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  1. Doctor Strange - Art of the Movie - $280 USD This art book is out of print and hard to come by. Received it with shrink wrap off, some dings on the corners, but still in very good shape. If you need more pictures, let me know.
  2. My Kudos thread: https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/401521-jakem-jake-amp-robert-from-montreal-feedback-thread/ Shipping: from Canada to the US is $20 USD. Shipping internationally or within Canada varies - so contact me and I'll get you a quote straight away. It's a heavy 5lb book, after all. Accepted Payments: Paypal (or Interac E-Transfer if you're in Canada). Returns: Within 7 days of receiving the book, return shipping costs are your responsibility. No buyers from HOS or on probation plz. First trumps PM's. Let's get to it! Figured I would see if there is any interest for this book on here.
  3. Hi all, Trying to finish up our run on the Batman series. Will list the numbers again: #16, #52, #54, #55, #63, #65, #66, #76 They don't have to be in high grade. Actually prefer anything below FN/6.0 based on most price points for these. Must be complete, no restoration or conservation or trimming. Tape is ok. We are Canadian buyers but do have a US address to ship to. Feel free to send me a message anytime! Thanks, -Jake
  4. While we've dealt with Max before, I don't have any further info as that was years ago. Anyone who does have any further info is probably under an NDA about any personal dealings with Stan/Max. Still rather surprised to hear about this. Stan and Max seemed to have a lot of mutual respect for one another. The last time I saw Max and Stan together at an event was either D23 back in July, or very shortly after Stan's wife passed away. Though that was just a video on Twitter I saw of them together at some party. I didn't personally witness this. Just providing some sort of timeline. Anyway, I'd say just ask around at some cons if you want to know more info. I don't think anyone is going to put any of what they know in writing - if they know anything at all.
  5. A couple of Canadian Whites added to the collection (our first ones, actually), as well as some fillers for our Batman run. 36 issues left for a complete run.
  6. Hi all, Looking to buy a high grade copy (7.5 or higher would be best) of Adventures of the Fly #4 - most likely raw, as there are not any high grade copies slabbed. I have seen the couple PGX-graded ones on ebay, as well as a raw one on Heritage where I can make an offer to the owner (already have - they're not willing to budge). Any other leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -Jake & Robert
  7. Spent Friday and Saturday at the con. Made a few purchases, but didn't see any books that REALLY spoke to me like when I bought my CSS 22 at this show last year (Didn't find a single CSS, which is sad as I'm trying to put a run together). Picked up an ASM 15, while my father picked up a great looking Batman 41. We're both getting close to completing our respective runs (ASM at around 16 issues remaining, Batman at closer to 50, but that dwindles each passing week). didn't get the chance to wander artist alley for once, which I'm disappointed by, but my dad's knees have been awful lately, and we had done more than enough walking for his pain threshold. Didn't want to push it. Dropped some books off for grading - huge kudos to CGC making the trip up to Canada. All in all, Fan Expo is always a good time. Will definitely make a weekend out of it again next year. Onto NYCC!
  8. Did not think it would soar this high. Wow.
  9. I'll throw my guess in at 355k. Though I'm more interested in the Bat 1 2.0 as that'll give me an idea (though a rough idea) of where our 1.5 stands.