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  1. Wow - that OA is super sweet to see, especially the GSXM #1 cover and the JIM 85 splash. Thanks for sharing these photos! Dan
  2. I'd give the original a flat 'A' (one of my top 20 favorite movies of all time) and the sequel a happy B+. Fun, great animation, and entertaining, but missing the Bond-style design of the original, the outrageously perfect villain, and indelible one-liners from Edna Mode. No capes! Dan
  3. Yeah, that was a great looking book and a sweet buy. Congrats to both! Dan
  4. Drummy

    Disney/Fox Talks

    Maybe Comcast will get what it needs from Fox, then sell the Marvel IP to Disney for a pretty penny...not sure that works in the real world, but just dreamin'...
  5. Thank you! This thread is now officially closed, as there's nothing left to sell. Good job, everyone.
  6. Last call, everyone -- only the Avengers #144 left at $270 (10% off). Thread closes tonight! Thanks to everyone who wrote, and to everyone who bought! Dan
  7. Thanks, Michael! I'll keep the book for you until you're ready to claim it. Last book, everyone -- a gorgeous Avengers #144 featuring the first Hellcat! Take 10% off for a good price of $270 shipped! Dan
  8. Thanks, Otto! Only the ST 110 and the Avengers 144 left! Dan
  9. Thanks, Rick! Much appreciated. Dan
  10. It's all yours! Congratulations and thank you. Dan
  11. AVENGERS #144 CGC 9.6 (wp) Asking: $300 shipped
  12. STRANGE TALES #104 CGC 8.5 (wp - deep colors) Asking: $425 shipped
  13. AVENGERS #43 CGC 9.6 (wp - Suscha News copy. Neat red ink ds on back cover.) Asking: $1100 shipped (probably the 2nd best graded copy of 169 total, behind the lone 9.8)
  14. MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #18 CGC 9.2 (wp - super clean and bright) Asking: $1400 shipped