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  1. Does this mean you have an under copy available?
  2. My brother and I used to love that magazine for all the same reasons. While I don’t think there’s an established market for these yet, I really like where your head is at given what’s happening with the burgeoning video game market! Brings back memories...
  3. Wow! What an awesome bunch of books at awesome prices! I got stuck with IT issues until now and missed out on the best stuff. It looks like there’s still great deals left, though. Congrats to all who’ve grabbed books so far!
  4. Wow! Is there a subscription fold that we can’t see? That’s a pretty extreme example! Nice grab!
  5. Kind of surprised nobody recommended Susan. She is pretty amazing and probably the absolute best. I would consult with her on such an important book. https://www.therestorationlab.com
  6. You’re totally right!! How’d I miss that!
  7. Vampirella 1, 5, 7, 11, 15, 18, 30, 34, 70, 89
  8. Then leave it alone. The books already been through the ringer, no need to shrink the cover any more.