped that graded CGC 9.4 and sold for $900.
  10. https://bleedingcool.com/tv/the-freak-brothers-casts-harrelson-goodman-haddish-and-davidson/
  11. I tagged two knowledgeable posters to try and drum up discussion on your posting. 👍