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  1. Monster's eyes fit perfectly in your reflection. Well played
  2. Old thread Sunday. Just going through my original FF’s most bought off spinner rack here in Manitoba. My FF 252 does not have the tats
  3. I would say it’s lost income, I don’t think a lot of collectors are squirrelling their money away to spend in August or whenever. Comics can still be bought currently at quite a few different venues. If the OP’s source is closed the buyer will buy somewhere else - tons of sales currently on Facebook, IG, eBay etc I think there will be a loss of profit with the influx of collectors selling their possessions out of necessity.
  4. It’s the first appearance of extremely minor level villains, not a Doom or Green Goblin. It was hyped for the Thor movie and I can’t see it retaining value 10 years or more from now.
  5. Except in today’s reality, millions of people have lost their jobs and their health insurance (in the US anyway, where tying healthcare to your job is somehow acceptable) and desperate times call for purging of useless items like collectibles.