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  1. My Haunt of Fear #26 is now a CGC 6.5 ... (I was close) and in limbo right now on consignment at MYCOMICSHOP.
  2. From what I can see, the kit does not include the paperwork. I think that you will fill out the order on line (standard method) and send the packing slip along with your comics. CGC will charge your cc once books are set for grading.
  3. Joey has kept me happy and coming back.... Here is a copy of Cherry Poptart that had an impression from writing that he was able to clean up.... book came back from CGC graded 9.8
  4. Shipping method for comic books that I have sold.... I use painter's tape to mount comic onto cardboard and then tape to Gemini box to make sure there is no shifting at all. Buyers really appreciate the extra care.....
  5. Early 80's, when I landed in California and started collecting again, I was buying Mylar bags, acid free boards and acid-free comic boxes (about 11" deep) from Bill Cole (BCE). They weren't cheap so was only bagging my most worthy. It was around the mid 80's when my LCS was bagging all the new comics on the shelves.
  6. I was bagging and boarding most of my collection in the mid-1970's
  7. To get better idea you're going to need better photos from straight overhead to eliminate the glare (plus don't use flash) and also to get the whole cover in focus (depth of field).
  8. Thanks.... Yes, I agree that it appears to be a manufacturing defect since it appears on all 13 of my new slabs and to a lesser extent on slabs from earlier this year. Wonder if they have a large batch like this. MyComicShop always mentions defects such as cracks or scratches to their descriptions. Wonder if they would describe this as a defect... if one doesn't look closely it could pass as a crack.
  9. Just opened a box of thirteen slabbed comics fresh from CGC and noticed the exact unusual mark on all thirteen near the lower left corner. It's not a crack, it sits on the surface and seems to me to be a molding defect. I inspected some earlier slabs from the McFarlane signing and there is a smaller defect, just not as noticeable. I imagine others may have received similar slabs.
  10. You can always use old Sears catalogs and comic books....
  11. I send a second invoice after day two.... I think it's three days when ebay lets one open an unpaid case. After opening a case I send a message asking what their intentions are but usually get no reply. Once in a while the bidder pays just before the case is closed. I've learned that non-payers are part of the ebay environment so I just curse them under my breath and relist once case is closed.... Blocked and not worth the headache.