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  1. Randall Dowling

    Which one would you choose ????

    This reads like geek code for a hopeful date.
  2. Randall Dowling

    You're old if you purchased these

    Those were revolutionary at the time! No more cloudy polyethylene, that polypropylene was super clear stuff. And it was a lot cheaper and not weirdly crinkly like mylites.
  3. Wow... just stopped in to look at the books. It’s a feeding frenzy in here!!
  4. Randall Dowling

    Is it open season for CGC to grade any magazine?

    The issues with Eerie 1 are pretty well known. Even the most experienced dealers won’t say they can detect a first printing with certainty. Having spoken with many of the “old guys” that have been buying and selling for 40-50 years, I won’t pursue the book. Eerie 2 is the first magazine in the run and I don’t consider Eerie 1 a magazine.
  5. Randall Dowling

    Give me your top 10 favorite comic artists

    Here’s my list (order not significant) Frank Frazetta Steve Ditko John Romita John Byrne Alex Toth Gil Kane Wally Wood Frank Miller Neal Adams Will Eisner
  6. Randall Dowling

    Is it open season for CGC to grade any magazine?

    Last time I was at Chicago comic con, Larry Elmore was there
  7. I like this post so much, mainly because it mirrors my own experience. I’m more of a looker than a buyer these days but back when I first started looking at pulps, paperbacks and magazines, I felt as rich as Uncle Scrooge with the value I could get from my collecting dollars. Add to that the sensation of mystery and discovery that accompanied the search through various dealers’ inventories. So many incredible covers and stories, so much artwork and writing that I’d never seen before. It was my introduction to Saunders, Emsh, Freas, Bok, St. John, Brundage and the rest. And I found so many cool short reads by Bradbury, Heinlein, Bloch, Lovecraft, and more. A few years ago, a life-long friend said that after collecting and reading comics of all ages for 40 years, the new comics of today made him feel something that comics never made him feel before- old. By contrast, my experience of collecting these “fringe” books makes me feel young again. This is the reason that this thread is one of my favorites on the boards. Thanks to all that have posted! Always excited to see what’s next. And, btw Bird, great choices! Can’t wait to see what else you find.
  8. That’s a very pretty copy!
  9. Juvenile delinquency was a huge genre in 1940s and 1950s paperback fiction. Some very cool covers! I think Doohickamabob has a pretty awesome collection that he’s posted early in this thread.
  10. Randall Dowling

    Where are the Mad Magazine collectors?

    I agree! Very cool book.
  11. Just updated thread for what is sold and what's still available. A lot of really strong books are still left! Feel free to PM with any questions.
  12. Want to get things moving. For all future purchases in this thread, it's buy 3 get 1 free (of equal or lesser value)! Feel free to PM with any questions
  13. That's all for tonight. I'll be posting the last group of magazines (Marvel) tomorrow. Thanks again for looking and feel free to PM with offers or questions!