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  1. Here's a "benefit" question... My Premium membership is up in July... When I renew will I get the same $150. credit that I was given when I originally signed up?
  2. Thanks in advance for your opinions... Comic has a upper left chipped out corner with a tiny bend, a few tiny spine tics (NCB) and on the back lower left corner a tiny NBC crease. A few of the interior pages, more towards the center, have small corners chipped out... I've seen this on other comics.
  3. I have Haunt of Fear #26 in decent shape... haven't really looked it over carefully but it's probably in the 7 + or - range. If interested we can have a more detailed look. Joe
  4. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #129 CGC 8.0 Comic recently slabbed and is in great shape. Book has not been pressed. Haven't sold on the board so here is a link to my ebay feedback as reference.... Offering slabs here first.... no probies or HOS please. Payment via PayPal preferred..... $1200. Price includes shipping and insurance to USA only First on thread is
  5. If you have no luck, I have a raw copy that's a nice NM.
  6. Does anyone know if these boxes are available to buy anywhere or are they made special for Lone Star?
  7. Book moving on to MYCOMICSHOP.COM Thanks for looking...
  8. INCREDIBLE HULK 271 CGC 9.8 ... WHITE PAGES $600.00 Includes Priority shipping + Insurance Haven't sold on the board so sharing a link to my ebay feedback as reference.... Offering slabs here first.... no probies or HOS please. Comic recently slabbed and is in great shape. Payment via PayPal preferred. Shipping to USA only ... No returns on slabs.
  9. I'm sure there are plenty 9.4's available, but just throwing out there that I'm looking to sell my CGC 9.0 OFF-WHITE TO WHITE.... will be listing soon in the For Sale aisle. Good luck with your quest...
  10. OK, I see what you're looking at.... Like I mentioned, it's production ink smears and it's possible that it was transferred from another book so you may see what looks like partial letters. The paper is totally glossy throughout so nothing was erased. Also keep in mind that things look a lot worse when you blow them up... that's why I avoid those magnifying make-up mirrors.
  11. Are you talking about the front cover? I just took the comic out and had another look. Both front and back are glossy and smooth with no signs of writing or erased names. You might be seeing the bleed through of the advertisement inside the cover. Looking at this book in hand the only thing I would take away from the grade are a couple of spine ticks.
  12. Thanks... I know about Newton Rings and there is a bit of that as well but what I am pointing out are individual spots that don't reflex light and maybe something like lint on Moon Knight's collar, hood and arm. Let's not forget about the scratches as well.
  13. Thanks everyone for the input.... Took another look at the back cover and what you are seeing are some production ink smears and a slightly underexposed pics. Except for the print creases, which shouldn't effect grade(?), only thing I can see are a couple of non color break spine ticks. Here's a better exposed back cover.
  14. Not easy to capture with a camera but these shots give an idea.... there is a big chunk of something on Moon Knight's collar.