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  1. No love for magazine submissions. 1/22/21 1 MAGAZINE MODERN Received
  2. I wouldn't allow that into my house... imagine it reeks.
  3. Thanks.... Not giving up on them yet and I'm hoping that they will compensate fairly. I had a similar situation with a bent corner that they were able to fix, although the fix was damaged again when it was encased. Luckily, no damage from either fix so it worked out. And yes, the whole insurance thing is tricky....
  4. Best viewed at an angle and on this copy it looks like soiling to cover with line above eye and debris in white and black areas.
  5. It's not at the bottom. but right in the middle over Wolverine's face. Hard to photograph, but I'll give it a try.
  6. From what you're stating, CGC expects a DV the cover replacement cost based on their assessment two months after submission. So, if I submit books that I estimate to grade between 9.4 and 9.8 I would have to choose standard tier (if a 9.8 values over $200) and pay $65. for each submission instead of $20 Modern tier and hope for the best and if I miss something like a small tear behind a staple and end up with an even lower grade the cost of grading may out weigh the book's value. That doesn't seem fair at all if the damage was due to neglect.
  7. I've had to send back some high end books because of contaminates in the inner well.... got three on this submission to send back along with the damaged Wolverine.
  8. Would I be correct in saying that declared value is based on the raw book with guesstimate of grade? Price difference between a 9.6 and 9.8 can be quite substantial, especially with some copper/modern books. Definitely contacting CGC about this.
  9. Correct.... Summited 18 copies and had (3) 9.8, (3) 9.4 and rest 9.6
  10. Wolverine Limited #1 just back from CGC with a grade of 9.8 and a chunk taken out of the back top corner. CGC was able to fix a bent corner on a previous submission, but this isn't fixable. Four other books have excessive debris (what they call contaminates) on the inner holder. Been too busy to contact CGC until this weekend. What to expect as a fix has me concerned.
  11. 12/22/20 21 4,200 MODERN Grading / Quality Control
  12. All 15 of my X-Force 1 have negative Captain and I came away with 4 Deadpool cards
  13. Received ... 12/22/20 21 MODERN Scheduled for Grading ... 02/15/21
  14. Is now the time to sell these Marvel trading cards? Knowing my history with selling too soon I'm a bit hesitant. Any fortune tellers among us?