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  1. Glad to see so many Minnesotans in this thread! I grew up in Duluth (18 years), where the most likely comics you'd find were Gold Key, Archies, Richie Rich/Casper/Wendy, and the like. But the drugstores carried Marvel and DC, and man did I look for those like buried treasure!
  2. I remembered those panels as well when Ledger's Joker kept making up different stories about his scars -- the nature of the truth, and of memory, is suspect with the Joker. I feel like this movie tries to emphasize the same point about how he makes meaning and interprets the world around him.
  3. We visited a friend's house in 1976 and they had some comics -- my brother somehow knew about the Marvel heroes, and he encouraged me to read them. FF #172 and Hulk #199 were my first comics. I was hooked!
  4. Yeah, that's another superb 4.0! Congrats.
  5. If you buy keys for the fc eye appeal, that is a nice 4.0 -- assuming a toasty inside cover wouldn't bother you if you cracked it open. Sorry if I'm coming across as a pimp for my own book, but it took me years (and one lucky message on these very boards) to find my keeper copy in the same 4.0 grade (below) -- finding a VG copy that has that kind of eye appeal is rough sledding. The asking price therefore does seem decent in that regard. Dan
  6. Nice page quality and eye appeal for this one....good luck!
  7. Super sweet stuff, Ted! Thanks for posting them here. Dastardly Dan
  8. You're right about that -- it's the epilogue to #57, where the kid finds Ultron's head and the entire sequence of him kicking it around is narrated by Shelley's sonnet, "Ozymandius". Very cool page.
  9. Yeah, that's a perfect mid-grade copy. Congrats!
  10. Hey all -- One win for me on CLINK last night...noticed that an Avengers #9 in 9.4 wp went for nearly $8k. (Not my book or bid.) Just thought that was a super strong price -- any rumors on Simon Williams (Wonder Man) in the movies or TV shows? Happy hunting... Dan
  11. Oh, sure -- everyone knows Jack Kirby was the original artist for Mickey Mouse and a bunch of Disney legends.
  12. Actually, I could see Keanu playing Namor. He always looks pissed off, which would be appropriate...