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  1. ok its been 5 years since we had this discussion Since then this book has blown up in price tag and has now proven itself to be the most valuable comic of the last 75 years. Here are some stats I have been saving the past 5 yrs CGC Universal 833 copies / NM+ 9.6 or better = 1 copies / Heritage Auctions sold 140 copies as of 9/10 CGC Universal 1132 copies / NM+ 9.6 or better = 3 copies / Heritage Auctions sold 207 copies as of 9/12 CGC Universal 1256 copies / NM+ 9.6 or better = 3 copies / Heritage Auctions sold 246 copies as of 9/13 CGC Universal 1469 copies / NM+ 9.6 or better = 3 copies / Heritage Auctions sold 301 copies as of 7/15 CGC Universal 1847 copies / NM+ 9.6 or better = 4 copies / Heritage Auctions sold 406 copies as of 8/18 Yes its likely that some copies have been graded by CGC more than one and that Heritage has sold the same copy more than once. But gives us a good idea of copies coming to market as people cash in on the high prices. At this point we have had CGC for 18 yrs so it makes me think that surely more than 10% of copies out there have been graded which would be then 18,470 copies estimated. If 20% of copies have been graded that quickly drops the world total to approx 9,000 copies.
  2. Haunted Mansion #1 1st printing Marvel - I have sold a couple copies already at $25.00 each. Not sure if anyone has reported on this or not - so just sharing the info
  3. The new J Scott Campbell Lady Death variant will be popular later this month but its a new version of his cover from 2002 - perhaps the original will heat up ? Lady Death Gauntlet 1 (2002) $2.99 Chaos 18,201
  4. Haunted Mansion #1 (Marvel 2016) all covers have sold out everywhere including Midtown and Diamond. Just a heads up - this one could be a good solid long term pick with Disney collectors. 2nd printing is on the way.
  5. i didnt realize there was a separate discussion for "speculating" on books so I will move my comments to that once I find it - thanks
  6. Anybody know any further info or have comments on the brand new Harley Quinn 3001 character that debuted last month in Justice League 3001 #5 Nobody seems to know much about this and i think its cause very few people read this book with a low print of only 15,000 making this book as equally rare as Scooby Doo Team Up #12 thanks
  7. if you want to do a massive bulk deal we could definitely figure something out so its beneficial and profitable for you here is the updated list http://hoknescomics.com/comicsforsale.htm will ship worldwide happy to work out bulk deals to get you the best deals thanks
  8. Hoknes Exclusive Limited Covers of ENORMOUS #7 (vol 2 #1) Very proud to present 2 different very special ultra-limited print runs for Cover G and Cover H Creator Tim Daniel has designed two exclusive variant covers for Hoknes Comics Print run is only 100 copies per cover making these 2 of the rarest Enormous variants ever produced. Only 100 copies printed of each cover Each comic is $19.99 (US$) There is no limit on how many copies you can order but the first 50 sold within 24 hrs of posting. These comics are already on hand and ready to ship immediately once payment is received. Paypal = apes1968@hotmail.com Email Terry Hoknes with any questions at hoknes@hotmail.com Here is the shipping rates Shipping to USA 1 comic $7.00 up to 4 comics $12.00 up to 8 comics $17.00 up to 18 comics $26.00 Shipping to Canada 1 comic $5.00 up to 6 comics $11.00 up to 30 comics $19.00 Shipping to Europe / Overseas airmail 1 comic $12.00 up to 4 comics $22.00 up to 8 comics $40.00 up to 18 comics $55.00 http://hoknescomics.com/Enormous7HoknesVariants.JPG
  9. Here are my picks of new books to watch being released this week some goodies for sure ! New comic book series debuting on JUNE 3 2015 week