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  1. Drummy

    Journey Into Mystery #83 Club

    Man, that is a sharp copy -- love how clean the light blue is in the background! Well done!
  2. Drummy

    Journey Into Mystery #83 Club

    That is some sweet, pure color -- awesome eye appeal.
  3. Drummy


    Sent away a bunch of nice books to get this awesome copy from DST (Dave) this month -- after moving my 6.0 wp a while back, this one's going to stay in the collection. Thanks for looking! Dan
  4. Hands down the best visual scene in the movie -- almost felt like I had left the other movie behind for 90 seconds or so before returning to it. Give me more of THAT imagery any day...the rest was pretty standard CGI stuff.
  5. Thanks, Junkdrawer -- with so many Marvel SA keys out there, I try to hold out for an ideal copy for the given grade. But having patience sucks, so sometimes I buy and sell more than I should on the way to the 'perfect collection'. Dan
  6. Drummy

    Journey Into Mystery #83 Club

    Yeah, that's a keeper -- special QP on that copy! Congrats, have a seat.
  7. Congrats, everyone! I was shut out on the big book I hoped for, but am now gazing wistfully at the Heritage Feb auction -- looks quite deep.
  8. Drummy

    Is TOS 39 still as highly regarded?

    I'm biased because the FF and Iron Man (along with the Avengers) were my favorite comics to read growing up, but to me the Superlative Six is comprised of AF 15, FF 1, Hulk 1, TOS 39, JIM 83, and X-Men 1. TTA 27 and ASM 1 come next. Good luck in your TOS 39 quest! Dan
  9. Drummy

    Ask the “Blazing One”???

    Did Freddie Juice show up, Bob?
  10. Drummy

    Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    Gorgeous book. Looks familiar, too! I used to have that copy. Congrats!
  11. Drummy

    X-MEN #1 club

    Thanks! It's really bright and has great registration and centering. Loving these other copies as well...so many sweet books!
  12. Drummy


    Agreed. Super sharp copy for the grade.
  13. Drummy

    X-MEN #1 club

    That collection of X-Men #1's is beyond crazy. Awesome! I picked this up this year...can't believe I haven't posted it here yet:
  14. Yeah, I'm psyched too, not only because I think Brie Larson is going to be a fine addition to the MCU, but that most of the great humor and action will be in the film rather than the trailers. I just hope the effects hold up -- so far I'd rate them a 'B'. Dan
  15. Drummy

    Avengers collecting thread!

    Yeah, that copy is freaking sweet! I love the #12 cover.