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  1. Yeah, that's a $9k book or so -- great deal for the buyer.
  2. Super sweet! I think with all the craziness right now prices are a bit down. Congrats on a beautiful book.
  3. My birthday, too (20th), although I don't think I'll be getting any OA presents until January 2021, when my time payments end.
  4. Great books, Mark! Glad to see both you and your stuff here. Dan
  5. Sheesh, I hope so. The line between inventing heroes who aren't us but inspire us -- or who are us and offer hope for us -- is tricky; as they say in Spinal Tap, "there's a fine line between clever...and stupid." These creations fall on the second side of the line. What's next? "IPhony" and "Trigger Warning"?
  6. The #50 and #57 are Slobodians based on those notes....great books both.
  7. Great books! Fun to see the old labels in full force with their tiny 'NM''s.
  8. I think people (like me!) might pay a solid percentage (5-10%?) over normal GPA for the white pages IF the book has excellent eye appeal as well -- especially on an AF 15, which is traditionally much hard to find with WP than Hulk #1. But other factors will play a role -- Marvel chipping definitely limits a final price, for example, even on mega-keys. For OCD folks, it has to be the whole package, not just the page quality. Good luck! Dan
  9. I'm loving this thread. Haven't looked at it all, but I hope the "How does Jason Ewert DO it????" thread is in here somewhere! Wheels-in-Motion Dan
  10. Nick pickup on the #13, Kevin! And of course more great books from Straw-Man...
  11. Yeah, that's a great cover I don't think I've ever seen before. Great books!
  12. Huge Busiek fan. I'll read anything he does, even if it's a character I don't much care about (Conan). Among the very best in the business.