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  1. Catwomancomics

    The Official "SPAWN" reboot movie thread.

    McFarlane is having trouble getting financing for this film.
  2. When did CGC start making the notation of Mark Jewelers inserts on the labels? In the ASM 194 club thread there is a 9.4 that was graded in 2009. edit: I would think all books after that should have the notation, since the grader would’ve seen the insert regardless if the invoice had MJ noted by the submitter.
  3. Originally, I search under New Mutants 98 cgc 9.6 at watchcount and didn’t see it. Thanks again for great info
  4. Is that what GPA is reporting? eBay shows it as a BIN without a best offer.
  5. Last key to have a MJ insert. thank you for the info. That helps in understanding this sale and price.
  6. So do you think the sale of NM 98 cgc 9.6 MJ is what it should go for? Or do you think this buyer overpaid based on his love for Deadpool and the fact that it was a BIN and not an auction style listing?
  7. Catwomancomics

    Comic book collecting with a foreign variant focus

    I’ve finally completed my 194 set
  8. IMHO It’s really hard to determine a premium with a book being sold with a BIN. MJ copies don’t come up often enough. Had this sale been an auction style listing, we would have a better idea of a true premium.
  9. I agree. Buyer could’ve purchased 2 cgc 9.8s for that price but maybe he already has one. IMHO I think paying double 9.6 is fair but I’m not a huge fan of Deadpool.
  10. @RockMyAmadeus How does someone determine fair market value of MJ raw books? Is there a general rule of thumb? Example being 30% increase or possibly more for a key.
  11. $1100.00 more because it’s a 9.6? How does someone place a fair market value on a MJ copy? I’m asking because of raw books being sold, so no gpa.
  12. I’m curious to know what you guys really think of this sale at $1500 for this book? Is it worth $1100 more than a regular 9.6 ($320 to 350 ish) in your opinions?
  13. Catwomancomics

    Amazing Spider-man #194 club!

    Your book was graded in 2009, before they added the new info to the label.
  14. Catwomancomics

    Amazing Spider-man #194 club!

    There is nothing underneath 1st appearsnce of the Black Cat on the right side of label. Missing (Felicia Hardy) Text illo of Black Cat by Dave Cockrum