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  1. My Kudos thread: https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/401521-jakem-jake-amp-robert-from-montreal-feedback-thread/ Shipping: Included in the price within Canada barring any rural area surcharges - and included in the US as well. Accepted Payments: PayPal, or Interac E-Transfer/EMT if you're in Canada for the comparable exchange rate. Returns: No returns on CGC graded books. No buyers from HOS or on probation plz. First in thread. Let's get to it!
  2. Walking Dead #1 CGC 9.8 - White Label Time to let this one go, too. NOTE: As pictured, there is a blemish/scratch on the rear of the CGC case. It is not on the book. The book probably needs to be re-holdered anyways, and won't cost you too much to do. Or maybe you don't mind it, like me. But I just want to let people know before they purchase. See pictures for all other details. $2100 USD shipped.
  3. Been a member for a few years with my 2.0 - but happy to have an upgrade now while my 2.0 looks for a new home.
  4. My CSS #22 upgrade came in yesterday, and my goooodness, this is a pretty 4.5 that will definitely be pressed for an even further upgrade due to the bends in the cover. I got so unbelievably lucky snagging this one. Couldn't be happier to have this as the crown jewel of my small PCH collection.
  5. Jeff bought two Walking Dead books from me and was a pleasure to deal with. Cheers!
  6. ASM 361, 1st Carnage, CGC 9.6 Copy B SOLD
  7. ASM 361, 1st Carnage, CGC 9.6 SOLD
  8. The Walking Dead #108 1st Ezekiel & Shiva SOLD
  9. The Walking Dead #27 First Governor 90 Day GPA sitting at $156 SOLD