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  1. In August 2018 blue label ASM 50 CGC 7.5 was selling for $920 while a signed copy with Stan Lee and Romita Sr sold for $1957. This signed copy came into the market before Stan Lee passed. Last 2 sales 7.5 blue label are $2200 and $2000. I would think the low end would be $3000 and possibly $5000 in today’s market.
  2. Young Avengers 1 first series. edit: back cover too. I bought 3 copies when they were released and they all had it. I submitted one for prescreen 9.8 and it passed.
  3. That would be nice. After seeing all the time it takes with these crashes, it has changed my mind on submitting before the deadline.
  4. I can see/buy into the price increase on Astonishing Tales 25. Only 77 graded 9.8 (edit) 77 blue labels and 11 sig series 9.8 Nova #1 has 449 graded 9.8 (edit) 449 blue labels and 34 sig series 9.8
  5. I was surprised to see this increase without a movie announcement. from January to April 9.8 $1000 to $2000 9.6 $300 to $600 9.4 $180 to $380
  6. The centering and wrap on the book that sold is far superior to the copy that is still available. It simply presents better and has better eye appeal.
  7. I agree with you 100%, just quoting someone else with that post.
  8. There seems to be a frenzy of “ nothing character “ books selling for good money.
  9. ASM 194 is climbing in high grade. 9.8 in Jan $2400 and has now reach $3600 in April 9.6 is now $1500 9.4 is now $800
  10. Yes, the numbers don’t lie. We’ve been brought back down to reality
  11. CGC doesn’t note it on any labels for the original 12 issues.
  12. This happened on my last 25 book pre-screen as well. 13 graded 12 rejects with corner damage. In the middle of the invoice, so the books that got damaged were packaged in the middle of the shipment to coordinate with the invoice. Hard to believe it was during shipping.