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  1. I'm pretty shocked those copies of 10 are still here at those prices! That's a very tough book in higher grades!
  2. I have a feeling these next 14 issues are going to separate the men from the boys here. Kind of awesome what Vampirellas are selling for lately.
  3. The guy on that cover reminds me of a certain dentist from Bloomington, MN...
  4. Where ya goin’, speedcake? You goin’ to sell a kidney??
  5. Vampirella 30 is perhaps the iconic non-Frazetta Vampirella portrait cover!
  6. @N e r V!! Hi... what are you doing here? I guess he’s posting more books after all. My bad.
  7. Hi @N e r V, Was wondering what happened to you. It was impressive how many nice, tough books you took down last night! On a side note, I don’t think he’s going to be listing more books tonight. You can probably stop following this thread and check back tomorrow. Sincerely, Just trying to be helpful.