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  1. Drummy


    Thank you! I'm psyched to be the next owner.
  2. Drummy


    SIGH...this has been here too long! per our PMs! Thanks, Terry -- Dan
  3. Nice thoughts there -- I agree that the infinity stones need to 'disappear' somehow, never to return. Predictions for the denouement after Thanos is defeated or convinced to change his outlook: The movie ends with Tony and Pepper's wedding, to which all our heroes are invited (including Wong, of course). Tony finally chooses Pepper over his life as Iron Man, but he gives whoever is next to wear the suit an OS marked 'Tony' -- Marvel will continue to use RDJ as the 'voice inside the helmet' for the next character who takes on the role. Bruce Banner and the Hulk split into two entities, or combine into one -- whatever allows him to pursue his romance with Black Widow (or maybe Valkyrie -- he really seemed attracted to her in 'Ragnarok'!). Maybe Hulk continues as a part-time Avenger. Vision is recreated, but with the icy android personality from the comics. Scarlet Witch and Vision's story continue in Phase 4. Thor takes on the mantle of King of Asgard in Norway once it's discovered that half his people DID survive Thanos' attack and another group, led by Sif, are also alive. Thor becomes a part-time Avenger in order to lead his people on Earth in relative obscurity. Hawkeye gets his family back and retires again for good. Cap uses the Quantum Realm to either sacrifice himself or return to the 1940's, maybe with Bucky. Falcon (or maybe Bucky, depending) takes up the shield to become the new Captain America going forward. Spider-Man gets lost somehow in the Quantum Realm, leading to a space romp that moves him from 'Far from Home' back to NYC. Ant-Man and the Wasp take on leadership of a new Avengers team that includes Scarlet Witch and Vision. Nick Fury goes out in a blaze of glory, dying to protect the Avengers. Dr. Strange gives up the Eye of Agamotto for good when the Infinity Stones are lost/destroyed and returns to protect the New York Sanctum from Baron Mordo's vendetta against wizards. Coulson was a skrull the whole time. Captain Marvel returns to her role as 'protector of the cosmos' and will link up the MCU with their expanded cosmic universe. Unsure whether the GOTG will also take on this role given James Gunn's situation. Like Thor, CM becomes a part-time Avenger, perhaps. Black Panther, like Thor, returns to lead Wakanda -- Shuri, perhaps, takes on the nanotech armor to become the next Iron (Person). Yeesh! So many characters -- but fun to speculate. I hope I'm right on at least two of these ideas. Dan
  4. Drummy

    Silver age comics that are heating up

    I agree -- I think it's as solid as about 8 other MCU films. A dull villain (save for killing Frigga) and too much Darcy, but otherwise I loved the Loki-Thor exchanges and the effects were generally excellent.
  5. Another big hit for the MCU despite the fact that it's one of the more forgettable films they've done (I rate it a low 'B'). I do like the chemistry between Rudd and Lilly, though, so it'll be nice to see them continue their story.
  6. I'd say it was disappointing only if we don't get a fantastic Hulk 'redemption' in Avengers 4. The conflict between Banner and the Hulk interests me, but I want to see it pay off in the next movie. More specifically, I want someone to take whatever idea Joss Whedon had for Avengers 2 and put it into play. He said he had a kick- moment for Hulk that he didn't use...we need to see something like that in 4. I myself am hoping for some acknowledgement that the Hulk gets stronger and he gets angrier, leading to a scene which ends with Hulk just crushing someone (Thanos?) and yelling, "Hulk is the strongest one there is!" Short of that, I will feel a bit let down by this particular story arc.
  7. Drummy

    ComicLink 2018 Show 'em if you got 'em

    I was the underbidder on the FF #13 in 9.4, I think -- both that and the 8.5 copies are awesome! Congrats, Dan
  8. Drummy

    Comiclink August auction

    Awesome books, everyone! Here's my one pickup that I also posted in the FF thread. Thought it was too beautiful to not go after hard.
  9. Drummy

    Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    Paid too much for this last night on Comiclink, but to me it was the prettiest SA Marvel in the entire auction -- color strike is beyond amazing:
  10. Yeah, I was surprised to see that this film is something like the 12th highest grossing movie in the past 365 days internationally. For a C-tier hero sequel that's really not heavily tied to the big Avengers storyline (yet), that's pretty darn good.
  11. Drummy

    Stolen Books @ Wizard World Chicago

    Hey Ted — that sucks! Sorry to hear it. I will be on the lookout, as I’m sure others will. Dan
  12. First time at this one...had a good time even though I wasn't expecting much high-end material. Ending up trading a Surfer #3 in 9.4 for a pretty TOS #52 in 7.0 wp. Found a bunch of treasuries (6) for $30 thanks to Joe at Superworld's booth.
  13. Great books, Shuley brothers! I recognize one of them well...
  14. Drummy

    What the F is going on with FF 1 ?

    Looks like the upward trend is continuing with the many Comiclink FF 1 auctions thus far. I've been tracking that really nice 6.5 (not my book, and I have no stake) to see if it hits $40k...lots of people selling at a good time, methinks.
  15. Drummy

    ComicLink 2018 Show 'em if you got 'em

    Agreed on the LB Cole front. That 9.8 book is off the grid. This auction also showcases 5-6 copies of FF 1, so we'll get a handle on how much Disney/Marvel movie speculation will fuel prices across the grading spectrum. So far, they look pretty strong.