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  1. I think your looking at an 8.0 maybe 8.5. A press wouldn’t help much or be advisable, nor would encapsulation. It’s a great raw copy for reading. Love that cover!
  2. That’s just straight up truth-talkin’, right there. Harem of hep-kittens... kids these days!!
  3. This is a tough book. Some of the adventure magazines are really uncommon. Cool stuff!
  4. Yeah, those guys moved pretty fast! Sorry, Greg. I'll keep an eye out for other copies for you.
  5. I get it. You guys don't just jump on any deal. You're discerning. You're patient. You wait for a really good deal. Well here it is: all books in this thread are now 50% off
  6. Vampire Tales 7, VFNM 9.0, Another cool Morbius book. These all seem to be getting hotter and hotter. $30 Sold to n2wdw
  7. Rampaging Hulk 9, NM 9.2-9.4, Classic cover and tough in high grade. $75 Sold to N e r V