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  1. So , in the end there is still a Nights Watch. I would think that anyone that has said the oath in the past should still be apart of the Nights Watch. Wasn’t Samwell Tarly sent to the Citadel by Jon Snow to become the Maester of the Nights Watch? How the heck did he get to stay in Kings Landing and also father a child without punishment?
  2. It was sad to see this story line fizzle out. All the build up of Jon's true heritage and other characters wanting him to claim the throne only to be treated like a bast ard in the end.
  3. I will always wonder if this has been apart of GRRM's plan all along, as to why the books aren't finished. Give D&D an outline of where the books are going and how it will end to see if fans like the show ending. If it work, then write the books the same. If it doen't satisfy the majority of the mob, then change the ending.
  4. I was hoping for the same thing as I was watching it. Get on Drogon and burn the Unsullied and the Dothraki armies.
  5. Reminds me of those Hallmark cards. Awkward Family photo from the eighties. It was cool then, but so embarrassing now. Nice fanny pack Dwayne.
  6. Agreed She (Daenerys?) Varys is dead and she isn't sitting on the Iron Throne. Daenerys isn't " THE QUEEN " of Westeros I think that's what the question was asking.
  7. Varys got roasted before Daenerys becomes Queen of Westeros. Ane he wasn't serving Cersei when she became Queen. ( but then again, she was Queen when Robert Baratheon was alive ) Edit: I answered 5 too
  8. @drotto #11 I was thinking the same thing. How the heck did he make it all the way up the Red Keep to Cersei with that wound. He should've been dead by then. Must've been from the Monty Python playbook. "It's just a flesh wound"
  9. X-Force #1 also comes to mind. These books have that same line indent down the back cover from the polybag seam. A press should remove it for a higher grade. If the book looks like a 9.8 candidate but has the long dent, get it pressed first.