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  1. This is truly sad news, another legend gone. He was a fan of Der Bingle aka Bing Crosby. RIP Joe Sinnott
  2. @Dreamsleep Great to work with. Awesome seller who packs a slab with plenty of bubble wrap. Great communication, sent out immediately and arrived safe. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
  3. What's worth more on the open market? A 9.8 Batman and a 9.6 Spawn both label error variants or corrected label books?
  4. The bottom portion of the Lee looks dark, slow and sloppy/forced. If it is real, its not clean and looks like someone possibly tried to touch it up a bit.
  5. Edge of Spider Verse 2 heating up again. Currently no blue label 1st print 9.8s on eBay. All copies above $500 sold since May 1st with a record sale $680 on June 8th. Sig series also selling. Last 3 sold $650, $750, $850. Is there an announcement coming?
  6. @DS Comics Is the color rub also above the staple next to the "QUA" in Aquaman or is that something else in the photo?
  7. Would you please explain a few reasons for color rub like this?
  8. @devilsrain OUCH!!! Hulk with a bad haircut. edited for picture from issue 162 the before haircut
  9. @Warlord What’s the other book in with it?
  10. @Number 6 @OtherEric @HarrisonJohn Thank you all for the replies and info. These two books together just look so odd and out of place that it caught my attention.
  11. Did comics ever get packaged together from two different decades? Buyer beware?