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  1. There are only 3. A 15, 17, and a 116. There are no 10s and around 409 9.8s. A no-reserve eBay auction is probably the worst way to sell a book like that. Very limited to the number of potential buyers that find it in a 10 day period. Fixed price (with best offer) is the way to go in my opinion.
  2. This is a really good question. I started learning how to grade comics 40 years ago and I’m still learning. Everyone has their own preferred and despised flaws on books but if you’re looking for the general consensus, I would go to one of the bigger cons and seek out the major dealers that are very well respected. Richard Evans and Bob Storms are just the first two that come to mind. They will have an inventory of books in various grades that you can look at and start getting a good baseline for the major grade points: Very Good 4.0, Fine 6.0, Very Fine 8.0, VFNM 9.0, NM 9.4. Once you get those established in your mind, you can start filling the nuances between like the difference between a 4.5 and a 5.5. There will always be tough calls, like when a book is perfect in every other way but has a 3” non-color breaking crease on the back cover (hate those!) or what role do surface characteristics play vs. the obvious structure of a book. Just takes time and lots of practice. Keep in mind the following dynamic- most people that are buying books will try to undergrade to get a better deal and a lot of people (above individuals and others excluded) will overgrade books they are selling to get the most money for them. It’s human nature but the good guys treat everyone the same way they’d like to be treated. The question I often ask myself when selling a book is this: if I got this with my assigned grade, would be pleased or disappointed. You still miss stuff sometimes but you do your best.
  3. I'm revamping this thread. We'll start with this book. Creepy 32, CGC 8.0, OWW. Nice looking copy. Note: signed by Harlan Ellison apparently! Withdrawn
  4. Hey guys, I just got done reviewing what I have left to list and it's all later run Creepys. Copies nobody wants to pay for what I paid for them! I think this is it for now. I'll do 25% off for the rest of the books in this thread. Thanks again for looking!
  5. Creepy 64, VFNM 9.0-9.2, Super tough white cover. This is probably the least transfer from stacking that I've seen on a copy of this book. This copy is very fresh. It's glossy and very pretty. I'm including a scan of the back cover just because it's super cool. I don't mind keeping this book if it doesn't sell. $45 Sold to JustJimN
  6. Creepy 62, VFNM 9.0, First full Wrightson story and a difficult book in high grade. This copy has some wear on the spine that holds it down. $40
  7. Creepy 46, VF+ 8.0-8.5, This is one of the absolute toughest books in the entire run to find in high grade. The black cover, and the tough part of the run make for a really challenging combo. This is one of the nicest copies I've seen with excellent gloss and colors with only a few minor structural issues holding it down. Good luck finding a nicer one. $80 Sold to JustJimN
  8. Creepy 38, VF 8.5, First Ken Kelly cover. Sharp glossy copy with nice freshness in hand. $45 Sold to JustJimN
  9. Creepy 18, NM 9.2-9.4, Very nice and fresh copy with excellent colors and gloss. Pretty tough in high grade. $80 Sold to JustJimN
  10. Creepy 17, VFNM 9.0-9.2, Another awesome, classic Frazetta cover. I've always felt that this was the first pass at the iconic Deathdealer. Classic cover for a very glossy and nice copy. $80 Sold to DavidtheDavid
  11. Creepy 1968 Yearbook, VF 8.0, This is such a tough book for many reasons. The black cover, the first annual, the square binding. This is a very pretty copy with excellent gloss and color but it has a very minor bundling indentation at the top of the cover. Otherwise, a very fresh looking copy. $70 Sold to JustJimN
  12. Wow. What a night. Apologies for the delay. I'm going to list the first group of Creepys tonight and I'll list the rest tomorrow night.
  13. That's it for tonight. I'll list Creepy tomorrow night including a very nice copy of the 1968 yearbook. Thanks for looking!
  14. Eerie 46, NM 9.2-9.4, Yet another very tough black cover with incredible cover art by Sanjulian. Glossy and bright. $70 Sold to Jaydee
  15. Eerie 45, VF+ 8.5, Excellent, glossy black cover. Extremely tough in high grade. $40 Sold to JustJimN
  16. Eerie 44, VF 8.0, Such a gorgeous black cover which would grade much higher if not for a couple of surface impacts. Super tough black cover. $30 Sold to Norrin's Lawyer
  17. Eerie 41, VF 8.0, Arguably the coolest cover by Sanjulian. Just gorgeous colors and gloss. Such a tough book from the scarcer part of the Eerie run. Withdrawn
  18. Eerie 39, VFNM 8.5-9.0, This little is one of the really hard ones in any grade over 7.0. They rarely come up and when they do they always get snapped up. First appearance of Dax the Warrior. Withdrawn
  19. Eerie 34, NM 9.2-9.4, Very cool Boris cover with excellent gloss and color. As anyone that's collected these has found, many of these books are easy in grades 9.0 or less but very tough in higher grades. This one is no different. $50 Sold to Key Largo Comics
  20. Eerie 33, VFNM 8.5-9.0, One of my favorite covers of this period and a tough black background. $40 Sold to DavidtheDavid