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  1. Drummy

    Stan Lee RIP

    Whuff -- a punch to the gut. I grew up looking for imaginary worlds to take me away from my real one, at least to some extent. My first other-world was found within Marvel comics -- Hulk #199 and FF #172 to start, and a million to follow. From then on I was entranced by the world-building and character-creating of Stan Lee's and his collaborators' imaginations. Comic runs, Marvel Treasury editions, origin collections like 'Origins of Marvel Comics' and 'Bring on the Bad Guys', and wacky stuff like the Marvel Fun Book made my life much happier. I saw Stan as part Homer -- the architect of an American mythology -- and part P.T. Barnum -- always smiling, always selling, always promoting his little universe. Stan was indeed 'the Man' -- Excelsior! Nuff said. Dan
  2. Or at least John Byrne...
  3. Drummy


    Yes I do -- no one should have a copy like that unless they're a big-time Spidey fan, which you are! And I picked up a gorgeous FF #1 in 6.5 wp eventually with part of the funds from our transaction, so we're both sitting pretty with books we love. Sometimes life is good. D
  4. Drummy


    Yep, that's the copy that I miss now! Always nice to see it again.,..
  5. Drummy

    TC33 Kudos/feedback

    Hi all -- Just bought a Hulk #1 in 1.5 from Terry, and the transaction was great. Strong communication, good packaging, and easy deal -- kudos! Dan
  6. But at least we would have been 'lied to' by Kylo Ren, a character with excellent motivations to lie to Rey (and to us) about her family. So if they do tell us she has a 'worthy' bloodline in the next movie, I'd have no problem with it. The misdirect would be Kylo's, not the director's.
  7. Drummy


    Yup! That's the copy I hope to find someday. Presents beautifully.
  8. Drummy


    Those are freakin' sweet, exactly the kind of thing any collector would relish! Congrats!
  9. Drummy

    FF 48 vs Strange Tales 110 both Keys

    I also say go for the one that gets you the most excited to own, but from a practical/investment perspective, I fear owning 9.8's. So often I see a 9.8 grade that I don't agree with, or which has a bit of SCS that's made it 'worse'...there's no wiggle room. The same can happen on a 9.4 as well, of course, but if I'm putting in $30k I don't want to fear one drop of the slab with my very soul! Dan
  10. Drummy

    Black Panther 2

    Awesome. Just hope they get a better budget and team for the CGI, which felt pretty weak compared to Infinity War...loved the characters and the -script. Fingers crossed!
  11. Drummy

    Venom Movie

    I get that audiences and critics are at odds on this movie for the most part, but saying anyone, ever, should be 'aborted at birth' is out of line. I too saw the movie and thought it was about a 'C' -- 5/10. Hardy's weird and wonderful performance makes the film work, and seeing Venom on screen is indeed fun, but as a movie it's got all kinds of problems (pace, continuity, -script most of all). That people are enjoying it, though, is great! I just didn't think it was a very good movie overall. Dan
  12. Drummy

    Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    Great books, everyone. The yellow covers reminded me that I also picked up this book -- can't remember if I posted it here already. Apologies if so.
  13. Drummy

    Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    Great books, everyone! Here's my newest addition:
  14. Drummy

    Amazing Spiderman Collecting Thread!

    I remember seeing that 9.0 on Heritage and thinking how superbly it had been maintained -- the colors are out of sight! Congrats.