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  1. Yup! Its third home on the boards -- congratulations! Dan
  2. I think it's heating up fast right now, in many grades. A nice 7.5 went quick on the Boards for $7250 the other day...in fact, it feels like a lot of the Marvel SA keys are freaking out a bit (OK, maybe not all). But definitely DD #1. Dan
  3. I was following that as well -- strong price but strong eye appeal as well. And as the owner of a 4.0, I felt some relief as well!
  4. Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue... ...and to come back into OA collecting. Sheesh, these prices!
  5. Awesome to see all this stuff, folks -- thanks for sharing! So here's the story of my day -- although I really only collect Marvel BA superhero art, I was browsing Anthony Snyder's website, saw this variant cover, and bought it without thinking AT ALL. I've been looking for a great 'swords & sorcery' image of Red Sonja by Frank Thorne, but when I saw this one, by Reilly Brown, I just bought the hell out of it. Thanks for looking! Dan
  6. Purchased a nice TTA 27 (graded) from Alain and paid by check -- good communication, fast and secure shipping! No worries here. Dan
  7. I think in that circumstance the BIN of $9500 should get you the book. You can still 'offer' $6k or more if you want below, but a 'Buy Now' sounds like a done deal.
  8. Dan will probably do what this Dan did -- sell the 6.0 and then buy a 4.0 to replace it! Congrats to both parties here.
  9. Yup! I remember it well....great copy. SpideyFein, good luck with everything! Dan
  10. Hey everyone -- I posted this on CAF a week or so ago, but wanted to share it here as well -- my first OA cover! Kane and Adkins. Thanks for looking, Dan
  11. Agree x2. It's fine to have some tongue-in-cheek moments, but when EVERY scene is just ridiculous (as when I watch the scenes and just look at the stormtroopers, who do nothing, shoot nothing, and don't even act at all) it gets dull fast. Stakes = tension...at least get someone wounded from time to time?