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  1. shoomanfoo me once, shame on him, shoomanfoo me twice, shame on me.
  2. Please add debra1057 to the blocked list. Buyer purchased the book and immediately messaged me to send to a different address. The buyer lives in Lizella GA and the wanted me to send to their son in law in Las Vegas NV at an apartment address. I informed them that I was unable to due to seller protection on eBay requires me to send to address on the order only. Buyer messaged me several times through other books still up for sale. They said they understood and wanted the tracking. They also asked how I would be shipping the book. I informed them that the book would be shipped USPS priority mail fully insured with sig confirmation. They then asked me for the item number. I sent a message using the item and then they responded that this was fraud and they had been hacked. I then received 8 messages from eBay MC010 Account Security Communication Partner Warning stating the account was hacked. I find it funny that everything was fine until sig confirmation was brought up.
  3. Spawn 190 CGC 9.8 $100 free shipping Edit: 15 copies on the census
  4. Spawn 186 CGC 9.8 $100 free shipping. Edit: 21 copies on the census
  5. Spawn 181 CGC 9.8 $150 free shipping. Only 9 on the census.
  6. No HoS or Probation List member in the thread wins over any negotiations in private PM if we have not agreed on a deal, based on time stamp. Payment due within 72 hours of agreeing to purchase. PayPal invoices only. Will ship within 3-5 days once payment is received. Will ship the USA only. Shipping is free. All slabs sent USPS priority mail tracked and fully insured with signature confirmation. Double boxed 1092/1095 with bubble wrap etc. Returns accepted within 5 days of delivery date.