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  1. Fantoman 4 only 8 in the census. 2.5 but spine is totally split and resealed. Book is complete, centerfold attached, has old tape residue. A 2.5 sold for 1550.00 last year but a 4.5 sold for 990.00 - go figure 600.00
  2. Couple books for sale tonight. nobody on the bad lists please, shipping with tracking to US and Canada is 20.00. PayPal accepted or e-transfer for fellow Canucks is cool. Returns accepted within 2 weeks, buyer pays return shipping. I will describe as best I can to avoid any issues. First up is Hyper Mystery 2 (only 2 on the census!) Presents very well as a 7.0 but has some work done to it unfortunately, piece added to lower outside back cover, sealed spine split from bottom staple down. Staples firmly attached as is cover and centrefold. A 4.5 sold for 1555.00 in 2017, not much data on this book. $1100.00
  3. Dynamic Comics 1 Slight 4.0 550.00 new price 500.00 Resto includes piece re-attached, tear seal, glue on cover spine
  4. Zip 1 Moderate 6.0 800.00 new price 600.00 Resto includes color touch, spine split sealed, cleaned, reinforced.
  5. Bought some books, sell some books. Shipping is 25.00 tracked for US and Canada No one on the bad lists please. No returns on slabbed books, returns accepted on raws buyer pays return shipping. Paypal accepted or if you’re in Canada will accept an e-transfer. First up is an old Timely - Mystic 1 1.8 $1700.00 Schomburg bondage cover! Price drop 1600.00 A Major issue is the cover tape pull, looks like it was never cleaned or pressed.
  6. Is that up to a dollar Canadian funds? Us Canucks have to ante up usually for our funny books.