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  1. This was really tough to go back and try to figure out. Although I know I bought many comics before this (I remember seeing X-men 94 on the stands), this is the earliest book I clearly remember buying. It was at the student union of the university at Stony Brook, New York. My mom was finishing her dissertation and she would take me there on rare occasions and let me get a coke, a candy bar and a comic book. I was 5 years old. Being too young to understand the concept of β€œreprints”, all I knew was I loved Spider-man and the stories were incredibly compelling. So, I set about collecting this title after buying this issue and loved every chapter of the unfolding narrative. From the Green Goblin to the six-armed Spider-man to the Savage Land all the way to the death of Gwen Stacy, these remain some of my favorite stories in all of comics. Probably also explains my lifelong appreciation of Gil Kane. It wasn’t for a few years that I became aware that these had been originally printed in Amazing Spider-man 7 years before, that they were essentially worthless from a collecting point of view. When I did find out, it didn’t really matter because I still loved the writing and artwork in these issues. (Not my copy, image taken from interweb)
  2. It's going to be like Xmas came early when Stippy gets his shipment!
  3. I talked with him this morning. With getting orders ready for invoicing, shipping, and all, he's swamped. Recap is unlikely but you'll get a pm soon for your books.
  4. For those don't know, that's an incredible deal on Eerie 39. That thing is ridiculously tough in anything over 7.0 and the price is much less than I've seen them routinely go for.
  5. I don't have the volume or the organization that Steve and Bounty have. But I appreciate the shout out. This was an impressive undertaking. It's really fun to see all of the people fill in their runs and new collectors discover just how cool these mags truly are. Thanks to everyone for a wicked fun few nights and especially to Steve for taking the time to make this happen!
  6. It's an original painting by Enric that Steve bought a little while back when he was having commissions done. Very cool color palette!
  7. My , if you didn’t purchase, you’re not eligible.
  8. I even love the narrative for the cover of Vampirella 5. The woman is stiff arming the man like "I got this!" With a classic nasty looking Frazetta dinosaur bearing down on them. Just awesome!
  9. You won't regret it. Frazetta's work on these covers was a turning point in fantasy illustration art. The absolute peak of his abilities!
  10. @The Lions Den Many years ago, I was the underbidder on a very sweet copy of Vampi 7 that you sold. Big regret on that book!
  11. When his wife says it's time for dinner, you don't argue. You just show up.
  12. This is such an unusual cover with this early Boris inset to a copy of Wally Wood's interior art.
  13. I'm pretty shocked those copies of 10 are still here at those prices! That's a very tough book in higher grades!
  14. Every thread is made better by a visit from The Reptilian One!