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  1. Very cool! Great work by both of you -- thanks for sharing! Dan
  2. One of my biggest regrets is selling the OA to this page...I had bought it in 2003 or so for $4500, I think. I always loved this back-up story to FF #11. "Get with it, peanut!" Dan
  3. One thing seems clear, at least for now -- the Big 4 are AF 15, FF 1, Hulk 1, and X-Men 1 in terms of dollar value. What's the Next 4? ASM1, TOS 39, JIM 83, and...? (I don't place as much 'key value' on ASM 1 as others do, but in terms of value it's clearly in this group.) Dan
  4. These are all great, thanks for posting them!
  5. Great books, everyone -- thanks for sharing! I don't have many books, but because they're keys a lot of them are expensive. But in terms of the book that stands out as most valuable due to its rare 'look', mostly because of the preservation of the colors, it's my Avengers #4 (Marvel Art Review Copy). It's got the strongest color strike/preservation I've seen. Dan
  6. Apart from a few wonky editing transitions, a strong episode. I do appreciate how they get a bunch of people into one place with roughly 5 separate motives and goals that seem both legitimate to the characters and combustible for the plot. I'm eager to see how this plays out in the final two episodes. Really enjoyed the opener with Bucky in Wakanda -- very moving. Dan
  7. I always find it remarkable that such a psychological difference exists between an auction ($30k-33k) and a straight listing ($30k-$35k). In an auction, people bid higher and higher because they know they are in direct competition for it. They've not paying 'too much'. For a straight listing, though, people worry that they're automatically paying too much: "If no one else has bought it yet, it must not be a good deal or a fair price." If I ever sell my keys beyond these boards, it will be at auction FOR SURE and not in a straight listing...it is where psychology works in your favor and
  8. I vote keep the second copy as well, FWIW. Great books, as always.
  9. LOVE that TOS 52...so many times that book has wear on the ULC...superb!
  10. Thanks for asking -- I do not yet have XM 1, Avengers 1, TOS 52 and 57, FF 4 and 48, Sgt. Fury 1, and Marvel Super-Heroes 12. If anyone has a beautiful white-paged copy of these for sale, let me know! Dan
  11. Yup! That was a sweet book. It hit all the notes I want in any comic. Maybe about a year later I let it go to pick up an FF 1, I think -- one of the four I've owned in the past dozen years or so. (Why can't I just be satisfied??? Oh right, I don't have enough money!) D
  12. I caught some of the dealer 'amateur hour' as well and thought two things: Both of these guys seem awesome and super nice. And both of these guys aren't amateurs in the OA world. Great stuff. Thanks, Dino, for the show! Dan
  13. Yeah, those are awesome -- sometimes the WP reflects a larger preservation issue, as you note. Gloss and color strike are factors to consider, and yours seem to have them all in spades.
  14. You have 17 of my 22 -- I only collect hero 1st appearances and not villains. I had to draw the line or spend a million MORE dollars. The missing five are TOS 57, Marvel Super-Heroes 12, Avengers 57, X-Men 4, and (only important to me as an FF fanatic, perhaps) FF 13. Not sure the Watcher is a hero, but he made my final cut! Dan