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  1. I've enjoyed GOT for years, but I honestly thought last night's episode was very poor. Very difficult to tell what was going on most the time, almost no characterization, silly tactical decisions, and an end to the Night King that was (dramatically) weakly set up. Didn't care for the repetitive musical choices and the long, drawn-out final scenes that (to me) ended with a, 'Huh? Where did she come from?' moment. Unsatisfying at best. One of my least favorite GOT episodes of all time, actually. Some wonderful visuals and a few cool moments, but mostly a murky mess of repetitive action and weird character decisions/scenes. Just one person's opinion; not looking to debate anyone. If you liked it, awesome!
  2. Beautiful copy! pm me with details, thanks! Dan
  3. If she's in this movie or Thor 4, I'm sure they'll explain some kind of mission she was on for Odin (or Loki as Odin), either to keep out of Loki's hair or to safeguard one of the nine realms, etc. I would love to see her back in the MCU, though, even if briefly.
  4. I think it's 50/50 whether we see a tease of future properties (FF, Surfer, Galactus, etc.). More likely we'll get something they already own, like Kang or the Young Avengers. That said, arranging temporary permission to film scenes on the Fox characters while they're hammering out the larger deal doesn't seem like a hard thing to do. And they're not casting any actors, obviously, so it'll just be a glimpse (or a shadow, or a cloud) at best anyway.
  5. Since I've been quoted a couple times here, I'll chime in again briefly. First, I meant to note $300m as the 'Endgame' opening weekend numbers domestically; international total will of course be a lot higher. Second, I liked 'Captain Marvel' just fine (7/10) and thought it was a good MCU movie. And I think it's overall box office is great, especially as it's the first female-led MCU movie since they began the universe in 2008. But I also think it had a lot of MCU fans seeing it as a 'must-view movie' (rather than Ant-Man and the Wasp, etc.) due to that final credit scene in 'Endgame'. At that moment it got tied much more tightly to the 'Avengers' storyline, which has become the driving force in the MCU. That tie only gets people in the theater once, though, so I'm glad to see it has such legs (I saw it twice in the theaters and liked it even better the second time.) Finally, I just want to say that I don't equate box office with the overall quality of a film. I've seen terrible movies (such as some of the Transformers films) do huge numbers, while other amazing films do poorly. CM is in the best of both worlds to me -- a good movie that's done awesome financially. I look forward to her role in the MCU going forward.
  6. Agree with that -- it's a solid, fun movie but its WW total definitely plays into its role in the MCU. Their brand is so strong that, as they say, 'all boats rise with the tide'. And Endgame may be poised to hit close to $300m opening weekend...unbelievable.
  7. Tickets here were available Thursday through Sunday here in New Haven...and I'm all set, thankfully. This will sell out for sure in most reasonable time slots (for a three-hour film).
  8. "Where should we fight the Skrulls, Reed?" "How about that recently abandoned ballroom on 6th where Charlotte Gilman wrote 'The Yellow Wallpaper'?" "Perfect! I'll bring a few photos to put up before it gets rockin'..."
  9. I always worry when I see these kinds of announcements on April Fool's Day...it's not like the MCU to drop this kind of information alone, outside of their major announcements. I guess I can see the casting, but are we sure this isn't a joke?
  10. To be honest, the way they can seamlessly "de-age" actors nowadays, these same actors can keep coming back for 20 more years if they want. I could have sworn I was watching Samuel L. Jackson (circa 1995) during 'Captain Marvel' -- there was nothing in the effects that ever made me think it wasn't him from that era. Flawless. So give me a 52-year-old Chris Evans as Cap any day!
  11. Super pure color on that copy -- best 5.0 on the planet, I reckon...
  12. Congrats to one of Marvel's most outstanding artists. I know inkers don't get much love, but when your inks make freakin' *everyone* look as good as Joe's did, you're a great artist.
  13. Can't wait for the Hall H panel at SDCC this year...Phase 4 announcements galore?