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  1. The book don't lie... and of course CGC can and does make label errors.... so it makes sense that the label and cert. # would match, tho incorrectly. As for the spine condition, remember that you're looking at a photo of a scan, through two layers of plastic on a computer screen... hard to judge without first-hand eyeballs.
  2. Look below the price.... "IV" = 4 MY COMIC SHOP is a trusted seller. You can go to their website and they'll answer any questions..... if you are interested in this book you can buy off their site as well and save a bit of $$.
  3. True that yellow labels are a trusted source, but it's possible to have an autograph verified by a reparable company, but, unless it's a book, lets say, signed by Mark Twain, it's probably not worth the expense. Stick the Ultimate Fallout in a mylar sleeve with acid free board and you're good to go... that's your autographed copy.
  4. A press will not fix color breaks... can't fix what's not there. Have you checked with the seller to ask if the book had already been pressed? There is a chance that a press may be able to clean up the stress lines, but without seeing the book really can't say if it would help.... I just got a book back, that had been pressed & cleaned, with notes of "very light spine stress lines breaks color" and got a 9.2 ... so notes may not tell the whole story.
  5. Good to know it's only cover signatures that take a hit.... "Better that they don't" ... but you didn't explain why. Who said anything about making more money? A lot of collector's like graded books and would be proud to show off a Jack Kirby signed book.
  6. I own a number of books that I bought new, off the rack, at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles that have signatures. These were probably from store signings, which typically were free back in the day, and the artists signed a bunch that were available to customers who missed the event... it was a while ago so not sure if these were in the racks or on the counter. Anyway, from what I'm reading here, these early signatures don't seem to have much value compared to Signature Series books and probably less since CGC introduced the Signature Series. It's ironic that the grade will suffer if one decides to slab an unverified signed book but that's understandable. Too bad CGC doesn't provide a verification service for these early signatures. I posted the Jack Kirby pic on another thread discussing his signature and a member noted that since Kirby died in 1995 and CGC was established in 2000 there are no Yellow labels dedicated to him.... that's just sad.
  7. I have two raw copies of Destroyer Duck 1 with signatures.... bought new in 1982. Would be interested to know where to send for signature verification and whether CGC would accept the verification and crown books with yellow labels?
  8. I wasn't fielding offers... and more points lost with me for not using his words.... may be petty, but if the dude wants a deal on the book maybe the message should less cold and more personalized.
  9. Got a beautifully composed offer today... This guy's a real poet.... Would this be considered low balling? $160? Reply AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 238 9.2 CGC 2054836008 .. WHITE PGS .. 1st HOBGOBLIN .. KEY Current Bid: $199.00 Auction ends Nov 17, 2019 20:20 PST Item ID: 184031510003 Bids: 0
  10. All the "LOL"s makes me think this dude has a shelf full of participation trophies and I'm afraid you might have hurt his feelings.... hopefully he headed straight for his safe place....
  11. Please post their name.... I'm sure I'm not alone in stating that I wouldn't want to do business with this scam artist. Returning goods under threat of legal action doesn't make them any better.
  12. Thanks for the heads up..... easier if buyer name is typed out, making copy/paste an option... usricha.gxlvxx2
  13. .... and he's being an eggplant.
  14. If it ends up in the hands of CGC please share pics and grader notes when you get it back. Results will be educational... and entertaining (in a good way).
  15. Granted, it is an amazing book but $300-$400 may be a bit generous with missing story page. My point was, unless one is flipping the book, is it worth a third party grading and slabbing when grade is pretty obvious. I would much rather get a nice frame and hang it up like a trophy on the wall (and not advertise the grade). Maybe for some a CGC slab is a trophy case.....