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  1. I’ll take the Terror books per PM. Thanks!
  2. You can cut down some boards to the height of the rack wires, it will block the bottom of the book but keep it rigid. You can also use clear thick plastic same size as a comic to put in front. But probably best to not keep your multiple copies of AF15 in a spinner rack.
  3. Coincidentally just got this on a Facebook page yesterday, got a good deal on it. FIRST appearance of Spawn
  4. You can also have the exact same condition 9.8 book just not in an over priced slab for a fraction of the money.
  5. Xmen Annual 4 stands out for me - Nightcrawler’s Inferno. Dr Strange helps the Xmen recover the soul of Nightcrawler trapped in hell. Travelling through the circles of Hell battling demons along the way. Based on Dante’s Inferno and actually inspired me to find Dante’s Divine Comedy in my local library.
  6. Facebook sale 4 grand but it is in goofy Canadian funds